Dear All,

This question is in relation to my previous question Knowing Vs Positive Expectation

I would like to make this question relevant and clear by stating a situation.

Suppose, I have got an interview call from the Company I want to work in. I have actually attracted this to me. Now I have a positive expectation / belief that I will do well in this interview and this job is going to come to me.

So when I talk to other people before the interview, when I already believe that this job is mine, is it alright to say to other people "hope it goes well", "I hope I get selected" and things like that?

In contrast, if I would tell them before the interview that "I am sure to get this job", wouldn't people consider me arrogant and think that I am over confident?

And this is precisely my question that should we downplay our "beliefs about achieving something" in front of others even when in our heart we "know" that its is ours?

Thanks in advance for all your answers and comments :)

asked 21 Nov '10, 11:44

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It seems to me that you've cracked the LOA stuff. Your confidence is not arrogance, so you can tell them anything you like. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Enjoy your new job :)

(22 Nov '10, 01:14) Eddie

Thanks so much Eddie, I have been learning about LOA with the help of all of you here since last 1 year, I am not sure whether I have cracked it, but definitely its a good feeling and I have learned to somewhat train my vibration. But still a long long way to go!! Thanks again for your best wishes :)

(24 Nov '10, 05:37) Sourabh
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Just tell them "I'm going for an interview wish me luck", and they in turn will tell you "Oh you are sure to get the position".

Then thank them and just leave it at that.

This way they are also in alignment with your vision without realizing it.


answered 21 Nov '10, 14:34

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The Traveller

Sounds good to me Traveller :)

(22 Nov '10, 01:07) Eddie

That really is a very simple and good answer, thanks so much :)

(24 Nov '10, 05:38) Sourabh

I take it that you are very confident, and excited about the outcome of your job interview. That is excellent! Apparently, you are a positive thinker, and you want to share this joy with your friends. Personally, I do not see anything wrong in you sharing your positive energy with others before the job interview. I am sure you are confident enough to answer any questions that your friends may present to you concerning your positive attitude for your job interview. Be, and feel excited as much, as you want, like you said the job is already yours!

So good luck, be your self, and do what feels right for you!


answered 22 Nov '10, 01:22

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks so much VEE, I have become positive over the last 1 year, and the credit goes to all of you out there. I have learned a lot from each one of you. I am hopeful that I will be able to sustain and improve upon this. Thanks for the wonderful answer :)

(24 Nov '10, 05:40) Sourabh

I'm not sure it's good to tell people in advance what are we sure to get...

People is usually envious, not of the job you're going to get, but of your self confidence. If you asked me, I would keep it at:

"I'm going for an interview wish me luck" as Traveller says, and nothing else. They even might say something discouraging that could get you off alignment...You never know.

'Feel good but keep it to yourself' is a kind of motto with me lately.

Just an opinion, The best of luck!



answered 22 Nov '10, 13:31

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I agree BJ09, that is precisely why I posted the question and I agree with Daniele too, that it depends on what kind of relationship you share with the other person. Thank you so much :)

(24 Nov '10, 05:42) Sourabh

you're welcome :)

(24 Nov '10, 11:52) BridgetJones09

I believe the answer varies as to whom you're talking to. Is it your mom, your neighbor....and how well is your relationship with that individual. If you trust them, tell them how you feel you've bagged the job. They'll believe you and help you subconsciously with LOA by already assuming you've gotten the job. If it doesn't work out, they'll be there for you to encourage you again.

Blessings, namaste


answered 22 Nov '10, 14:49

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Hi Daniele, I agree with you and this is a very nice suggestion. Thanks so much :) Namaste

(24 Nov '10, 05:44) Sourabh
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