Yesterday I was playing with an Iphone App, love my tech toys :-) and its a fun app called Stick Poetry ,(free) , anyhow the idea is to ask a question , shake phone and these letters all jumble around and gradually settle into a poem of sorts , plus the little stick girl also speaks to you .Well her answer was there is no tomorrow , which just led me on a train of thought that she's right , no tomorrow , no yesterday , but if you want to visit those places ,the way to access is through a mind doorway and isn't this what we do when we , imagine , visualise or Re-member , ergo we are all time travellers , No ? I've also read about slowing time down by constantly watching the clock , have you used any technique with success to speed up or slow time down in the course of a day ?

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Wikipedia has a good insight on what time is, in the 1st paragraph on its article on Time. , so I wish the IQuesters would share something different.

To me, Time is just another one of the different perceptions our physical minds has. It can be distorted in so many ways that it would be crazy to think it's real.

(28 Feb '13, 00:04) Yva

I don't understand time at all.

(28 Feb '13, 01:45) CalonLan

@Calonlan , perhaps that works for you :-)

(07 Mar '13, 03:05) Starlight

@Starlight, no everything works for everybody, you just have to stop being all defensive and shizz.

(13 Mar '13, 03:42) CalonLan

It seems there's a dust mote on the lens of my life that thinks it's actually the director , polishing cloth now applied , and poof , it no longer exists.

(13 Mar '13, 06:21) Starlight

good question

(10 Jan '17, 01:48) PERFECT GOOD
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My interpretation of time changes dramatically more and more everyday. I think it is because I have listened to a ton of Bashar material over the last year and his explanation of time resonates within me deeply.

The simple answer is that it's an illusion of movement and motion to keep us focused in this game of experience we call 3-D human life. We are so powerful that we shift from parallel reality to parallel reality so fluidly and efficiently, that it blends perfectly into the construct of a time space reality and we grow up never knowing anything is different and this idea of motion is the way our existence is.

The past and future are only pieces of the film contained in the only thing that exists which is "The Now."

alt text

Each moment that we experience are just static frames of film focused through our film projector light (or consciousness) that move at a very fast rate which creates motion just like a movie theater projector.

When you go to see a movie you are viewing an illusion of movement (or time passing) and that particular movie can actually become your reality if you are really focused on the screen. It happens to me every time I really enjoy a movie. It's the same with our focus as a physical human. We are such good focuser's that we believe in a past and a future. Even though when we take a moment to think about the past or future, they can only be thought of in the now.

We can never think of the past in the past or the future in the future. Even if we project our consciousness into a (so called) past life, we are still experiencing that past version right now.

Visualizing a desired outcome is simply picking a frame that already exists out of the film strip and focusing on that particular frequency. Each frame is just a unique vibrational frequency.

So if we match that frame's (that has and always will exist) frequency on a consistent basis as much as we can, we actually shift to the parallel reality of that frame that a version of us already exists in. The old frame that we experienced before will still exist, but we will be tuned into the new frequency of the new frame because of matching vibrations.

As for slowing down and speeding up time, I think we all do it everyday and may not notice or be consciously aware of experiencing it. When I consciously just focus on the present moment with no particular direction in mind, time seems to slow down for me. I like to focus on my inner body and feel my heart beat, feel my blood flow, feel energy increase more and more and just bask in the feeling.

Time seems to speed up for me though when I am focused on something i am deliberately passionate about. Just writing a few answers here on IQ can make time seem to speed up for me. I can get engulfed into other activities so deeply that I can sometimes wonder if the clock needs new batteries because time has seemed to fly by.

We all have different viewpoints on time and it really depends where our focus is in the moment.

For me personally, time is just a tool to use here on planet earth to experience this game called life. It keeps us focused in our bodies but doesn't need to be a limitation anymore. It is different perspectives of an infinite warehouse that will never run out of stock. It is an illusion of physicality, yet the experience is so very real.

I believe one day in the very near future (or parallel reality that exists now:) the human species as a whole will understand this idea of space and time in a whole new way, and will see how it benefited each and everyone of us in a very expansive age of massive growth and understanding.


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Right on, @Cory. I also buy into the definition of time given by Bashar.

(28 Feb '13, 00:13) Yva

@Yva His explanation on our lives as a whole resonates deeply within me but I haven't heard a better definition of time and space explained better by anyone (or any extraterrestrial for that matter) yet.

(28 Feb '13, 00:17) Cory

Thank you Cory , your perspective is very much appreciated , I'm going to look up more Bashar , I love his sense of humour. If you have a specific link you think I/We might enjoyed that would be marvellous ♥♥♥

(07 Mar '13, 03:02) Starlight

@Cory This really is a timeless answer :) @Starlight In one video a lady said to Bashar: "hello Bashar." Bashar: "and to you good day!" Lady: "This time I want YOU to ask ME a question!!" Bashar: "are you sure?" Lady: "YES!!!!!" Bashar: "this was a question."

