Dear All,

No matter what I do to try to put the laws into action and feel positive, I still have a deep feeling of underlying regret at things that have happened in my life (or rather I have brought on myself) and which for many of these there is no turning back the clock. The most obvious one is never getting married and having children of my own, despite wanting to all my life at least at some level. I have other things I regret too e.g. spending most of my life in a career I didn't like and now feeling incapable to learn the new things required for a change, not having saved any money or having any assets despite working hard all my life (spent on things like further education, rent, and poor money management) etc. and now living with my parents!

When I hear people talking about 'you can have everything you want', well frankly it's not possible for me to have everything I want. I think often that this belief might be true for a man, but definitely not for a woman in my circumstance... With things like job, money etc there are always possibilities for the unexpected, but I will never be able to turn back the clock on having my own (biological) family. And specially now that I have returned to my hometown after many years and see how everyone's life has moved on except mine, I feel so much regret about my life and 'what's happened to me'. And try as I might I can't see any wisdom in it, except maybe learning some spiritual lessons, but I'm not sure it has really made me a better person. It just seems like a lot of very sad and pointless circumstances and decisions conspiring together to make my life end up like this. How can I get rid of this deep sense of regret? How can I believe that everything that has happened (or rather hasn't happened) has been for a reason? I'm trying my real best to be happy in the now and with my present circumstances and I can tell you that I am doing so much better than I would have expected and I'm proud of myself for being spiritually strong. But still I can't see any sense in it at all. I guess I can never answer the question "why?" as in why did I need these particular lessons that are so painful. I guess I'm waiting for 'God' 'the Universe' to show me something that will tell me the answer.... e.g. you didn't get married and have children because you have a greater purpose to do this...... or you were meant to meet this person who you really love.... but that 'compensation' never seems to come....

I will just keep pushing on and believing that it will get better, but if anyone can help me to see how I can live my life without (or with less) regret I would really be grateful.

P.S Before anyone suggests things like egg donation, adopting while single, marrying someone with a ready-made family, well these are not things that I 'want'. Perhaps they may make me happy I don't know but they are certainly not things that I desire.

EDIT - Thank you to all who commented. You have all have given very different perspectives but all have been helpful. Just as a note for anyone reading this later, I've just been trying Colin Tippings "Radical Self-forgiveness" Worksheet - can find it on google search. I think it's helpful.

As an example of how it's helped I was feeling that I was quite "bad, stupid, incompetent" for not saving money over the years or buying a property, but after the process it suddenly occurred to me that my motivations were in fact good - I had prioritised learning, knowledge and spiritual values over money and property and that doesn't make me a bad person (even though it means that my life is more difficult than perhaps it might have been). I don't have to hate myself for how things have turned out. Just learn and understand more and be less judgemental of myself. I have yet to work on the other issues!

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Hello Inner Beauty :) ... from the gist of your text I get the impression that what you really crave is to be happy ... I invite you to take time to absorb what Robert Scheinfeld is saying in this video

(30 May '15, 03:53) jaz

@Inner Beauty - @Yes has left a wonderful answer for you, not much for me to add. I know you may feel 'overwhelmed' by your regrets right now, but trust me, if you just go forth and get into your vortex just once a day for the next 3 or 4 days, like magic, your regrets will start to feel distant, you'll stop noticing many aspects of them, everything will begin to mellow out. I know what I'm saying may feel impossible to you right now, but trust me: get aligned and you'll be amazed!

(30 May '15, 18:10) WeRadiateBeauty

@Jaz - thanks alot! Still watching the video series. Good reminder!

(31 May '15, 08:21) Inner Beauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - you are so right! Having taken the step to pose the question and write it all out and trying to not focus on the regrets, and all the helpful comments has helped alot! Thanks for your encouragement.

(31 May '15, 08:23) Inner Beauty
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Well, you could always line up with it all by croaking and experience all that you've asked for here now, today. I'm only joking about croaking! I'm just trying to demonstrate that you have powerfully asked by experiencing contrast on these subjects and it's all lined up for you, reserved for you, can't go anywhere, booked, it's all yours. All that you've asked for you will experience at some point.

