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The story of the little drop of water in the swamp.

there was a little drop of water born in a swamp of murky water not knowing where it came from. In this swamp where every little drop of water add darkness in them doing darkness to other and suffering from the same pain. each one of those drop of water stagnated and tried to prove them self to each other doing pain to them self and other dividing them self of other for their own ego. causing the same darkness to other that they have in them self.

the little drop of water did not do as other since nothing good came out of it.

eventually the little drop of water tried to understand this and seek a way out it prayed God help me tell me the truth why did you send me here what is the meaning of this? God if you really exist I will wait here each day and wait on you so that you can give me your answer. and the little drop of water enter a narrow way and moved from the swamp of murky water in to a stream going down and experiencing more stuff each day by seeking the truth it eventually after 40 days came to the sea. where the water was clear enough that it started to see a little light and a still small voice that guided the little drop of water in all truth to solve the last division according to its own level of understanding. eventually the storm stopped and the sea was calm the water and the light became one. the little drop of water went up in the heavens enter a door of light and meet other as him that talked and shared with him at a different level then the swamp the stream or the sea. at the brightest place in the middle was one full of light the little drop of water was amaze and asked what is the meaning of all this. and it was given to him and it was to much to bear. then the one full of light show him that it was the little drop choice in the beginning to come to the swamp. and it told the little drop that it was still is choice to go back to the swamp for a little while or to stay in this place for eternity. then the little drop made the same choice that it made in the beginning with no sorrow since it now know where it come from and where it is going.

then the one full of light told him let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

the little drop came back to the little murky swamp with knowing and hope for himself and other.

I hope that you have enjoy the story.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

asked 28 Apr '15, 11:32

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white tiger

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white tiger, you have us reflect on your belief as to why we are here. your agenda is to have us all see light and return to earth to help usher the next golden age

(29 Apr '15, 18:44) fred

@fred what if it is not a belief but simply the truth made in a simple story so you can understand better with out having to much to bear. you all ready know what is the flesh. you know what is water. and you know what is the light. in the story what is the stream? what is the sea? what is the storm? you also see it in the physical world water can be in a swamp can enter a narrow way in a stream and can go to the sea. and the water with the light go back in the cloud or heaven.

(29 Apr '15, 19:19) white tiger

when it rain the little drop of water come back down on the earth. if I talk to you about think of this world and you do not believe how will you ever believe if I talk to you about things from heaven? am I really pushing my agenda or just telling you the truth and helping you?

(29 Apr '15, 19:21) white tiger
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That was actually a great story, and the story actually made me remember, that is what life is all about. We get so overwhelmed with life sometime and forget that it is the experience that we asked for. Life is but a dream,We ultimately have a choice of how we choose to experience life and we can choose to experience life in it's full glory or we can drown in depression and sorrow. Make the best out of life and if we don't like the circumstances, we have the power the power to change our "experience". Nothing is as hard as it may seem.


answered 29 Apr '15, 23:36

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