I had been thinking about this. I used to ride skateboard when I was in my teens.

It took time to learn how to balance on that wobbly board! Over time I became so good I purposely loosened the trucks to make it a very fast turning board that most could not balance on.

Now I could have got on and fell off (as everyone does the first time) and said to myself, "Ouch, what was I thinking? I can't learn this! I was foolish for even trying!" I could have given up as a lost cause saying, "At least I tried!" NO! The evidence that I tried is that I succeeded!

There were plenty of times I could have given up and felt like a failure! But I learned and learned from every mistake till the point I could predict when I was about to lose the board. I would jump off unharmed. Even that went away till the point of not losing control anymore.

I did this with my, karate my guitar playing, old Atari VCS game hacking.

With this in mind, it seems a good metaphor for life, don't give up, learn and grow to success!.

I believe that we place so much emphasis on winning that learning takes a back seat.

When I used to ride my dirt bike over jumps and bumps for fun was long after I first learned to just pedal and keep my balance.

Do you believe if this same child ideal were used by adults in life we would continue getting the same result? No fear of the future, because I am too busy learning what I want right now. Every crash is a lesson learned that makes me that much closer to success, then on to mastery!

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Wade Casaldi

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Years back, riding flatland, I failed every time before I got good at any trick. People laughed when I crashed. But have gone complete wowzors when I was later executing tricks like no tomorrow.

Successfully reaching the destination is enough to overshadow all the failures you met on the road.

(20 Feb '13, 05:57) CalonLan

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9FSZJu448&list=LLDag-9NMDklWE8Sq5p9kX3A

(20 Feb '13, 06:03) ursixx

Thomas Edison said : "I did not fail making the light bulb in 10000 ways. I merely succeeded in finding 10000 ways to not make it." (not quote for quote)

(20 Feb '13, 07:35) kakaboo

Your post is so very important! Persistence is everything! After all, if I did not persist at wooing you, where would we be???? LOL Your Jai

(20 Feb '13, 10:30) Jaianniah

@ursixx I just watched that story of Arthur! What an amazing story!

That very same principle should be a model for, business, for overcoming shyness, for whatever our dreams may be, we can reach them if we don't give up!

(21 Feb '13, 01:09) Wade Casaldi

Watch that video about Arthur that ursixx posted everyone! It is amazing and shows if we ignore where we came from and where we presently are but keep our eyes on what we will be then it will be what we will it to be. :-)

(21 Feb '13, 01:22) Wade Casaldi

The amazing thing about that Arthur video, is that so many times he could have stopped and been satisfied with his accomplishments. But he instead chose to say "If you think that is good just wait!"

I had a great uncle that was told he'd never walk again when a box car fell on him. He proved the doctors all wrong but walked with a cane for life.

After watching Arthur, I have to wonder if he could have had complete recovery if he didn't settle for only able to walk again.

(21 Feb '13, 03:01) Wade Casaldi
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Kids are made close to the ground for a reason...when they fall, they don't have far to go. if they rip out the knees of their jeans, it isn't their problem. As adults, we worry about falling. We fear falling. But we must overcome that fear of failure just as we overcame our fear of falling as kids. You are so very right. Persistence is everything.

Our attitudes must also be just as toough. We must not let fear of failure keep us from our passions. I like the Edison quote posted by kakaaboo above. Edison did not just try...he absolutely demolished try and went way past into almost an insane obsession that he could achieve what he set out to do. Thank God he did!

Thank you, Wade, for a very good post with a good analogy about life.




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