I am wondering why it is that when everything looks like it's going well, things don't work out for me? Clearly this group will say it is because of a belief I have that this is the case, but usually this happens after I have been seeing positive things happening as a result of thinking positively and raising my vibration. It's kind of like as soon as I want to believe and confirm to myself that it's true, then something happens to take away my Faith and I feel that I've just been a fool to believe it.

In the past I just wouldn't expect good things to happen, now I try to think positively, and a lot of things happen that make me think: yes, what I've been desiring is going to happen and I'm nearly there, and then at the last minute suddenly something happens and I'm back at square one! I'm working on not expecting this kind of thing to happen, but it has with several things recently after they looked like they were going so well, almost miraculously.

For example a few unexpected, things happened recently e.g I was offered £70,000 to do a research project out of the blue a few months ago and I was just told there had been a miscalculation and the money is no longer available, someone offered to set up some musicians for me to do some recording of a meditational tape, something I've been dreaming of doing for years and this is now looking unlikely to take place due to some timing issues. How can I stop creating this, if that's what I'm doing?

In a sense it's like being teased by the Universe. I'm not sure if this is a better situation to be in or not?

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Inner Beauty

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@Inner Beauty - You are not alone! Check out the answers here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/14107/why-do-things-go-wrong-when-i-am-almost-sure-of-success Hopefully they will help. You can definitely get there from here! :)

(26 Apr '14, 15:13) Grace

@Grace Thank you so much. That was so helpful!

(26 Apr '14, 18:25) Inner Beauty

I think your over excitement vibration taking away the project from you, as it same in my case. Let's try to react less and act more. All the best.

(27 Apr '14, 08:13) PERFECT GOOD

I've over reacted by saying "All the best" instead actually I like to say "the best is all"

(28 Apr '14, 11:30) PERFECT GOOD

From PSI-TEC, James Allen, Above Life's Turmoil, "A man's surroundings are never against him; they are there to aid him, and all those outward occurrences over which you lose sweetness and peace of mind are the very conditions necessary to your development, and it is only by meeting and overcoming them that you can learn, and grow, and ripen. The fault is in yourself."

(01 May '14, 06:59) Silverbird
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The key to all this is that self-doubts start creeping in, when you say "it's kind of like as soon as i want to believe and confirm to myself that it's true" implies that you are starting to doubt, then sure enough your subconscious obediently follows your command "doubt" and manifests something to take away your faith.

"When you doubt your power, you give power to doubt" - Honoré de Balzac

The more you fight to regain your faith the more it resists and things fall apart. When things consistently fall apart in this way it means that you've internalized negative messages, you've programmed yourself to act parrot fashion.

Learn how to recognize when your internal dialogue becomes negative, when your faith starts withering you can turn it around by saying to yourself "my faith is coming back and i'm making good progress" Doing this transforms a negative feeling into a positive feeling and changes the situation into an opportunity to grow and giving yourself a chance.

It's really all about being aware of what's going on inside you, the more quiet you are the more you can perceive and realize that less is more. All the real work in your life is not done in the outer physical world but in your inner world.

We do this naturally, here's a real example; when i was a student with little money but lots of dreams i really wished i had a big powerful motorbike, i had chosen a model in a catalog, i often imagined myself going for a ride on it, i could feel the vibrating engine and the incredible acceleration, the pleasure of wind on my face ... i was really riding that bike in my mind. Two weeks later as if by magic a friend offered me almost the same model for peanuts, i just had enough money and so i ended up obtaining something i thought i would never obtain.

At the time i didn't realize that i'd manifested that bike into my life, now i do realize it. The point i'm making is that that bike seemed unattainable to me at the time, i was completely satisfied with my day dream bike, i held no doubts in my mind about whether i would get it or not.

alt text


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Thanks Jaz. So helpful. It sounds like you were just living in the pleasure of the bike without desiring to obtain it and that way you ended up getting it! That's so great.:-)

(27 Apr '14, 07:26) Inner Beauty

yes @Inner Beauty a big lesson for me, childlike ignorance offers zero resistance :)

(27 Apr '14, 11:13) jaz

Wow, I have to say that I can totally relate. I have also been trying to think positively and as long as I continue to stay positive then everything in my life does go smoothly and I do see the correlation between the way that I feel and the circumstances that I attract. Then, on Monday, my car broke down on the highway. I tried to look at this in a positive way. First of all, Monday is the only day of the week that I don't have classes or work or anything, so if this had to happen, at least I am thankful for that.

