Hi guys,

Because of many reasons I really love this community. Giving and receiving, exchange of knowlegde.

For many years I have studied Abraham-Hicks and pretty much know how to live a nice life. I have a wife who I know for 19 years now, and since December 2011 I have this beautiful daughter who brings so much love into my life. Work the same job for 9 years and make a more than decent living. You feel the BUT coming :-)...?

I feel I am not living the life I truly want. Yes I want to stay with my wife and love my child, so everything regarding our family is great. I need a purpose, I lack inspiration. I try many things, but never finish what I start, because most likely I kill it before it takes off.

I am more in my mind than in my heart and I feel the urge to change this. Yes I do meditate, but not regurlarly, because I am too tired to get up in the morning and in the evening I go to bed early. In the weekends I live the life I want, because I am 'free' to do so. It seems like I am getting through the week in order to reach the weekend I long for.

When I speak with people about creating your own life, or help them get through some of their struggles it feeds me. I love life and I am in the zone of love. Words come easily like they are channeled through me.

Can somebody help me with a few steps to find out who I really am? How to take the steps I need to take in a direction I love. My energy levels are low and I know I can gear this up. What is holding me back from action? Love to get your views on this.

Thanks guys!

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Tim, you are starting by asking the question. follow up where your thoughts lead you, especially the issues that for now are confusing. one size does not fit all even though many will attest that it does

(06 Jan '15, 05:34) fred


Well from the way I see it I am assuming you have contributed alot to society by helping other people. In this life you have been selfless, compassionate,and giving. This is actually a greater accomplishment than having money itself, being able to give of knowledge and understanding to others. I am assuming you have learned alot and from the way I see it, learning never ends as long as you are breathing their is always more room for growth. I think you need to first write down each and everything you are greatful for any and every small thing as simple as being able to put gas in your car when it needs it. as simple as having a meal to eat each and everyday. Then I suggest you write down everything you love, such I love a certain type of music, a certain type of country, a certain type of food, a certain type of way of thinking it should not be limited. Then you should write down all the things you would love to know more about a certain language, a certain esoteric idea, a certain civilization and once you do that commit to begin to research those things. Let life guide you. Hope this helps some. Its just somewhere to start for now. Good luck.

Often times we have a fire within us and yet we have to contain that fire in order to take care of our responsibility (for example, wife, child, bills etc...) but their comes a time when you have to also put yourself first. I think the beginning start of that is when you begin to ask that question as you did. This is the time to get to know yourself apart from being a father and husband. It doesn't mean you should start neglecting your responsibilities it just means their is more out here for you to know and find out. It does not really happen over night the first step is just to start somewhere. Also I think you need to begin to recognize the greatness of who you are.


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"Let life guide you" reminded me of a song "Light and Day" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN3rGIUx2ew

(07 Jan '15, 02:01) ursixx

Hi LaDyDove, I think you're so right. I know what to do, but trip myzelf up by not doing them. Sitting down, writing, feeling. Thank you so much!

(08 Jan '15, 04:05) TimH

Your very welcome TimH! Best wishes!

(08 Jan '15, 09:10) LaDyDove

Cool song ursixx!

(08 Jan '15, 09:10) LaDyDove
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For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin -- real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way. Something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.

Alfred D'Souza

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So beautiful, so true....

(14 Jan '15, 02:52) TimH
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