Hi everyone,

I've been doing a vibrational work systematically for a couple of weeks now. I have really been focused on feeling good and my mood has been progressing steadily because of it. Night and day difference from where I was just a couple of months ago.

I have been doing the Manifesting Experiment 5, and I've been feeling really good about it. Today however I was answering Why Don't I Have What I Want Yet?. I try to answer the first thing that comes to mind without much thought. And the first thing that popped up was that I don't believe/trust in LOA.

I cleaned something else in the moment, but during the day that entry has been nagging me a bit. I will probably try to clean that tomorrow on my morning session.

I'm posting the question because it's a circular dependency situation. How will I get to trust something that requires my trust beforehand?

In terms of my routine nothing changes because I have been feeling steadily better by doing the processes so I'm not going to stop, so my plan was to clean that item up just like any other item and move forward. But I was wondering if anyone had any particular suggestions in that regard.

Thanks as always.

asked 03 Jan '15, 22:49

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Look for evidence that it works. Think of coincidences in your life and think about whether it is luck or LOA at work.

For example, if you meet a long lost friend at some random place after 5-10 years, do you think it's just luck or coincidence? The probability just doesn't match up at all.

Think about why some lottery ticket winners somehow lose their winnings overnight, or even become bankrupt after winning so much money? Why are they unable to handle that amount of money?

Lastly, LOA is just a name and definition. What does LOA remind you of when you think of it? What it means to you may mean another thing to me or another person. If it works better for you, you can even just remove the label of LOA and use something else like "The universe always matches my feelings/vibrations" "Things happening around me are just a reflection of my own perspectives and beliefs".


answered 04 Jan '15, 04:35

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Thanks @kakaboo for your answer. The last paragraph was specially helpful. It gave me a couple of things to ponder about. Thanks again.

(04 Jan '15, 10:14) Kriegerd

@Kriegard welcome. actually you would think that you aren't the only one having this problem, just do a search and dig for the other answers: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/82259/does-this-prove-that-laws-of-attraction-are-not-real http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/13557/are-you-a-non-believer-of-the-law-of-attraction and some more

(04 Jan '15, 10:25) kakaboo

@kriegard some would also say we carry a past history of choices some of which return in this lifetime adding or subtracting to thoughts and actions

(05 Jan '15, 16:45) fred
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