Long story short, I would like to ask whether there are any methods to practice the feeling of expectation. There have been a few things or events in my life which I just knew (or sort of expect) that it would happened, and it happened. But that feeling of expectation or knowing just came naturally even when that particular event was something out of the blue which came to my mind.

At the start, I did not remember that expectation was actually an emotion on the emotional guidance scale until I took a look at it again. I looked up a few posts regarding expectation which I read before on this site and expectation seemed like an even stronger way to get the things you want compared to Joy (pure happiness) even though its lower than Joy.

In that particular answer above, in the comments (ironically by myself), its said that expectation will happen naturally and normally as you try to stay positive and align with your higher self.

But what I'm asking is whether there's a way to "force" or "trick" the feeling of expectation instead? Say if theres a particular event which you don't think is going to happen, can you somehow get into the feeling of expectation that you "expect that event to happen" now? If its possible, how ?

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I had the thought of preparing a meal or baking a dessert .. nothing like the smell of food to wake up expectation ;) or driving home with a take away pizza... now I am hungry

(03 Mar '15, 17:46) ursixx

@ursixx - Weird how I understand exactly what you are getting at... or maybe not so weird mmm.... pizza... ;) But yes! Smell is very powerful with regard to associations. If you smell a particular perfume, you will look up expecting to see the person who wears it, even if it's not possible for them to be there. When I moved to a new house, a sudden smell of honeysuckle had me running out of doors, expecting to find it growing nearby. Excellent point.

(04 Mar '15, 02:15) Grace

Thank you for asking this question. It brought about lot's of interesting answers!

(04 Mar '15, 09:43) lilfrankster101

@lilfrankster101 I didn't really expect this question to bring about so much attention and so many answers in just a day when I felt inspired to ask this question. hmm.. just used the word expect again, I didn't expect something to happen and yet it happened.. something to think about again :)

(04 Mar '15, 11:38) kakaboo
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It is happening now, in vibrational reality. If you're not seeing it in your physical reality it doesn't matter at all. It's still alive, kicking and real and happening.

If you can absorb that you can keep your expectation alive in your physical mind and then you will line up with it and you will be able to SEE it in your physical reality.

It's already happening, has happened, is created and there is no possible way you can miss it, whatever it is. It's done. Relax now :)


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amazing answer! :)

(04 Mar '15, 05:44) Olga Farber

Well, the classical method which I'm sure you're aware of is - you just imagine it as so. And you do that again and again. When you do it "properly" you eventually get to a point you forget where you are and possibly even who you are. You forget you're just sitting there and start to feel that what you're imagining is actually real. You can't argue with yourself that "it's not possible" when as far as your brain is concerned, you're actually seeing it and feeling it right now. You can't question "how will it happen?" for something that is already happening.

Unfortunately, most people don't seem to really "get" how to imagine properly in order to get to that state. Once in that state it is quite normal to expect something, and if you perchance slip out you just do it again (and again and again until you don't slip out). Neville Goddard's works are probably the best in describing how to properly utilize imagination for that.

Basically though, the main point is to select a short scene that implies what you want is true...perhaps a 10-30 second scene. Ideally not too much going on. Of importance is that you are acting in that scene, not watching it occur. Particularly, you have to bring that scene around you right now - not project yourself to it at some other "point" in space or time. I never realized when I first tried the method, but although I was acting in the imagination I had always projected myself away from my body to some distant place where I wanted to be, or time...and it doesn't work properly. You have to pull that scene to you and have it surround you physically, not you go to it. (I had read this numerous times previously but...never actually saw it or realized it which is why I'm trying to emphasize it and hope it is understood since it is quite key)

Then you act in that scene, again and again and again. Initially it won't feel entirely real. But gradually the images will fill in and it will feel more real and eventually you can (and should) get to the place where it feels absolutely real and vivid. It's the simplest way I know to get expectation without going around changing specific beliefs etc.

Nothing you haven't heard before I'm sure...but I can't think of anything better than it.


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@Liam- Good Points regarding visualization...:)

(04 Mar '15, 01:19) Zee
its said that expectation will happen naturally and normally as you try to stay positive and align with your higher self. But what I'm asking is whether there's a way to "force" or "trick" the feeling of expectation instead?

A good question for pondering would be, why you want that. In all senses: AH also recommend to ask yourself that question as a method to align, but also in a sense of.. why you really want to force it, to get to it now?

A possible answer could be that you feel good in the sensing of it. BECAUSE you align at that time.

Maybe you think you will easier and more effectively get what you want this way. The question again is, why you will feel good when you get what you want. BECAUSE you align at that time.

By the way, with visualization I would recommend to be cautious: when you're in a low state big gap, in a stream that just expanded and you haven't re-aligned in it yet, imagining what you want activates it where you are, meaning, it engages in you those exact feelings, that it just cannot be.

It will be hard, to force it, when you're far from it, just like it is hard to jump over many stairs all at once. Because that's what you're trying to do: skip many stairs of the vibrational emotional scale.

It is easier to jump less stairs at once :) It is easier to find a better feeling thought where you are. To just find a relief. Then one more, then one more.

You can find better feeling thoughts and then lightly try: is the visualization available to you yet? If not, let's find one more relief, and so on.

That said, let's come back to the question, why you want to force it. One more possible answer can be that you just want to engage in better feeling thoughts, immerse yourself & bask in better feelings (instead of just trying to stay positive, not going very far, not being very deliberate in improving your vibration). And that's great! You can use that desire, it can drive you.

I found that if I only get one step higher and then stop, I quickly come back to the thoughts I had before. But if I go enough steps, this higher position becomes a bit more stable, more enjoyable. Then I can imagine.