It's your choice whether you align with it and go with it now or in non-physical. You've developed some strong beliefs towards the negative on a lot of subjects quoted here so it will take a little work but nothing huge. Abraham always say we can turn things around, even 'big' things in 30 days.

You have major limiting beliefs around women and childbirth handed down to you by society that I won't attempt to work with here. I did read somewhere that the only difference between men's ability to always have children and women's is just that women evolved out of doing it at some point. I can't remember the reason now. But it was certainly not natures intention for women to be limited in this way.

But, as I've said you're probably not quite ready to hear such fanciful talk if you're residing lower down the scale. You only have access to thoughts that are around about the same (limited?) setpoint as you. You would need to experience some 'impossible' manifestations first maybe and that will come as you climb up the scale.

There is an Abe video called 'Why did I choose such a painful life experience' out there, google for it. It's a gentleman experiencing similar sort of feelings as you regarding his abusive and difficult life start in Afghanistan. Abraham's response on that could help to soothe you.

I would also say that we all have to remember that in our 'real' reality in the non-physical, we are unlimited, drowning in assets, health, youth etc. It's only here in physical reality that we can brainwash ourselves into forgetting that we always have access to all that we want.

By finding IQ you are one of very few people in the world that understands deliberate creation, coming to know again our powerful ability to be, do or have anything and so you are perfectly placed to one day be able to climb the scale enter the vortex and experience that unlimitedness in your physical form.

Are you friends back in your home town able to say the same? I know who I would rather be. You!

Abraham often says that you can't go back now you know too much. You're on your way back now to remembering your unlimitedness so try to enjoy the ride a little more. Conjuring up all those memories of regrets won't feel good to you because your IB won't agree with you on any of it and as you separate from your IB to ponder those memories you will have to feel negative emotion whilst doing it, because of that separated state.

Good luck climbing the scale on those tricky subjects. And, remember, that the only way that you can ever feel limited is because you are unlimited. You are so unlimited and powerful that you can even spend hours, days and weeks forgetting that you are unlimited. How cool is that?

That's how amazing it is in physical. We can pretend that we can't do certain things and we love having those self-imposed limits for awhile, and it feels super amazing when we shrug them off and remember our POWER again too! :)

EDIT: Abraham VIDEO: Why did I choose such a painful experience?


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I think what Inner Beauty means is about certain things in life that cannot be changed once it has past. Like you can't revert back into the physical form of a baby when you are already 50 odd years old.

(30 May '15, 05:36) kakaboo

From an aligned state that wouldnt be a true desire. Once you are your fullest self wanting to be a baby wouldn't cross your mind. Abraham mentions this regarding a man who didn't want to be gay, as once you're aligned you wouldn't want to change being gay because what you're really after is feeling worthy & good and you get that when you're aligned . In that case the man was using being gay as his reason to feel unworthy. Its very hard to explain but when you're ITV your desires are more pure..

(30 May '15, 06:22) Yes

so if you want to be married with children in order to feel as good as others, equal to them and you're using not having children as a reason to fell 'less than' then that desire would just go from you once you're in the vortex because you feel so happy with yourself, it just would not cross your mind to feel anything but good about yourself as your self-worth goes off the charts. But if its a genuine desire of the heart then once you're in the vortex you would line up with it, whatever your age

(30 May '15, 06:26) Yes

I realize this all probably sounds a bit 'out there'. As I said, I didn't want to try to influence any of your beliefs regarding the limits of nature to those that believe strongly in them, ie biological clock etc. But, just to say that from the top of the scale, in the vortex, number 1. on the EGS: Freedom/Empowered you would be surprised how normal 'impossible' things seem. Just keep climbing the scale steadily and don't ever be hard on yourself. Enjoy the journey, as @Stingray often says. :)

(30 May '15, 07:07) Yes

@kakaboo - I'll try to take a stab at what Yes is trying to explain :)

Let's say you are 50 years old and you get a desire to revert back to being a baby. Awesome! You feel the contrast of this fresh new desire, and you set the intention to thinking better-feeling thoughts regarding it.