But, as positive as I tried to be, it always comes down to money for me that could lower my vibration on any given day. How am I going to pay for the repairs? I am already in the hole, and as hard as I tried to tell myself, "don't worry everything will work out perfectly" I couldn't convince myself and I couldn't get the thoughts of "worrying about money" out of my head. So what happens next, my car stayed in the shop for 4 days, everyday they found something else wrong with it costing me more money, and then I had to rent a car to get back and forth to school the next couple days. I got an EZ-pass ticket in the mail from january for $50 that I didn't even know existed, my sons florescent light in his closet blew that is very expensive and then finally yesterday morning my 52 inch flat screen tv just stop working.

That was the last draw and I knew that I had to release all of these worrying thoughts about money. I knew that I had to somehow get myself back into alignment, otherwise I would continue to attract situations into my life that would cost me more money. The moment I was able to release the resistance things started to turn around. My boyfriend had a very good week at work and made more than enough to pay for my car along with all of the other bills that we had and we were even able to put some money away. Furthermore, today he gave me money to get my hair cut and my nails done. So within one day, I changed my thoughts and life is good again. So sometimes you just have to pay more attention to the thoughts that you are actually sending out and you will be able to turn everything around once again.


answered 26 Apr '14, 17:32

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Thanks Jess! About 6 months ago, I had a series of 'bad' things happening to me: had to get rid of my car, chipped my new iPhone and new laptop, computer monitor and TV both stopped working and I broke my glasses. I couldn't believe it! A friend told me something similar had happened to her until she stopped focussing on the things that were breaking down and it all stopped. So I did that and things stopped breaking down (although maybe there was nothing else left to break down in my house)!

(26 Apr '14, 18:17) Inner Beauty

Ya sometimes it helps to see the direct correlation between what is happening and what you are thinking, to turn it around. I haven't mastered to stop the thought before the bad situation just yet :) Thankfully, practice makes perfect!

(26 Apr '14, 18:34) Jess

Because if something is already 100% the way you like, the only change it can do is become less (and then eventually back up again).

Life is Change.

Death is Stagnation.

So, Life is always Changing.


answered 27 Apr '14, 16:13

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In this clip from return of the Jedi, Yoda proves why Luke can't raise the X-wing fighter from the swamp:


Luke: "I don't believe it"

Yoda: "That is why you fail"

Luke's limiting beliefs prevent him from raising the X-wing. At first he starts to raise it, it's looking good, he's doing it! yes! yes! yes! Yoda wide-eyed, R2-D2 beeping away, then his limiting beliefs (along with the audience's) create doubt and it slips back into the swamp. Luke believes it's too big. To break Luke's limiting belief, Yoda knows he has to show Luke it can be done and let him see it with his own eyes so his limiting belief will be broken. Luke didn't know his belief's were what was preventing him from raising the X-wing.

So what is a limiting belief? When things are happening for you and you're rolling in the right direction and then you get that flicker of doubt out of nowhere. It's deep down, it's a program placed in there by parents, teachers, peers, an experience in the past, etc.

So how do you get rid of them? You actually neutralize them and take away their power. The way I do it is EFT tapping. Here's an example, listen to Robert trying to get this women's emotions to surface so he can neutralize them with the tapping.



answered 28 Apr '14, 12:19

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@Eldavo - Great EFT clip. We can do anything when we set ourselves sooo free. Thanks for sharing. :)

(29 Apr '14, 11:59) Grace

Thanks Grace!!

