According to Abraham teachings, they claim that there are no such thing as 'devils', 'ghosts', etc (if I remember correctly and am not wrong).

But over the years, I have heard of certain 'tricks' and 'experiments' where you can try to 'summon' these type of beings. I personally am too scared to try them myself lol...

For example, there is this famous 'Bloody Mary' experiment which I have come across on another forum : Bloody Mary

There is also things like the Oujia board, etc... Then you have people claiming they see 'pontianaks', and you have priests involved in 'black magic', etc..

So I was wondering whether anybody have any experiences with these types of experiments before or curious enough to try them? And also how do all these beings relate to the LOA if they really exist?

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I don't know much about Abraham's teachings but I know that the so-called ghosts are spirits and the devil, well it is a made up thing to blame all bad things upon.You see the names, ghosts and devil are supposed to strike horror in the mind of the masses. There is nothing to fear dear one. I have had several experiences communicating with spirit, mainly of a loved one that had passed on. The first few attempts by this spirit to contact me freaked the blazes out of me. I wasn't ready yet. Later, when I started my spiritual journey, I became more open to such advances.The way this ties in with the LOA is I believe we may have a preincarnative agreement (because the first few times she showed up I didn't even believe in the existence of the supernatural/metaphysical.) Remember there is no such thing as the devil. Each and every single one of us is capable of great harm and great good and needs to take responsibility for it.

Thank you, namaste


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thanks for sharing your experience :) but I am not exactly talking about 'evil spirits' or 'devils', but rather spirits and 'ghosts' as a whole (both -ve and +ve ones)

(01 Dec '10, 11:06) kakaboo

Each and every single one of us is capable of great harm and great good and needs to take responsibility for it.

Quated By daniele.

I couldn't agree more, Mankind/Womankind (being politically correct here) are their own worst enemies and are the cause of great evil deeds without the need for any interference from the spiritual realm.

Ghosts ? hmm i don't quite like the term i prefer a higher state of being an accension of what we are now.

As i was always told it's never the dead we have to fear it's the living. I am no spiritualist or medium, I am an ordinary person going about my own business, I have had encounters where i have spoken to and seen souls of people who were once here.

Abrahams teachings i have no idea about. However from my own belief everyone is capable of seeing and hearing if correctly tuned in.

Lots of doctors/phyciatrists call this a mental health issue because they only deal in FACTS. what they cannot see they do not believe. Many people often claim the voices they here are of loved ones passed away. This is a form of communication in my belief and no way indicates a mental health issue. However that said the mind can often play tricks if we allow it. The main thing to be aware of is NOT to be afraid of the dead/passed on maybe they just pop in to say hi and give you a little nudge and message to let you know they are still here and are looking over you.

Just my thoughts.


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shane 3

Well...if that's what they say (and mean) then I have to disagree with them on that count.

Spirits without physical form exist. Now...whether what most people experience are "ghosts" and "devils" is an entirely different matter. Most encounters with ghosts aren't the disembodied souls themselves, but more often a 'memory' left behind. And not just anyone is likely to have any direct experience with so called devils.

I have no experience with the examples you give, although I have naturally heard of them, and for the most part they appear more like curio than anything substantial (although I can envision them working).

I do have experience with other spirits. These are practically all personal however. Methods of working with them in this manner are outlined in many texts. A good, modern example of this is "Practice of Magical Evocation" by Franz Bardon, which outlines hundreds of spirits and the manner of working with them (provided one has gone through previous practices).

Other more relaxed methods are given in some older texts, such as ways of working through dreams with spirits. I have had some visit me, without my intending to communicate with them through dreams occasionally.

And I'm not sure what you're trying to get at with the how they relate to LOA. They are perfectly conscious - and forms of consciousness...and all of the ones I've interacted with have their own areas of interest that they enjoy exploring.


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Thats interesting =) so how have your experiences been with them so far? Like was it in a more positive way or a mor negative way?

(01 Dec '10, 11:04) kakaboo

More positive. Otherwise I would probably be ranting against them ;)

(02 Dec '10, 23:34) Liam

I have had many experiences with disembodied/incarnate souls. This is not to say that these Soul fractal consciousnesses never incarnated, but rather these were souls that did not cross over to the Light, when their consciousness left their incarnate vehicle after 'death'. Often these entities believe their physical vehicles to be the 'housing' or 'grounding' of their identity and existence, and that there is nothing beyond. They fear the death of their vehicle so much, and are not willing to let go of the life they just left so much, that they find themselves lost in a limbo existence half-way. In a sense, they do not know that they have passed on.