Soon enough, you explore and mold your beliefs around the subject, and TADAH!, you're in alignment! One of two things have probably happened at this point...

(30 May '15, 18:21) WeRadiateBeauty

1) You now have knowledge, from your aligned state, that your true, pure desire around this subject is to be free of responsibilities (like a baby is). Wonderful! The universe is now powerfully aligning circumstances, people, and events to ensure that you live the most responsibility-free, care-free life you've ever lived!

2) You now have knowledge, from your aligned state, that your true, pure desire around this subject is in fact to revert back to the physical form of a baby. Magnificent! ...

(30 May '15, 18:25) WeRadiateBeauty

... You feel wonderful at the thought of shrinking in size and returning to baby form. You're simply delighted about the thought, and you are powerfully expecting it! Now the universe is arranging all the energies in existence to bring you what you desire. If that means your limbs will start to literally shrink, then so be it.

(30 May '15, 18:29) WeRadiateBeauty

We often forget that when we ask, it is given. If the universe has the wherewithal to conjure a desire within you, then it also has the wherewithal to deliver that desire unto you, every time, no exceptions.

If you have any genuine desire, and you are in alignment with it, then it MUST come to pass. It CAN'T NOT manifest, it has no other choice but to manifest, the law of attraction is a LAW, there are no exceptions to it.

(30 May '15, 18:37) WeRadiateBeauty

So, relax. It is done. There is nothing that you have asked for that is unanswered. It's all there for you, waiting for you. Every force in existence is trying its best to pop it into your physical reality, your only job is to get out of the way of yourself :)

EDIT: As an aside, I feel that the string of comments I've written here are applicable to this question around youthfulness. Will transfer over to an answer there when I get the chance.

(30 May '15, 18:38) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty Your answers are explained beautifully :) And this is the key to everything: "If the universe has the wherewithal to conjure a desire within you, then it also has the wherewithal to deliver that desire unto you, every time, no exceptions." I haven't heard that Abe quote for a while. Reading that makes me want to line up with even more 'impossible' things. Thank you for sharing :)

(30 May '15, 19:00) Yes

@WeRadiateBeauty oh I thought what Yes meant was something like the Robert Scheinfeld video rather than what you are saying. In the video Scheinfeld said that once in a aligned state, certain desires you wished for earlier would drop off the list and new ones would replace them

(31 May '15, 06:22) kakaboo

@kakaboo I think @WeRadiateBeauty answers have clarified mine. Yes, from an aligned state some desires do fall away as often you only want certain things to fit in and be 'as good' as others because you feel inferior. Once you're aligned you don't feel less than anyone. You feel invincible, powerful, worthy etc. If your desires remain unchanged whilst aligned then you just believe in them totally, knowing you can have anything is your natural state, you line up and then it manifests, easily.

(31 May '15, 07:33) Yes

Dear @Yes. Thank you very much for helping me so much yet again! Your words are very encouraging..... I'm trying to understand though what it means that all desires are manifested at some point. Are you suggesting that if your desires don't manifest in the physical plane, they will once you leave the physical? And if so, I can't get around my head how physical desires might manifest then. e.g. partner, child, house, car etc...? so do you mean the feeling you would have if you had them??

(31 May '15, 08:20) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty, I'm very happy I could help! Yes, you will always get what you want even if you have to croak to get it. Abraham has said that we filled our vortex with stuff before we got here, during our time here and it's all ready for you. It can't go anywhere, it was created for you by the bigger You. Lots of people just won't 'go' with their IB to it in physical life so the path of least resistance for them, to have all they're asking for, is to croak and have it in the non-physical instead

(31 May '15, 10:36) Yes

... Abraham has said that non-physical is not really non-physical as in nothing tangible, the non-physical plane is actually a non-resistant plane. So, if you think of your desire as imagined is partner, child, house. What's standing between you and those already created experiences is only your resistance.

