I recently discovered Bashar after studying Abraham for nearly 10 years. What are the core differences, if any between the two?

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Regarding my own experience, I've known about both since the mid-90s but have mostly studied Abraham with occasional listenings to Bashar. In the past year, I've been studying Bashar fairly intensively as well.

In essence, many of the ideas between the two are similar in intent but are often different in approach, analogies used and language offered.

In my opinion, I think there are two absolutely core differences between the two from which all the other differences stem.

Core Difference 1

Bashar is a physical extra-terrestrial individual (a Sassani) from what we would perceive from a linear perspective as our future, although currently being channeled through Darryl Anka (Remember that past, present and future are all happening now).

Bashar has mentioned a few times that s/he regards Mr Anka as a past life of his/hers and has said that the time is coming (within the next century) when humans will be able to physically interact with members of the Sassani race.

alt text

On the other hand, Abraham is a purely non-physical group consciousness that effectively lies at the core of all consciousness. In a sense, you could say that they are the inner beings of inner beings.

That basic difference in perspective (physical vs purely non-physical) is what leads to many of the differences in the detail and kind of information that is offered.

If you watch Abraham seminars, they are purely focused on processes of manifesting and understanding the operations and implications of the Law of Attraction. There is little material relating to the actual mechanics of daily physical living and Abraham often joke that they only have one answer to everything...which is the Law of Attraction

Abraham will always tend to relate every question asked back to an understanding of this Law of Attraction.

Bashar seminars, on the other hand, tend to go into much more detail regarding physical living, physical processes and physical technology.

So, for example, if someone asks Abraham how to be more physically healthy, they will respond in a manner relating how one's dominant thoughts attract manifestations of health and how to more effectively align the desire for health with your dominant thoughts ("beliefs") about it.

Bashar, on the other hand, while still providing a reality creation background, is more likely to give you a list of things that would be beneficial to eat and physical things to do to stay healthy.

Core Difference 2

Probably the other core difference is that Bashar says there are Four Laws of Creation:

  • Law #1 You exist

  • Law #2 The One is the All. The All are the One

  • Law #3 What you put out is what you get back

  • Law #4 Change is the only constant, except for the first 3 laws

Abraham say there is really only one Law in the Universe worth speaking of...

  • The Law of Attraction - "That which is like unto itself is drawn"

If you look closely, you will see that Bashar's Law #3 is actually The Law of Attraction also. And if you give it some thought, you may notice that it is the only one of the four we can physically do anything about.

So Abraham's stance becomes clearer in only focusing on this law since they are always focused on practicality rather than theory. They refer to themselves as being "an endless spewer of processes"

But Bashar is much more willing to talk in detail about the actual mechanics of how the laws work.

For example, Bashar will often refer to the idea of how rapidly flipping through static disconnected parallel realities can give the illusion of a continuous evolving universe much like an animator's flip book giving the illusion of a movie.

alt text

And many of Bashar's ideas and advice involve relating how one may move to different parallel realities in order to experience desired outcomes that exist there.

Abraham's ideas are very similar (if you look closely) but they tend to keep all these subjects at a much broader and less technical level. I've noticed for years that they seem to be ensuring that their message is as basic and simple to understand as they can make it in order to help as many people as possible relate to it.

I get the impression that Abraham seem keenly aware that they can allow their message to resonate with a much wider audience by keeping it simple in this way and, at this point in time, the teachings of Abraham are (worldwide) vastly more popular than the teachings of Bashar.


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If Bashar really exists, it would mean that there's a high probable chance all the other extra-terrestials listed on that site exist... I wonder would they eventually get into a conflict between each other over the state of planet Earth....

(20 Nov '10, 10:06) kakaboo

There's a consistent message among most credible-sounding channeled information that the current Earth-based civilization is one of the few that exist in the Universe that dominantly believes in lack and limitation...although even that is changing. There would be no point in others having a conflict over anything if they are aware that there is actually an abundance for all of everything

(20 Nov '10, 10:38) Stingray

I don't know much about either entities, but this sounds really good! Thank you

(20 Nov '10, 11:56) daniele

@Stingray: Like you said, it's one of the 'few'.. haha, plus even the site you linked to (Floating world) speaks of things like Dark Masters reptilians. I mean, I just find it weird that so many different entities are trying to reach to us at around the same time(presuming all of these chaneling is true), or maybe it's just me :p

(20 Nov '10, 14:49) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - All the information we could ever want is around us all the time, and always has been. It's not that anyone is trying to reach us, it's that we are now more willing to listen to what has always been there

(20 Nov '10, 15:57) Stingray

@Stingray am I right in assuming the picture of the alien is drawn by Bashar as an autoportret?

(20 Nov '10, 16:00) daniele

@Daniele - No, I don't know of any drawings of Bashar. This just came off a random website that I linked to in order to provide further background information.

(20 Nov '10, 17:19) Stingray

@Stingray, well yup but the problem here is it seems that we (as humans) seem to more willing to listen to both sides... both the negative and positive sides.... it's true that a lot more people have managed to ascend spiritually while there are also a lot more people(as compared to the past) who are descending sprititually

(21 Nov '10, 14:34) kakaboo

@Stingray, great feedback! (Thought I responded to this a while back? Nevertheless, perfect timing.)

(17 Jan '13, 13:59) figure8shape
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None, they are both channeling the non-physical. Their technique, and message may vary, but they are both doing the same thing in a round about way! Personally, I think they are both doing what they like doing best, and their teaching have helped many people in a positive way to use their own spiritual gifts, and Talents!


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Hello figure8shape

There is only one core difference between Abraham and Bashar;

Abraham is the personalized name given to the portal in Esther Hicks consciousness that allows her to receive information from higher source.

alt text

Bashar is the personalized name given to the portal in Darryl Anka's consciousness that allows him to receive information from higher source.

alt text

In practice they are both experts in mediating communication between higher source and humans. As often with people that have produced exceptional results, be it in any domain; science, mathematics, sports, music, arts ... such people can be considered as being extraterrestrials. bb2


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blubird two

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