There are also disembodied souls that refuse to incarnate again, thinking that they are Gods and the Highest of All There Is, and so choose a state of 'false' immortality and the delusion of being All Powerful in the Astral Plane.

One can summon such entities, but there are many ways to open one's Crown Chakra and let these entities in unwittingly. These entities find little openings in vibrational frequencies, like cracks or wormholes, then dive right in, so to speak.

There are various ways a disembodied soul may communicate, but they must have a conduit/channel. A Ouija board is not a conduit but a tool. Analog radios and Electronic Voice equipment are not conduits but tools. Mirrors, pendulums, bowls of water, and symbols are also only tools. Even hypnotherapy or regressive therapy is a tool, or rather, a technique. A conduit is the grounded vibrational life force energy of the incarnate soul or souls using the tools. Those who use such tools have intent to invite such spirits. But not all cases where an entity 'visits', so to say, is the entity disembodied; some are embodied but are on a different density and/or vibrational frequency; some are conscious, some subconscious.

My experiences refer to temporal 'sharing' of a physical vehicle and mind, which some may term 'possession'. It is vitally important to understand that the mind is NOT consciousness, but rather the hard drive of the physical brain (which is an organic computer). One's consciousness is the administrator of one's hard drive. But, with all hard drives, there are breaches: malware, Trojans, viruses, worms, etc. In my experiences, I, and others round me, did not invite such entities through conscious intention or supplemental tools, but through vibrational state and having the crown chakra blown wide open.

The Crown Chakra. There are many ways to open the Crown Chakra: intention, sex, drugs, alcohol, over-eating, fear, anger, depression, obsession, violence, worship, jealousy, unprotected meditation, etc. Disembodied souls are attracted to the sensations and patterns they experienced when they last incarnated. They are not willing to let go of these sensations and patterns, to 'cross over' into the Light, so they, in a sense, 'hang around', in a plane that is not physical but ethereal, and yet still grounded to the physical Earth plane.

Before a few years ago, I wasn't aware of the signs of when an outside entity was sharing my body and mind temporally, nor was I cognisant of such a possibility. It took only one pivotal experience to shift my paradigm into knowing that this phenomenon is very much real and very much a possibility. Only this one pivotal experience was not with a disembodied soul; it was with a higher density entity I am connected to via my Over Soul.

Before I continue, and I understand that I may get some judgmental criticism for saying this, I must note that I enjoy my adult beverages (alcohol). Unlike most people I've experienced who are under the influence of alcohol, I don't get slowly 'stupid' or 'depressed' or 'violent' when I drink. In fact, it is quite the opposite: I become very energetic and creative, very affectionate and accepting, and cerebrally unrestricted and wide open. (I do not indulge in cannabis, but I have heard from those who do - who ingest or smoke the strain known as Indica - that they experience similar characteristics and feelings, but with the addition of expanded clarity and sensitivity of colours and shapes.) BTW - I am not advocating either; to each their own experience of Free Will and choice. Anyway, most of my recent experiences with outside, uninvited entities have been after I had been drinking. However, my raising of frequency and conscious awareness that everything is connected and ultimately ONE, over the last several years, does play a factor in these recent experiences, as well.

My pivotal experience. A good friend of mine (a platonic female friend) and I took a day trip to Snoqualmie Falls. We had hoped to sit on the Earth and experience the vibrations of the Falls, as close to the Falls as we were allowed, on the lower level of the Park, only the lower level of the Park was closed. We were, of course, disappointed, but I suggested that we find a fairly secluded place alongside the rapids of the Duwamish River, where we could picnic and sit in quiet contemplation. We did so and had a lovely day. Afterwards we returned to my place, where we had supper and quite a few cocktails, listened to music, and talked about many things.

I have been told by many friends that when they get together with me for food, drink, music, and conversation, that time flies by quickly, to the point where we are not aware of its passing. This particular episode was not an exception. My friend and I were thoroughly enjoying ourselves, were well inebriated, and the time was now round 3am or thereabouts. Then something unusual happened.

I approached my friend and began 'sniffing' her. I told her that I did not know why but that I suddenly found her repulsive. It was not her physical scent nor necessarily her current vibrational frequency, but rather her energetic signature that I found repulsive. Only it was not me but an entity coming through me that found her energy repulsive. This entity then began to speak in a foreign language, and was very aggressive. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, I felt compromised. I was channelling an entity I did not invite or give permission to. I was later told that 'negative' entities do not require permission to visit, especially if they are part of one's Soul Family -- connected to one's Over Soul.

Anyway, I will not go into all the details of this experience, as such details would take too long to convey in writing. But I will say this experience was necessary for myself and my friend to understand the 'Bigger Picture'.