(31 May '15, 10:44) Yes

Your resistant thoughts of: I'm too old, you can't have a baby at an older age, I've left it too late to do this, learn that. Those thoughts are all that stand between you and what you want. When you croak those limiting thoughts just evaporate and then you can see what you're wanting (that's been created) It's right there now but those thoughts that you've practised won't allow you to see it now. If you stop thinking those thoughts now, in the physical, then you can see it now in the physical.

(31 May '15, 10:46) Yes
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Hi Inner Beauty-

I don't know if this will be of any use, particularly for "regrets" that are ongoing and not just something back in the past, but a year or two ago I had some success releasing stuff that was dragging me down from my teenage years by deciding to pretend that I'd had a different past in those areas. It was surprisingly helpful for me. Instead of my dumb teenage boyfriend, I decided that I'd had a great one. I listened to music I listened to when I was a teenager and imagined new events to remember. It felt very silly at first, but right away some heaviness lifted from me, so I kept going.

It's not that now I go around telling people about that new past, but I do still feel that it lightened things up for me. After all, the past isn't happening now, but in my continual repeating of old stories to myself whenever I thought about the past, I was keeping certain things active in myself. So the imagining a different past trick was helpful for me in getting over that hump!


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Thanks @corduroypower Interesting idea and I'm thinking about how I might to do that. I've done this kind of thing before but it was with scenarios in childhood. Doing it with regrets over a lifetime may be more challenging but I will definitely give it a try.

(03 Jun '15, 03:25) Inner Beauty

I can relate to you. Ironically, I had my first child at 23 and I sometimes think about how my life would have turned out if I had waited longer to be a mother. I think about "all the possibilities that I've had missed", about all the chic holidays on my own that I never had, etc. But you know what? I just hurt myself with those thoughts. Because they are not true. My mind tries to kid me into believing that "I made a mistake", that "I am not good enough", that "I did something wrong", etc. There is a subconscious programming inside me from my childhood that wants me believe all those lies. Just try ignore it, please.

I know it's so hard sometimes, but if have learned something in the last weeks (where I experienced a lot of contrast) there are ALWAYS two sides of a coin. Always.

I don't know if it helps you, but what if you think about the following:

What if you, despite your strong desire for a family, are not made for something like having children? For example, I've heard of many women that wanted to have children and when they were born they realized that they "were better off without them". Sounds hard but children are very demanding (that's perfectly normal) and need lots of time and attention 24/7. This is not for everyone. I confess that I struggle with that sometimes too. Maybe you think well, sure not me, I would have loved to have children, but perhaps you can see it from another perspective.

Maybe you can ask yourself, why do I want to have children so bad? Is it because society tells us that a woman without children is incomplete? Or because you feel lonely sometimes? Or do you need more purpose in your life? What would be different from your view? Do you crave a family that gives you love and "a save haven" (that's fine, by the way)? Perhaps you had a difficult childhood and you think that you need your own family so you can compensate that? Or does your environment put you under pressure?

I hope you find some relief.


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Dear spacemetalfantasy, Thank you for your answer and for pointing out the two sides of the coin. I can definitely see that sometimes I look at people with children and think to myself that maybe I have a freedom that many people might wish for.

(31 May '15, 08:26) Inner Beauty

Why do I want children? I think the main reason is that I think I would be a good mum and that I could be kind and loving towards a child. But perhaps I need to share that love around to other people's children and other people in general.

(31 May '15, 08:28) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty you're welcome. I'm glad you could see the other side as well. Yes, you have tons of freedom! Please enjoy it (if only for me) :)

(02 Jun '15, 14:49) spacemetalfantasy
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Hi Inner Beauty,

Are you interested in reading? Sometimes it helps to read about other people who have overcome such huge odds and have gone on to make the best of their lives. If you read far and wide, your own regrets will start to feel smaller, or you will feel inspired to go forward with courage.

