Sarcasm has a negative vibration. In college Psychology 101, they said that sarcasm was a disguised aggression. So where does sarcasm fit on the Emotional Guidance Scale and how does it affect the manifestations of the sarcastic person? How does it affect one's overall vibration?

Emotional Guidance scale




4.Positive Expectation/Belief



















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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess - What is Psych 101? I agree sarcasm feels like disguised aggression - not sure where it fits on the scale. I always have trouble with the finer points of that scale - never too where I am on it!

(13 Sep '12, 11:58) Catherine

@Catherine - Psych 101 is the most basic class in Psychology studies.

(13 Sep '12, 12:11) Dollar Bill

@Fairy Princess- Here is a copy of the EGS for your reference, if you don't already have it. :)

(13 Sep '12, 17:18) Satori

@Fairy Princess- I'm really not sure on this one . Sarcasm could stem from a lot of things like fear, anger or jealousy. A generally sarcastic person is usually emphasising the negative aspects of something or someone. They are really seeing those negative aspects in themselves though as everything we perceive to be wrong outside of us are actually are own unresolved issues...

(13 Sep '12, 17:34) Satori

@Fairy Princess- Then you have comedians who might write sarcasm into their stand-up shows for a good punch-line, solely to entertain. This could be considered positive:)

(13 Sep '12, 18:03) Satori

Good points @Satori

(13 Sep '12, 19:33) Fairy Princess

This is a good point, I once saw both from Dom Delouse and Loui Anderson that all the jokes we laugh about that they make really came from a whole lot of hurt and paint for them. Probably a lot of comedians then, lot John Belushi, John Candy and more really did come from a lot of hurt.

I know when I was in school, I was always making people laugh while feeling bad within myself about myself.

(13 Sep '12, 21:30) Wade Casaldi
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I'd say sarcasm is a behavior resulting from an emotion, not an emotion itself, and so sarcasm itself has no place on the emotional guidance scale.

The underlying emotion feels like Frustration/Irritation/Impatience (#10) to me. One can almost sense an accompanying sigh of irritation when someone is being genuinely sarcastic, instead of just being jokingly sarcastic for comedy purposes.


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Between 9-12, don't you think? I don't know. Secondly, my answer is "sarcasm should be avoided!" I have other thoughts to share, if you'd like my 2 cents worth.

Inconsistent Vibration of Sarcasm
Sarcasm shouldn't be our baseline, should it? Few advantages can be gained by giving off insincerity and pain at a vibrational level, except laughter. Sorry, but sarcasm re-frames things in a way that is funny. This may be speculation, but imagine the sarcastic person's vibration as inconsistent, meaning it's not always at a low resonance. Unless you are a comedian or satirist, it may be better to avoid sarcasm.

Sarcasm as Energy
Comedy, we could dismiss, but if sarcasm goes deeper than that, we owe it a second look. While, it may not relate directly to manifestation, there's a school of thought that believes magic is energy. This is only speculation, but sarcasm could be an essential vibration in shifting our paradigm. We don't like to admit it, but we get stuck in plateaus, policing our vibrations. Please don't take my speculation the wrong way. Rather, consider sarcasm like alcohol, or something that has it's best effects with discretion and measure.

Sarcasm and Fnord
It may sound like "the darkside of the force," but sarcasm is really just energy. Maybe some of these principles could shift one out of a vibrational plateau. Enjoy, and don't take it too seriously. Here's a link that may open up a better understanding of sarcasm and fnord.

alt text


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