I know a lot of you are using paralimimals from Learning Strategies. There is some kind of program for healing and healing energies. I would like to hear for you about Spring Forest Qigong. What is it like? What are the Benefits? Does it take 500 years and 30 CDs to gain any progress? Does some progress and benefit come right away. Was it a good value in your opinion? Blessings!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

have you found something good about it? are you happy to have buy those cds? what his the value of your own opinion? do you know your self? if you know your self why ask other about your own choice?

(06 Feb '12, 22:09) white tiger

I asked others because they may have direct experience!

(06 Feb '12, 23:13) Tom

and you think that you don't have direct experience do you know your self?

(07 Feb '12, 19:03) white tiger
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I have the Learning Strategies Spring Forest QiGong course at home. I do really love Master Chunyi Lin who created it - his autobiography paints him as a remarkable person, and you can see this on his videos as well - I think he just radiates peaceful, kind, loving energy!

The program itself I have done a few times. I'm going to be honest, I am really bad to sticking at doing one thing consistently, and although SFQ always made me feel better after doing it, I don't really have the patience for standing and doing slow movements for an hour! I really wish I did though, because after having tried it, I have faith that an hour of SFQ every day would be one of the best things to do for your health. I did see some benefits after my one-hour sessions - more peaceful, better energy - but I never did it consistently enough to reap full benefits. I still do pull out the CDS sometimes though.

No, you don't need 500 years and 30 cds! The first Learning Strategies course is just fine, and I have heard about people who had success in improving long-standing health issues after practising SFQ daily for a month!


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@cassiopeia, Thanks, I didn't realize it took an hour a day. To top it off there 3-4 levels. Also I found 300000 different prices all over the internet.

I hope I get some others answers? Thank You

(07 Feb '12, 07:26) Tom

The video with all the active exercises is one hour. But sometimes I just do one or two of the exercises for 15-20 mins. There may be 3-4 levels, but I think many people just stick to the first level (I listened to one of the 2nd level meditations and the only difference to its 1st level counterpart was that it was twice as long). If you want to try before buying, why not go on Youtube? There are a few videos of the exercises, practice those for half an hour and see how you feel.

(08 Feb '12, 07:31) cassiopeia

That's wonderful advice

(08 Feb '12, 23:45) Tom
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I did consider the Spring Forest Qi Gong course a few years ago but I didn't get it in the end because while I was looking into it, I came across ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong.

I generally don't like mentioning products that you have to pay for - and this isn't particularly cheap (a few hundred bucks) for what is just access to an online course - but I've been using it myself for the past couple of years and I've found it to have been a valuable experience.

Most Tai Chi/Qi Gong style courses are really nothing much more than choreographed dancing whereby you follow the movements of the instructor without knowing why you are doing those movements or what they are supposed to achieve energetically. Indeed, many instructors in those classes don't even know why they are doing those movements themselves...they just teach them because they themselves were taught them :)

I found the Chi Fusion course to be quite different in that it is exclusively focused on cultivating "internal energy flow" regardless of how good or bad your form looks from a traditional viewpoint.

Plus, and this is the true gem of the course, there is a Qi Gong movement introduced after several months called Spiraling Qi Gong which I've found to be among the most amazing, energizing body movements I've ever come across, and I've seen quite a few over the years :)

To do the movement of Spiraling Qi Gong properly, you really need to build up to it over a number of weeks, understanding and practicing each component of it in detail, and I found the Chi Fusion course did that very effectively in a gentle incremental week-by-week style.

Once you've mastered that simple (yet complex) movement, you have it for life and, just by itself, it almost replaces the need for Qi Gong and Tai Chi courses if you are doing them for energy-based reasons, rather than just for the dancing :)

I use a few minutes of Spiraling Qi Gong as my warm-up routine before playing intensive sports or weight-lifting and it can leave you buzzing with energy and heat within just that short time.


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@Stingray, I was hoping I would get answer from you. What a funny Universe. I have a very physical job for an older man, even with helpers. Sooo, there is plenty of pain and tendinitis to go around. I appreciate you can't do a lot of endorsement, but how much help would I expect. The pain pills and anti-inflammatory not exactly the answer either. If you like you can keep it off the board and go direct. tom@aaacecarpetcleaning.com

(08 Feb '12, 16:21) Tom

@Tom - If you are looking at Qi Gong with a view to it being an immediate cure for ailments and pain relief, I'm not sure that it is. Those exercises would certainly improve your health in the long run because they get the internal energy (that is often blocked in many people) flowing more freely around the body. But finding ways to make yourself experience happiness daily (and also feeling better about what's bothering you) would also do that, and much more effectively and quickly, in my view.

(08 Feb '12, 22:48) Stingray

@Tom - But obviously if you put yourself in a good-feeling place and, from there, you feel inspired to pursue it then that's a signal from you to you that there is something valuable in it for you

(08 Feb '12, 22:53) Stingray

@Stingray, I thank for you time and considering. I'm in a good-feeling place. I may have been looking for shortcuts,
but if continues to resonate with I give it a go.

(08 Feb '12, 23:51) Tom
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