This question is regarding Manifesting Experiment 1 which was a method suggested by Stingray quite long ago. It has been more than a year since that particular thread was created (?) and I presume the box I created is currently around 6 months ago.. can't remember.

I just kept putting new thoughts and small little things I wanted in that box, and I am not particularly sure whether some or most of them have even really manifested since I can't really remember all of them (lol!!). But I do seem to manage to remember a few 'bigger' items that I would have wished for and sometimes occasionally these 'bigger' items just seem to jump out at me again.

So I was just surfing around the internet and reading something related and boom it reminded me of something very related which I had put in the box quite long ago. The problem is, I realize that I may not really want that which I have put into the box anymore, and I can't possibly peek into the box and look for that particular piece of paper.. that would spoil all the fun.

Thus I want to ask what do you do with these requests which you originally thought you wanted, but after a while you feel that you would be better off without them? Just leave them as it is? Also, how do you explain this phenomenon that occurs (thinking that you really really want something at the start , but maybe after a long period of time you think you would actually be better off without them at all)?

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Personally, I would remove those items that you don't want from the box.

Remember that there is nothing magical about the paper requests or the box - it's just a focusing and allowing technique. But the problem I see with leaving things in the box that you no longer want, is that you now have a contradicted vibration about the box.

In effect, your thought patterns are...

"I want everything in this box to manifest - except for certain things"

It starts becoming a bit vibrationally messy when you don't have a clear intent about what the box is for.

Even though it might "spoil the fun" a bit, I think it would just make it easier for you to keep the process clean by removing the no-longer-needed stuff from the box every so often.

And consider also that having decided that something you originally wanted is now something you definitely don't want is still a manifestational result. :)

There is nothing wrong with, say, scheduling a review of what's in the box every month, or every few months (or whatever time period feels comfortable), just to see what has manifested already and what you no longer want. At least in your mind, you will then know that whatever is in the box is what you really want.

Regarding things you thought you wanted but no longer want: I think that's just the way life works. Everything that happens to you puts you in a new vibrational place, and from that new vibrational place, you make new decisions about what you want or don't want.

Just because you wanted something from a previous vibrational place doesn't mean that you must now want it forever. You are allowed to change your mind whenever you feel like it, based upon new desires and preferences, because you'll never reach the final vibrational place...because it doesn't exist :)

Yes, constantly changing your mind about what you want might be a bit infuriating to those around you who expect you to conform to some (non-existent) absolute standard about "This is who I am" and "This is what I want" but it's your life and you are accountable to no-one but yourself.

Your life is forever in the process of becoming.


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Oh ok,I guess I got confused about your point in your original post. Cause you said "You should just leave your desires there and trust that someone else will deliver it to you" or something along those lines, so I thought it also meant that you should not touch or change any desires after putting it there since it would mean that you dont trust the 'someone'?

(19 Nov '10, 10:13) kakaboo

Yes, the idea is that you trust the person to carry out whatever you want them to carry out so once you place something in the box, you just trust they are dealing with it. And if you have spent some days in deep thought about what you really want, it is not that often that you are going to change your mind. But still there are occasions when your new life circumstances mean that you now genuinely want something different and so what I'm saying is that don't make yourself feel bad that you now want something different. Still trust the person, but now trust them to do something else

(19 Nov '10, 10:29) Stingray

Ideally, you want to be able to create the mindset within yourself that as soon as you have put something into the box, you can instantly release it within yourself. That way, you can review whatever is in the box whenever you want and not feel you are interfering with the process. The original experiment is aimed at people who may never have manifested anything consciously in their lives before so I don't expect them to have this mindset. But those with a more in-depth understanding of manifesting (such as yourself) can make the process more efficient by developing that let go mindset

(19 Nov '10, 10:34) Stingray

hmm but isn't the whole purpose of the box in the first place a way for newcomers to let go ? Since actually letting go seems to be the most difficult part of any manifestation process...

(19 Nov '10, 12:30) kakaboo

Yes, that is the purpose of the box - it will get you started in "letting go". But that doesn't mean you can't get better and better at that skill. "Letting Go" isn't as hard as people make it...that's just a limiting belief. If you want to make into a big issue, it becomes one..but just practice it and you'll get better at it like any other skill. But many people practice on the biggest, most important, thing ever in their lives and then wonder why they struggle! If you use the box approach for even "small" things, you will get better at feeling when you have truly let go

(19 Nov '10, 13:28) Stingray
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Before Stingray Experiment to use the Box, I have always written down what it is that I want using the power of auto-suggestion, and in some cases I would draw the picture of the item that I desire to manifest. And at a later time I started using pictures on my dream board. So if I decided to change my mind about something, I never discard it, I would leave it there until the page, or space is full and I have to start a new page, or Board.

I never throw out any of my written Wish List, I keep them all in a File Folder, and sometimes when I have forgotten about a specific wish, something would happen suddenly, and then this wish is fulfilled. So I think it is a good thing to keep all of your written Wish List into a File Folder! Hope this helps.


answered 21 Nov '10, 01:43

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