Sometimes I get stuck and I don't know what action to take next or if I should take any action at all at the moment.

I've tried using the mantra "Something is going to happen" and I ended up doing at least something which led to another action which led to another. I trusted this guidance even though some of it seemed unrelated to manifestation. Maybe the faith and belief in the process is what makes it work.

I use this statement when I can't find something that puts me in the vortex at the moment.

This seems to be a simple way to find guidance from the higher self, inner being or what ever you want to call it.

You just tell yourself something is going to happen and just do the action that follows even if it seems unrelated to your requests.

Those of you who've been at this law of attraction stuff longer might understand these concepts more clearly.

Maybe I'm confusing myself.


This is part 1 of the video series "Something is going to happen":

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you could also try Abraham Hicks' favourite: "Things are always working out well for me" or "It's ok to me where I am now for things will always work out well for me eventually" or something alone those lines

(15 Feb '15, 11:54) kakaboo

If you change that Mantra to something good is going to happen, then mostly good things are going to happen. We get what we ask for. 1. I believe you have to know what you want first. 2. Have strong desire for that manifestation to happen in your life. 3. Let go of the outcome. 4. Be the happiest you can be. 5. Decide you already have whatever you ask for. 6. Know that guidance is alway here if we ask for it.

It simple not complicated, practice, practice, and practice.

BTW I would get rid of the idea that you get stuck. Your not stuck you just IMHO. just don't have a plan.


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It's hard to make plans sometimes, when your planning never seems to give you the result you were hoping for. I've recently been listening and reading about not having goals and plans, and just having standards and living in the moment. Does this ever work?

(15 Feb '15, 17:36) Inner Beauty

It might be harder to convince yourself that something 'good' is going to happen?

(15 Feb '15, 17:37) Inner Beauty

Thank you. These are all good answers.

(15 Feb '15, 22:08) EnlightenedOne
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I tend to phrase all affirmations in the present because there is only the eternal NOW and time is an illusion. "Going to" might imply it isn't here when everything actually is right here, right now but not visible to the senses instantaneously too often because we're experiencing a time-space illusion and the "unfolding" makes things a little interesting. But ultimately it isn't the exact words that matter but the emotional state it evokes, that is the key because that tells you where you're generally focused regardless of what you're affirming. Typically though, as long as you haven't built a too negative world view, you should get comfortable (: that's good :) using the affirmation and then you're good to go. I use affirmations more as a tool to guide the mind and remember my broadest intentions rather try to "make" myself belief anything that way I avoid inner conflict. So it's more like rather than think a negative thought, I might as well think this positive thought that reflects my intent even if I don't believe it fully.


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Thank you. All of these answers are good.

(16 Feb '15, 14:44) EnlightenedOne
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