There is video I love about the imagination:

Abraham-Hicks - Getting Unstuck + Imagination

Abraham-Hicks - Deliberately + Being obsessed with what is ("Caribbean") :)

Now on the processes, on how to align more stably, quickly, reliably, enjoyably :)

New ways to align

3-3-3 (visibility, security, openness): this one will help you to bask in the feelings you thought you get only with getting that thing, now! Very powerful, I love it.

16. Trampoline (money): this one will help to jump stairs easier :)

14. Sweet Having Map (love, money, health, activity, youth & beauty): to engage in the good feelings, too

and many other processes there at the site, check there the right panel. I am addicted to feeling good, too :)

Good feeling to you! :)

P.S. With that said, it's funny that now I see this question: there is a process I use a lot these days, 8ct, I haven't described it yet, and it really gets me to go those stairs really fast and I get to enjoy those states of being there. When I describe it, I will post it here.

P.P.S. More food for thought: Bashar says, zero expectation, and I have my understanding in which sense it is. For me it's, the less I depend on getting a certain outcome physically, the more I do what I do, to enjoy here and now, the easier it is to align. The lighter it is to live. And then actually a better feeling outcome is much more possible. Happy feeling to you! :)

P.P.P.S. The stream developed and the ideas keep coming :) Related to that "feels like cannot come", I have my own mind trick I once found. I ask myself: "Do I really believe that it's absolutely impossible, or can there be a tiny chance for it going the way I want?" I ask it seriously and usually I feel the answer inside, that yes, there can be a tiny chance, I know those miracles, I know how it feels, with my experience in vibrational work/play and its results I've seen lots of situations when a seemingly absolutely impossible solution came in when I aligned, even not completely aligned at that stage. Then, when I feel that "tiny chance", it's easier for me to engage in those feelings of being there. I just carefully watch that I don't resist where I am, in being "there" like in the feeling that it only will solve all the problems, you know? It's better to find in the now the feelings I expect to get "there", and enjoy them here and now already, in my current situation.

Bashar's, BBC's and Abraham's Parallel Realities explanation comes really handy here, in finding that possibility for the chance: if it all exists, there is a frame where it is so, and many other frames with its variations. In addition to @Yes's excellent answer.


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Olga Farber

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Wow, good answer and your positive energy is felt through the screen :)

(06 Mar '15, 09:35) spacemetalfantasy

"Do I really believe that it's absolutely impossible, or can there be a tiny chance for it going the way I want?" - what a lovely question. Thank you!

(13 Mar '15, 10:06) Antheia

thank you :)

(13 Mar '15, 10:22) Olga Farber
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Very nice answer by Liam. Goddard has written some amazing stuff around this type of "consistent visualization" to bring about a feeling of expectation. See also: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5369

Something to add from personal experience...

If you have resistance around the subject you want to bring about a feeling of expectation for, then do the visualization when you are in the vortex (or at least in a somewhat positive feeling place). Trying to visualize the outcome while mixed up in OOTV thoughts will get you nowhere.

Alternatively, you can clean up your resistance around the subject, which will make visualizing the outcome much easier. Ironically, that cleaning of resistance puts you in a place of allowing the manifestation anyways, so your added visualizations will be doing 2 things...

  1. Helping you achieve your feeling of expectation (The Next Logical Step) faster.
  2. Providing you with a feeling of joy (a reason to focus positively) which will cause energy flow, vortex alignment, and in turn will bring about a vibrational attitude that will make you attractive to all other things you desire.

In any case, this universe is full of good things that are trying everything they can to come into your reality, it's just a matter of relaxing and getting out of the way of yourself :)


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One of the most simple and most powerful ways of practicing the feeling expectation I know is "acting as if".

If you act as if you already are what you want to be, or that you already have what you want to have, it creates the feeling of expectation relatively fast.

It's similar to the idea of visualisation where you bypass your current reality and its specific limiting beliefs by envisioning something so real that you forget about all the limits you believe in. And so you get into a pure, powerful state by using repitition.

And eventually, the vision and the new you gathers momentum and dominates your overall vibrational output. And when you get over the tipping point so you vibrate the new you more often than the old you, physical reality has no choice but to obey to your vibration.

The smoothest way to act as if I know of, comes from Bashar.

Previously, I have talked about his idea here:

Would you share your personal insights on using Bashar's method for breaking addictions?

and here:

Understanding Time as Now as taught by Bashar in order to break addictions?

Here is the original post:

Breaking addictions ... by becoming someone that never had them in the first place

These would be my instructions for applying "acting as if" in the easiest way I know of:

  1. Know your ideal outcome/the endresult. Know what you want.
  2. Think about what kind of history you would have to have since birth in order to be that person or have that thing you want.
  3. Jump into this "new" parallel reality history and assume that because of this new history you have now, you naturally and logically are the new person you want to be now.
  4. If the older-you-history comes up and raises doubts, immediately jump into your preferred history and acknowledge that those doubts are illogical... because you are a different person with a different past now.
  5. Body language is one of the most important parts of the "acting as if" technique. Ask youself again and again throughout the day: "Am I standing, sitting, relaxing, gesturing... like a person who has this history?". If not, change your posture and act as if you are that kind of person.
  6. Repeat 1-5 over and over again in every situation possible throughout your day(s).

As you do this over and over again, it becomes more and more natural to assume this new state. And after a fews hours, days or weeks, you will know at an emotional level that you are the new you. The feeling of expectation follows naturally. Then just relax and watch what happens.


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expectations, the mind in
imagination, the rest
of the world around us
does mine allow yours to be


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