I'm sure a lot of people on here have heard it before: "Time is just an illusion", "There is only the now moment", "The past and future doesn't exist, since everything is happening now". etc etc.

I understand this concept immensely in an experiential sense. Several time when I entered altered state of consciousness, time became extremely variable. While under the influence of LSD, I realized quick that time didn't work the same way. I won't go into too much details, but it felt like I was stuck in time for a VERY LONG TIME.

So, to rephrase, I understand fully the extent of timelessness on an experiential level. My question is this: Isn't there some sense of time, in terms of expansion? Another concept that I understand on an experiential level is that idea that we are ever expanding. Not just human, but EVERYTHING. ever moving. ever becoming more. So with that being said, I feel that there is atleast some sense of time beyond the current illusion of time that we're in. Right now we (we as in "all that is") are the leading edge. So it would make sense that is no future that exist beyond us. However there was definitely a "past" before us. To expand is to be greater than we were before. We are always becoming more than we were BEFORE.

An anology that my better paint a picture of what I mean is the following: Lets say that "All that is (ATI)" is a huge circle. In one moment, it is a certain size. But in the next moment, it has expanded. In one sense, I understand that it's imposible to measure the amount of expansion of this ATI circle using human (or maybe it's 3'rd dimensional) time. However, this circle was one thing BEFORE. And now it has expanded. the space in between is.... Something. Maybe calling it time is too concrete in an abstract concept, but something to that extent is going on... I think. hahaha, at the end of the day I'm just playing around with a concept I know nothing about, and making a lot of assumptions. I'm guessing that there is time even beyond us, it's just that it's pointless to try and use human's (or 3d's) perception of time when talking about ATI. Kind of like how you can't use Earth's time (hours in a day) in mars since their speed of rotation (and a dozen other factors) completely changes how long a day is.

What do you guys think of all of this?

asked 22 Oct '15, 07:48

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I'd say that if you have two moments(in time), first moment being A - "before expansion" and the second moment being B - "after expansion"(bigger circle you would say), that they are completely seperate, new moments. They have nothing in common except that moment B potentially has everything that moment A has plus something more extra.

Looking at this concept superficially one would say that moment A is the past of moment B. But if you look at it more deeply you can come to the conclusion that those two moments are actually independant, existing regardless of one another.

With that being said, I'd say that you can't "measure" expansion; it's just the matter of choosing to experience a different reality, in this case "expanded reality". So both A and B moments exist here and now(along with everything else you can imagine), you only shift and choose something else.


answered 22 Oct '15, 09:34

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