Hi friends...

Lot many changes came in my life. I did accepted all of them. I have now got shifted to one of the most competitive city of india. Where people are extremely professional. I came from small-town. I feel extremely simple and innocent between these people I am living with.

Since few months I have been trying a lot to adjust myself in this city amongst highly practical people, but I am loosing myself, my self worth. People are so dominating here. Of course I am growing somewhere. But, I have forgotten my powers. I am feeling betrayed sometimes. Please suggest me how should I pick myself up.

Sometimes I feel so alone that I feel like dying. I feel I am not self- satisfied and self fulfilled thats why I get irritated.I expect a lot from my husband and when he doesn't gives me attention or when he doesn't talks ,I get irritated. I want to be self dependent emotionally too. How should I be? I feel this is the place where I have shared a lot and I have got wonderful friends too. I feel I will get my answers here.

   .....love, light and blessing to all

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Hi @supergirl, good to hear from you again :) may I ask you a question, so you wish to feel like supergirl, is that correct?

(10 Jul '15, 04:12) jaz

I don't wish to feel like supergirl. I am supergirl. Its just that I want to remind myself my supergirlness.

(10 Jul '15, 05:41) supergirl

The way I see what you're saying @supergirl is you wish to get into the "supergirl outfit", that is on the inside you're dressed as supergirl but on the outside as seen by others your're dressed as easy to dominate and without value.

(10 Jul '15, 06:01) jaz

I won't deny wat u said. People find me very easy to get along,to talk too, cos I have a frank behavior outside. I hardly carry any attitude, so people think she has no value. I tried a lot to carry attitude with me but, I find it very difficult.

(11 Jul '15, 02:09) supergirl
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Hi @supergirl! So nice to see you again.

When I have found myself wanting to reach back to a time when my head was working in a way I liked a lot better, I have found that reading over my own answers here really helps. There's nothing like hearing your own voice describing how things worked for you in the past, to get through to yourself in the present.

You have written so much here that is valuable to all. I'd try taking my own (past) advice. As I say, it has worked very well for me in difficult or especially confusing times.

One other thing. Remember that if where you are is uncomfortable for you, it is not permanent. You will find your way forward, I promise. :) You aren't stuck forever, and there are wonderful discoveries waiting for you along the way. Good luck!

Love, Grace :)


answered 10 Jul '15, 12:01

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Thank you . For right now I am with people who make me feel bad about myself everyday. I am just finding ways to pick myself up.

(11 Jul '15, 02:15) supergirl

How should I come back into my supergirlness? What I've observed is that we're all different and different methods suit different people. I can only offer what I would do to get back to my "superness".

The 22 cards of the arcana represent the subjective emotional paths that humans need to know to become complete. If one or more of these paths is not functioning correctly we cannot be completely complete. If this is the case I look at each card in particular and choose the one that I feel most in "disaccord" with, for example suppose it's card n°10 "the wheel of fortune".

alt text

I would write the name and number of this card on a small piece of white stiff paper and my prename on another piece of white stiff paper. I now have a witness, a sign, a "signature" the characteristic identity of myself and of the phenomenon I wish to study.

alt text

Now to allow myself to study the pathway "wheel of fortune" I would put the two signatures onto the "vortex" graph

alt text

As soon as I do this the graph enters into action. All I would do now is observe my thoughts and emotions, anything that strikes my attention and note it all down. The graph can be left in place for as long as wanted, when it finishes it's action it automatically disengages.


answered 10 Jul '15, 10:23

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From where to get this graph ?

(11 Jul '15, 02:20) supergirl

the graph shown is homemade I always like to make my own graphs if I can it's in the doing that I better feel and get to know how they function, however they can be obtained from servranx

(11 Jul '15, 02:51) jaz
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