I'll never forget the story of a man whose wife and two daughters were out having a picnic, while he had chosen to spend the day playing golf. On that quiet day in that quiet community his family were shot and killed. He will live with regrets for the rest of his life, wishing he was there with them on that day. But at the same time he has been able to go on and find some meaning in his life. Look it up if you like, look at those little girls faces and what he lost that day. I'm not sure about you, but reading about people like that gives me strength to overcome my own battles and keep my chin up. Sometimes these things don't make sense to our limited minds, but the important thing is that we go forward somehow, one tiny baby step at a time.


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@Bluebell - Thank you so much for your response! Yes, you are so right... It would be a far more difficult thing in life I think to lose your loved partner and children than to have never had them in the first place..... and of course so many people suffering in so many ways... I'm blessed in so many ways. Thank you for the reminder!

(31 May '15, 08:31) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty I just thought of something I read that helped me through my own dark time and helped me take steps to feel better. I'm not sure if it resonates with you but it might so I will leave it here for you.

(31 May '15, 18:56) Bluebell

It begins with self love and forgiveness, forgiveness to yourself first and foremost, as living in constant regret is like living in self imprisonment, but there is a way out and it starts with acceptance and finding things about yourself that you appreciate, this is a process, because it involves uncovering what hidden beliefs are causing the regrets. What can make the process much smoother and easier is to begin loving yourself unconditionally despite the circumstances, because your inner being already knows what you really want despite how aware or unaware you may be about the cause of your regret. I healed myself very quickly this way, by looking at myself from the perspective of my higher self, then all self judgment and past regrets seemed to dissolve on their own. If you could see yourself from the eyes of your authentic self your whole perspective on life would shift, as nothing is conspiring against you and there are no lessons. Everything that's happening is an opportunity to turn it all around, it's just your authentic self's way of saying it's time for healing and it starts with loving yourself unconditionally despite the outside circumstances, past or present regrets, and coming from personal experience it can seem like a big leap when nothing seems to be going well but learning to be in a place of self love, self forgiveness, and non-judgment is life transforming. I'm a rough and tumble kind of guy and have had a kind of stubborn, self pride thing going on so I'm one of the last people that could pull this self-love and self forgiveness thing off, but it really was easier than I thought and it scared the hell out of me digging deep and finding this side of myself, and believe me when I say this, I could write quite a few best selling novels on regrets. Find things to appreciate about your life as it is in the present, ask your authentic self to show and assist you, put everything ''outside'' on hold and focus on YOU inside, reach back into that inner child and re-capture the non-judgment, self loving, you, from the eyes of source energy. Make this your first and number one priority as you are guaranteed to have full support from the Universe, and once you are successful doorways will open up in your life in ways you could never have imagined and that will include people, circumstances, as well as above and beyond manifestations, it all begins with loving and forgiving yourself first, the regret will dissolve on it's own. Godspeed!


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Dear @Kreatr, thank you so much for this insight. I guess my present situation (where I have returned to my hometown and have come face to face with the results of my actions and inactions) is a good opportunity for self-forgiveness! I am finding it very difficult though at present to really love and forgive myself, but this has been really helpful. I will try to make a start! Maybe just a round of EFT may bring some initial relief. Thanks again.

(01 Jun '15, 06:22) Inner Beauty

You're more than welcome, making self forgiveness your ultimate desire will easily align you to what your higher self wants you to have, which is loving yourself and living in your highest joy, then H.S. will bring the people and experiences that match these things, as well as everything you want in unexpected and surprising ways, this is what everyone should reach for first with reality creation, then the rest would just fall into place.

(01 Jun '15, 15:21) Kreatr

Dear Inner Beauty, I have thought about your question since you first posted it. As I read your words much of what you were saying resonated deep within me. I have copied and pasted from your post every thought that you expressed and that I share with you and have thought myself at one time or another. I hope my conclusion will help you to resolve this issue once and for all.