(29 Apr '14, 12:42) Eldavo

@Eldavo always an up vote for a Yoda clip! ;-)

(01 May '14, 08:02) ursixx
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I think that it could be a matter of perspective. What exactly is falling apart? You mentioned two things but who knows what the outcome would have been had these things come to fruition. Instead of seeing the things that are "falling apart" your focus could turn to those things in your life that are good. Every breath is a miracle. Everything around us is a miracle. I am of the opinion that when we incarnate we decide what to allow into our lives to give us the greatest chance to advance spiritually. Perhaps instead of seeing these things as indicating a crisis, look at them as predestined teaching moments. What do you learn from them? I know that is much simpler in black and white than in life but sometimes adversity is our best teacher. Perhaps that is why Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. The rich man is already in his comfort zone with little need to strive for something more. You and I however have the opportunity to be rejected. We perhaps know what it is to be hungry, to be alone. To be broke - and to want something better.


answered 29 Apr '14, 17:39

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What does the rich man fear above all? to not be rich any more. how can he leave this world and bring is money and possession with him? money as no value only the value that we give it. but for the rich man money is the only valuable thing. so when is body die and money root and go away and he cannot do anything about it. what a hell and terrible lesson it is going to be for that rich man.

(29 Apr '14, 18:23) white tiger

after introspection what would that rich man would not give to have another chance to do better in this world to improve himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS9kEvzYIIs

(29 Apr '14, 18:24) white tiger

everything man create he set a value or measure on it. go to the store if you do not believe me and find 1 article that as not a price tag on it. even the natural resource in this world he set a measure and a value to it. Did man create all those things to help him and other? or did he create those things to become a obstacle course? if man take those decision and something is not adequate for himself and other why can he not fix it?

(29 Apr '14, 18:49) white tiger
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I won't say it's a negative belief, I'd say it's what I call tentative manifestation - it happens when the momentum in the desire stream is not very big. When such manifestation shows up, we tend to switch to relying on it now outside, depending on it from the outside, and stopping doing our inner vibrational work, and then it "disappears".

You could see it as a positive sign - for example, that the Universe knows what you want, that the physical manifestation is on its way.

You can also use this comment: If life reflects our expectations, how do you explain disappointment? for relaxing and continuing the vibrational play.

And then you may come to a moment, when you'll have the feeling you just HAVE what you want, you'll just KNOW it, feel it, and this feeling will be unshakable by what's happening outside, you'll just so enjoy living this knowledge and power inside. Then you might become appreciative for how your streams behaved now. :)


answered 27 Aug '14, 11:47

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Olga Farber

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IQ Moderator ♦♦

Because there is some kind of negative expectation lurking in there a residue of your past preference to think negatively. Only you can know what it is. I'd just suggest practicing positive expectation which means positive imagination. It does take some time to get fully accustomed to the new approach. Learning to chill and relax is also important i.e. the effort in trying to be positive becomes a struggle and a slightly negative vibration.


answered 24 Aug '14, 12:30

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like I said before if you go in extreme you always fall in the other side of the extreme. in this world everything is always changing. just like when you walk you make a left foot then a right foot. you cannot expect to make always the same step on the same leg. when you walk you need left right left right. you cannot go right, right, right or left, left, left all the time. then why would you be surprise to fall on the other foot? is it that you deceive your self that you will always go on the same leg? then why not expect to walk on each leg maybe you would not be deceive when you fall on the other step side. every thing that go up most come down. and everything that go down most come up. be the space at the center.


Do you understand those words better now?

I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.

Know your self and you will know other. if you do not know your self you cannot truly know other then you deceive your self and other. and other do the same find your place to rest before you become a carcass. find a place in the desert and get to know your self.. you might like this link to read: http://www.spiritofthescripture.com/id497-jesus-40-days-in-the-desert-and-the-ego.html

In a last desperate attempt of the ego to shake the foundations of Jesus’ detachment to the physical world, the ego unleashes its greatest temptation by offering to give Jesus anything he desires:

“Again the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and showeth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

Jesus’ ego makes a last desperate attempt to embrace desire and fail the entire initiation process. But Jesus so completely overcomes desire that he remains detached from all that this world has to offer! This is the way of the master! Remember, we are sojourners on this earth. We should be looking for a heavenly city. Attachment to this world and what this world offers keeps us anchored to the process of life and death in the 3D world.

So ultimately Jesus in this story represents the Christ in each of us that has the power to defeat the ego!

In conclusion, I want you to think about the fact that Jesus spent 40 days in the dessert. This is a long time for introspection. The ego would be at its greatest in such a situation. During this time, Jesus was involved in some serious meditation. The entire process of Jesus defeating Satan is about surrendering oneself in meditation so that you can see the ego for what it really is.

I have overcome the world.