Since then, in our bouts of drinking, my friend and I have experienced many entities -- disembodied or otherwise -- coming through. Often they will come through me as my vibration is more accepting of them and I have no fear of them. But I will admit, the first pivotal experience I had scared the hell out of me. But this was a necessary experience for me to understand the 'Bigger Picture'.

As for my friend -- she attracted these experiences, as she is in fear of outside entities, Reptilians, E.T.s, etc. I was the conduit. Together we co-created these experiences so we both could learn and understand.

I no longer socialise with this friend anymore, as her attraction to fear and negativity became too much for me. I do keep in contact, and I do send her love, harmony, and understanding in her Journey.

Via alcohol and emotions, I have discovered a short-cut to channelling, not that channelling was my intention. But I do not recommend it. Protected meditation and pure of heart intention is the most harmonious way to channel other entities.

I do now know when an outside entity is attached to me. I feel a weight in the centre and upper regions of my back. When I change my vibration the entity is purged.

We are all beings of Love and Light. When we realign with what we are truly, nothing can overcome us. We may stray, but we always find The Path.


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what kind of experiences did you have with them ? I mean like what did you do with them or what did they tell you, etc

(02 Mar '14, 11:52) kakaboo

@kakaboo: I am slowly composing an answer to your queries. I will have to edit such into my post above as there are too many variables and conditions involved in each experience to answer plainly such queries.

(03 Mar '14, 01:09) TGunn

@kakaboo: the crown chakra is opened many ways. Which ways are you aware of?

(03 Mar '14, 01:15) TGunn

@TGunn, yes i am perfectly aware that there are many ways that "vibrational parasites" can secretly enter into vital places ... whenever using my tools, mostly pendulum and graphs, i often suggest surrounding the graph by a large black border, black acts as a shield and absorbs these superfluous vibrations ensuring that the work space is pure ... though i must admit that in practice i often feel confident enough to work with just a white sheet on a wood table :)

(04 Mar '14, 11:56) jaz
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I've casted out something that was crawling across a floor that smelled like sulfur. Whether you wish to believe it was real or some imaginary thing is up to you.

My friend called me and said she needed me to cast it out. She told me it visits her at night, crawls on her floor and smells like sulfur. I came and casted it out! She never had a problem again with it coming to her.

There were Satanist after her child when she had a baby and, the street she lived on had those kind of people at one time. Plus she did get some kind of grand wizard satanist mad at her years before.

She had a lot of weird haunting activity in her home that clearer for her.

All I can say is I casted out and cleared for her and all her problems disappeared.

Every name bows to Jesus, once you know something you have power over it through the Christ and Holy Spirit within.

Another time another friend was badly abused by satanist as a boy. Her grew up terrified of the devil after him. This is the same man that the devil visited his grandfather and burned hoof prints into his grandfathers floor. That is another story unrelated about buried treasure I could go into. Back to his story, I was doing a healing and deliverance on him. He saw me fighting his devil face to face. At first he saw this devil just laughing at me but then he saw a sand storm sweeping over the devil. The devil turned into a statue and the sand wore the face right off of the statue nearly gone completely. When I finished he said he saw the eyes open and they were black. So that one I did some massive damage on it to near annihilation. My finger prints were burned into his back from that one, I have a photo someplace of that.

Now back to the story of his grandfather. The devil appeared to him at the end of his bed and burned hoof prints into the wood floor. It told his grandfather where there was a box of gold if he made some deal with the devil he could have it. The story goes that the devil came back after him as he was walking across a bridge he got scared and threw the box over the bridge. Years later there was big news someone found a box of gold under that bridge.

This is a pretty weird family story to pass on so it seems why would that be kept if it was made up?


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Wade Casaldi

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Dude, invoking spirits is bad. You are messing with things you have no knowledge about and how can you learn about them except through people that give personal experiences about them. I never invoke spirits. But they still showed up and not in a friendly way. I have heard of bad experiences that people in church have gone through. According to them, they were practicing 'magic' and messing with these kinds of things. Then they learned about God and decide to leave this habits. But what they found when they tried to leave these habits, was that the spirits would hurt them. Eg scratches on the back.( i felt a squeezing pressure in my throat once when I was reading the bible.) I had more weird experiences than that and I heard of people that have had worst. Point is, things get weird and frustrating when you don't know how to repel unwanted spirits. God scares them for me so I don't worry anymore, but this situation had me worried for months. I'm not trying to scare the masses ( I have nothing to gain posting this here except to provide a warning to anyone curious about spirits).


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