Things that have happened in my life I have brought on myself.

For many of these there is no turning back the clock.

Never getting married and having children of my own.

Spending most of my life in a career, (or lack there of in may case) I did not like and now feeling incapable to learn new things required for a change.

Not having saved any money or having any assets despite working hard all my life.

It's not possible for me to have everything I want. (When I ponder what it is I want anymore, absolutely nothing comes to mind).

With things like job, money etc there are always possibilities for the unexpected.

I will never be able to turn back the clock on having my own (biological) family.

I can't see any wisdom in it, except maybe learning some spiritual lessons but I'm not sure it has really made me a better person.

It just seems like a lot of pointless circumstances and decisions.

I believe that everything that has happened (or rather hasn't happened) has been for a reason?

I am trying to be happy in the now and with my present circumstances.

I am proud of myself for being spiritually strong.

I can't see any sense in it at all. I can't answer the question, why did I need these particular lessons.

I am waiting for something that will tell me the answer.

I had prioritized learning, knowledge and spiritual values over money and property even though my life is more difficult than perhaps it might have been.

I don't hate myself for how things have turned out.

I have learned and now understand more (than I ever could have had I followed any other path).

I can say, however, that I have no regrets. We make choices each day. Over a lifetime, we will have made thousands of them. For each choice we make there are a hundred or more alternative choices we did not make!

Out of all the "pointless things" we deal with in this life, having regrets about the hundreds of thousands of choices we did not make is the most pointless of all.

We can only exist in this moment (I Am Now). What we think of as The Past and The Future are only figments of our imagination.

I sincerely wish you the best in all your endeavors!


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dear @i4cim2b - thanks for this and reinforcing how 'pointless' it is to live in regret. I am trying to realise this. I'm glad to hear that you are able to live without regrets.:-) I so wish I could be in your shoes. If I may ask, how was the main way that you were able to achieve this..... by consistently focusing on the now, or is it a matter of Faith?

(03 Jun '15, 03:28) Inner Beauty

I feel I've made improvements, but I'm still triggered e.g. just went out with university friends now all mothers and I was the only one not... Want to get rid of the last remaining feelings of regret.... but not sure if that is completely possible

(03 Jun '15, 04:41) Inner Beauty

For me, it is all about living 'in the now'. It is the realization that we actually do exist only in an ever present now. We are all living from one moment to the next and the next, and the next, on and on throughout this never ending existence. It is our 'stretching' of these moments that create the illusion of time. Living in the moment is not a choice; It is an existential reality we must all abide.

(03 Jun '15, 06:00) i4cim2b

Try to remember, regret is a feeling (the physical expression of emotion). Emotions (anger, joy, 'regret', etc.) all arise to give notice of our current state of alignment with what it is we desire and the beliefs that can lead to the fulfillment of those desires. There is likely some belief you are holding onto which is not in alignment with what you prefer. Bottom line: When you figure out what belief(s) are triggering the feelings of regret then that bell will stop ringing! :)

(03 Jun '15, 06:23) i4cim2b
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1.) "Today is the first day of the rest of your life". Learn from this. Make sure that from now on, you do not continue to live without thinking deeply about what you are doing. For example, you sound unhappy now. If your living arrangements are depressing you, then make a plan for the rest of your life, and implement it. I really understand about the trap you are in. Try to look at your life from all angles. Yes, you live with your parents. But how much time are you actually directly with them? If you sleep eight hours, work eight hours, commute an hour- for a total of 17 hours that you are not really with them. Fill up the seven hours you are with them with as much "fun stuff" as you can. Try to see the glass as half full, rather then half empty.

2.) Like attracts like. Be a smiley person. Smile even when you don't feel like it. I have found that when I smile, it seems to change my mood. Maybe smiles trigger something in the brain that makes the brain feel better.