Let there be light , be the light that you can be . experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Apr '14, 01:36

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white tiger

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Don’t look for rationality in this world of IRRATIONALITY! People know to invent new things and to constantly innovate them—look at the first generation cars and mobiles and the present ones—yet man does not know to innovate himself; moral decline is at its peak! Now let us be realistic.

Everything—micro and macro—is spinning, and is cyclic; seasons are repetitive; human behavior is repetitive, hence history too is repetitive. What is the proof? The present-day peak of moral decline, which means things were steadily declining from a good start in the beginning. In other words, in the beginning it was a Golden Age, then it started deteriorating. Bible declares that history passes through 4 stages, symbolized by 4 metals which are declining in quality—gold, brass, copper and iron—and God would destroy the Iron Age when it is at its darkest period and bring in Golden Age again. (Daniel 2:31-44) Hindu Scripture Bhagavat Gita too says God intervenes at the climax of irreligiousness and unrigteousness. (Gita 4:7) We are living in the fag end of Iron Age where irrationality is the norm and rationality is the exception. The whole world and its major system of things are like that. Hence there is no point in lamenting why this particular drop of sea water is salty whereas the whole sea water itself is salty.

Very soon the world will enter into a third world war which will destroy the developed world, civil wars will destroy the rest of the world, and history will repeat—a Golden age will emerge as an act of God, our heavenly Father. God has to do it because His basic quality is altruism. (Mark 10:18) In this context, Brahmakumaris have interesting explanation: According to them, God’s intervention is already underway. He did not take birth in any woman’s womb. Rather God Almighty simply borrowed physical frame of a worthy person. In the year 1936, God, the Supreme Soul, entered into the body of a 60-year old spiritual magnet, named Dada Lekh Raj, gave him six visions, one of which showed how this old world would be replaced with a Golden Age, and then commissioned him to herald this good news to the whole world. God renamed him, by his character, as Brahma (great mind, the one who treats God as his Father and others as his brothers and sisters) and called his copies as Brahmakumaris and Brahmakumars. (Compare Mathew 21:43; 23:9) And from 1936 onward, God has been teaching them Golden Aged life, using His trance medium.

In other words, God, the Supreme Seed, has been appearing at regular intervals. Through His teachings, He laid foundation for a new tree. This is in conformity with what we observe in the nature—out of the old tree comes the foundation of the new tree. Those who are the leaves of the old tree, the souls of Iron Age [Kaliyug], experience transformation and become the foundation for the Golden Aged tree, or the New World. This comes about through developing a great mind, or bringing a change in consciousness—from body consciousness to soul-consciousness, and then a change in sanskaras [the unique personality traits].


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T D Joseph

tdjoseph, yes cycles, all that is within(bound) space and time has its own note and cycle. polar opposites will have their rhythm of exchange of which the spirit is not bound if it learns to strip out the sensations of form

(01 May '14, 06:13) fred

the spirit as nothing to strip away. to have sensation or form is ok. even above each one is similar and different. above on does not need a name the communication is direct from one to the other. what name did God give to mosses when he asked him for a name? I am that I am, tell them I am sent me to you. Why are religious people fighting for a name in this world? Don't they have something better to do? like perfect them self in the first and second greatest commandment.

(02 May '14, 01:48) white tiger

if you are asking your self what I mean by this: even above each one is similar and different. above on does not need a name the communication is direct from one to the other. if you would see and experience what someone else would share with you in a short instance at the speed of light. would you not say to someone asking you about what do you know about this? would you not answer: we are one and the same. since you have receive the full experience and truth about the other.

(02 May '14, 03:22) white tiger

I and the Father are one. such it is above. if two person are aware of the same exact thing does it matter who gives you the answer since the answer is the same? for the moment you are in this world experience and enjoy. Holy Father, keep them in Your name, the name which You have given me, so that they may be one just as We are.... that they may all be one just as You,

(02 May '14, 03:30) white tiger

Father, are in me and I in You, so that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent me. The glory which You have given me I have given to them, so that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in me, that they may be perfected in unity/oneness, so that the world may know that You sent me, and loved them, just as You have loved me.

(02 May '14, 03:37) white tiger

white tiger, for this earth life the spirit is housed in form, from which it learns daily. the way for it to stay immortal is to strip away the fetters that are heavy, dense and seductively holding to earth

(02 May '14, 20:36) fred
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