Hey stingray or anyone that has an answer.

The creator of Faster EFT Robert Smith says that ADHD is an internal process of thinking and not an illness. He stated that he can get rid of people's ADHD. Well thanks to Manifestation 4 and the superpower tap from Faster EFT, I have gotten rid of several core issues, for instance money just seems to come easily to me now.

However I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in the 1st grade and my mother always treated me like I was special in the bad way. I ended getting a Master's degree but I still struggle with the ADHD in terms of procrastination, difficulty staying on task, very disorganized, etc.

So Stingray with Faster EFT or any of the healing methods that I know, what would you suggest for getting rid of this problem. I tapped on it one day and the symptoms were gone for about 2 days and then they came back.

I have been successful but I have also lost a lot of good opportunities because of this disorder, I would really like to get rid of it forever.

Please HELP!!!! I hate this disorder and i want to get rid of it.

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"I want to get rid of it!" - Then this will probably interest you: http://www.amazon.com/The-Mind-Brain-Neuroplasticity-Mental/dp/0060988479

(07 Mar '15, 23:41) lozenge123
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I've always been a fan of the 1960's quote...

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes

Andy Warhol, 1968

Given the advent of the Internet, social media, reality television and the like, it seems like that quote is coming true :)

Hence we need a new prophetic quote.

So I propose (and hereby claim infinite copyright over)...

In the future, everyone in the world who can't put up with 15 minutes of doing something mind-numbingly boring will be diagnosed with ADHD

Mr Stingray, 2015 :)

alt text

Regarding your question, I think you're asking the wrong person. To me, people have just become more honest about what they are willing (or not willing) to be made to do. People are just becoming more aware (even if at a subliminal level) that they're not willing to tolerate the bad feelings associated with doing things they have no interest in doing.

This is a good thing, in my view :)

Understandably though, those who wanted you to do those mind-numbingly boring things (presumably so they wouldn't have to do them) are probably not too happy about this situation so the norms of society have evolved to label those less-tolerant-of-bad-feeling people as having a disorder of ADHD :)

I've previously stated my own views on the ADHD myth.

In summary, if you're asking me personally, I can't really give you advice on curing something that doesn't exist in the first place :)


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Hey thanks stingray. However I have noticed in my life that I have resistance to doing things that absolutely need to be done or it will be detrimental if I don't get them done. On the list of symptoms, I have about 8 out of 10 symptoms. I have tapped on the symptoms in the past and they would ease, but I never went in depth. BTW I have done Manifesting Experiment 4 on 100 different issues. It has tremendously changed my life. Thanks a lot for providing that information.

(07 Mar '15, 22:56) The Phenom

@The Phenom - "I have noticed in my life that I have resistance to doing things that absolutely need to be done" - That's not any ADHD thing. That's simply because you have a belief associated to doing the task that is more painful than not doing it. When a deadline for that task, for example, draws near, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it, so you do it :) The elegant way around this is just to alter the painful belief about doing the task so that it...

(09 Mar '15, 07:45) Stingray

@The Phenom - ...becomes less painful to do that task than not to do it. (You can also make not doing the task feel more painful and it will have the same effect). When you alter these "balances of pain" to point towards achieving the effect you want (i.e. doing the task), you'll just do the task without any fuss and it won't require the intervention of any motivation/drugs/ADHD-doctors :)

(09 Mar '15, 07:48) Stingray
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I used to believe I had ADD, until I discovered that it's entirely a matter of beliefs, just as Stingray says. But even then, uncovering the unconscious beliefs can be difficult. What did it for me was a shift from SITTING to STANDING as my default position. Once I'm standing rather than sitting, vibrational alignment happens automatically within minutes. We're not designed to sit, yet over the years, being a computer geek and having an office job, I had made sitting my default position, and the resonances/definitions/beliefs created from that position were keeping me on a low-flying disc, as Abraham would put it. So if sitting down is your default position, try forcing yourself to stand rather than sit. Once you're in the vortex, all those things you felt you "needed to do" that truly need to be done will be done effortlessly, and once it's time to sit, it will not even feel like sitting, because you're now in vibrational alignment with Source.


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