3.) It is not too late to have an influence on a child's life. Figure out where you can spend time with kids. Volunteer at someplace that helps children. All the kids of this planet belong to all of us here, not just the parents. "It takes a village to raise a child" these days. Kids often spend more time with their teachers than with their moms. Kids need more than just their parents to learn how to survive on the planet- so become part of the village.


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Thanks @Jaianiah. All good ideas!

(06 Jun '15, 12:35) Inner Beauty

is life really only about outside things? you see outside things are created by human in this world money, job, etc.... you probably just did not find the right person for you and you know what many are just like you in this world so start to go out meet other people or do things that you like to do and eventually you should meet someone that will match with you and is probably align in the same way that you are not that this person will be all like you he could be the opposite of you but align in the same way with some common point to you. as for saving money and spending less it is something you need to learn. there is a saying that say to do math equate the job. but to do only the job gives you nothing. so spend less then you get, and take your time to make proper choice. in doing this you will have some money saved. but if you don't and do only the job and spend money on desire when there is no job any more and a new desire comes along there is no money to do that desire. also you should ask your self is my desire a good desire or is it just something that when I have it will it loose interest and go in my closet to forget about it? or is it something that I will use and enjoy every day?

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy


answered 30 May '15, 16:20

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white tiger

Dear @white tiger. Yes, a very sensible and practical response! Thank you!

(31 May '15, 08:32) Inner Beauty

@inner beauty you are welcome. to answer your question make your choice to have no regret what ever happens. and know this no one is perfect in this world and every one makes mistake so do not be to hard on your self and other have mercy, compassion and understanding. and if you fail and make error learn from them to not do them again in this way you will grow. and if you need time out of the world go to the desert a place where you can be alone and meditate or reflect out-

(31 May '15, 18:20) white tiger

of the storm and turmoil of this world. that affect you not always in a good way. and deal with the inner storm and turmoil inside. would you not close the windows of the house when there is a storm so that the wind do not come in and put things out of order? and if it did put things out of order would you not clean up the inside of the house? and make appropriated changes? first clean the inside and the outside will also be clean. but if you clean only the outside the inside is still dirty.-

(31 May '15, 18:24) white tiger

just like a cup of water. would you clean the outside so it look good to other but not the inside so it look goods to you? would you drink from that cup? if I have been your helper by giving you water so be it and let it be.

(31 May '15, 18:34) white tiger
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Hi @inner_beauty, Exactly why your higher self chose this particular path for you in this lifetime - you will never know. All you can do is to play the hand you were dealt.

At the end of the day you have to come up with your own paradigm of how things work. The paradigm - in your own mind - must have solid empirical backing to give you enough faith that this IS the paradigm for you. Once you have that, all you need to do is to apply the paradigm day in, day out.

My paradigm (which is unlikely to be yours - you have to come up with your own):

  • My higher self is interested only in getting me to a place of 100% non-judgemental appreciation, so it can unite me with itself.
  • Desires work as incentives. They are the carrots that keep us going. My higher self won't deliver what I want until I have become non-judgemental on that particular aspect. Once I have become non-judgemental about what I want, my higher self has very little incentive to withhold what I want. It's a win-win situation for both of us. I get what I want, and my higher self gets to make me non-judgemental in yet one more aspect.

With these basics firmly in place, I now have no reason to fear and regret anything. I will gladly go wherever my higher self takes me and play whatever hand I am dealt.

Finally, your paradigm must also say what practical things you will do on encountering discomfort. This is where clearing comes in. I have recently started practising the techniques published by Arnold Patent and Robert Scheinfeld (although they don't call it 'clearing'). The technique involves the following steps:

  • Be aware of the discomfort.
  • Feel it intensely while removing the mental judgement around it.
  • That's all.

I find this exercise deeply satisfying (both mentally and physically) - quite perversely so.

So that was all about playing. The other option is to refuse to play, end this life, and start afresh, but then you will start at exactly the same point in your next life, and therefore that's not going to solve anything.


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Thank you so much @cod2. Very helpful. I like your paradigm.

(01 Jun '15, 12:05) Inner Beauty
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