Just curious to hear how others make very difficult decisions. I have tried meditation, sensing my desires, thinking about it both intuitively and logically on paper and still cannot find an answer. any suggestions?


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Flip a coin

(11 Dec '12, 09:39) Nikulas
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do what seems to be taking you toward where you
want to be at, while also digesting feedback
on if it is getting you there. if not, then
amend one variable at a time. it took you more
than 1 day to learn to walk


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well you do not say what you are trying to decide about. is it a yes or no decision? is it a yes or maybe or no decision? is it a decision about 2 subject like apple and orange? is it a decision about time when should i do this or that? is it a decision where you can make the 2 choice with different percentage of investment in each? etc... to each question there is a solution and even more then 1 solution may exist but what is the right one,or the solution the more appropriated with the problem at hand. and is there more then one problem at hand or is there other variable that your decision will affect. is there some people in that desicions or people that it will affect? how will it affect them? what will be their reaction and decision? how will it affect the choice that you make? then in the future what is your achivement with that decision? then make the choice and see if it all go according to what you have seen by answering every question that came to mind. and when the result happen in the now see if you add make the right choice or if you made some error? then learn from the error or the question that you have missed before making the choice.or see if there was some unknow variable. of course you cannot make every one happy, some people will never be happy what ever you do. but if you are happy i think it is what is important do you not agree?i will also say fear make you doubt, what do you fear the unknow,or what affect that decision will have if it does not go according to what you have seen. but know this even if it does not work learn from it. that is the positive in the experience. and if it work then you will experience and enjoy it.so let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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Dedicate yourself to the subject, Evaluate your positions the best you can and, Give yourself the benefit of human doubt.


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Try asking your Spirit Guide for help, ask him to show you some info about both possibility, so you may have an idea what kind of outcome they would have, this can come in any shape or form. Think about it which one resonates the most with you, what dose your Heart tell, what would benefit you and all others around you the most :)

Good Luck and best wishes :D


answered 27 Nov '12, 08:52

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Decisions are only difficult when we define them as such. Your ego can only perceive situations by showing possibilities based on what HAS happened, but knows nothing of what will happen. If you are using your ego to determine the best outcome, it will be a struggle with no clear answer. If there is no clear advantage to one choice over another, my advice would be to choose whichever option excites you more. Excitement is an attraction to something you prefer. If two choices are equally as compelling, simply recognize that they're both equal, valid choices, and choose the one you prefer to experience.


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