(07 Mar '13, 13:39) releaser99

@Cory - Missed this one, excellent answer:)

(07 Mar '13, 13:44) Satori

Thanks Cory, you are a treasure , on Saturday , when I get my new allocation off GB's will check em all out . I get so engrossed , my monthly allowance gets chewed up in 2 weeks , lol , but I do love Abraham and Bashar's messages so much :-) ♥♥♥

(07 Mar '13, 21:18) Starlight

@releaser99 , the first time I watched Bashar I have to admit , I wondered , lol , but it's the message that's important and Daryl is very much appreciated for his "allowing " :-) I like Bashar's cheekiness

(07 Mar '13, 21:26) Starlight

Bashar , Reality is in your consciousness , @Cory , just watched this , how powerfully it struck home , thank you , off to watch some more NOW. Andddd "maybe a good/better way to look at the universe is in the same way you look at the video you made." <<<<<this I took from the comments below the video , how beautifully you tied all this together Cory :-)

(10 Mar '13, 22:13) Starlight

@Cory , now watched them all , GREAT STUFF , fangs muchly ;-) and discovered this one where in the middle Bashar explains Time Lag , I do love the ( giggle ) Alien perspective , it's tremendously helpfull .... 7 x ♥'s

(11 Mar '13, 00:58) Starlight
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Yes i too love how bashar explains time ... here is another way that i like to think of it; alt text

think of animals, a cat for example, it lives outside time, it is centered on it's own animal vibration, in it's animal world time is abolished, non existent ... animals instinctively follow the rhythms of nature, and nature by definition is always in perfect alignment with the loa, it is always in the "now" - time is an invention of the human logical mind.


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ru bis

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A nice perspective , thank you @ru bis :-)

(28 Feb '13, 08:29) Starlight

hmm, cats. I agree animals in the wild follow the rhythms of nature; but it's been my experience domestic as well as domesticated wild animals follow the rhythms of their owners.

(01 Mar '13, 04:02) ele

@ele - yes true domestic animals tend to follow the rhythms of their owners, there is the story of a dog that developed liver cirrhosis, his owner was alcoholic ... however here i'm talking of that delicious state of timeless animal vibration that we achieve whilst meditating, animals seem to reach this state of being very naturally, for example; a dozing cat

(02 Mar '13, 03:39) ru bis

@ru bis Sorry, I didn't mean to imply I didn't understood your answer. I did. Didn't you 'see', 'sense' or 'hear' the click when I voted up Starlight's comment? As expected, it was a very beautiful perception of time. Your words always carry a soulful vibration. Cats, excellent symbolism for awareness & thanks for explaining the reason behind the pic. I couldn't help but recall questions posed by a past user regarding visions of black cats.

(04 Mar '13, 04:18) ele

@ru bis This really is a great example of how we perceive time. I have one cat in particular that I see as being a great teacher. She holds a vibration of love and joy so strongly at all times and is always wanting to play. She enjoys every single moment to its fullest and the vibration that emanates is so enjoyable to experience.

(07 Mar '13, 13:20) Cory

@ru bis Great example!

(07 Mar '13, 13:50) releaser99

@Cory, @releaser99 ... thank you my friends :)

(08 Mar '13, 02:49) ru bis

@ru bis, love this perspective.

(28 Apr '13, 11:58) teeleec

@teeleec glad you appreciate :)

(28 Apr '13, 13:34) ru bis

I can actually observe my two koi fish meditating in their tank. They will stop swimming around and just hang there together peacefully in sync, in the Now, in Spirit. It's beautiful. :)

(28 Dec '16, 16:59) Delphine

Good answer

(10 Jan '17, 02:16) PERFECT GOOD
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time, as we refer to it
is a mechanism for ordering
what has precipitated into material form,
measuring its cycle


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I would agree that we only exist in the now, and that we use our interpretations of the past to set a course that will put us where we want to be in the future.
I think my only real understanding of time is based an the increment of time that I have existed as a human being. I judge the passage of time by the only real measure I have, and that is "my time". Thus when I was 10 it took another live time to get to 20, but at 20 that same increment put me at 40. I wish there was a way to slow it down.


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Yes I get where you are coming from , I caught my self saying yesterday , 40 yrs ago blah blah blah and you know what , seems like I am speaking of someone else's life , lol :-)

(28 Feb '13, 18:17) Starlight

Good question. Time is one of the 4 observable dimensions. Some mathematical models for the development of the universe require 10 or many more. Its a basic way of plotting change. If you're measuring something repeating, you can see how it changes vs frequency or phase. You can take a linear or circular perspective. For example, you can graph a sine wave on an XY plot and see it oscillate, or you can graph it on a polar plot and see it move around the unit circle.

If you can visualize your past/future, then you certainly are a time-traveler. If you visualize a future event that doesn't occur, then maybe your attempt to predict the future caused you to make a decision that changed it. Neat bit of irony.

I constantly try to slow my life down by using my time efficiently. So many people worry about how many years they have left, when they could be doing so much more with their time today. By the time I've been awake 90 min, I already cleaned my house, exercised, showered, ate a healthy breakfast, and started working. You can certainly do the same thing to slow the clock down. Try it and see if you feel like you gained more time.


answered 10 Mar '13, 20:42

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Thanks Damien , I now need to go look up sinewaves and phase . Yesterday I read how 2 micro waves on different frequencies can pass through each other with no disruption , my son explained to me how that happens , it also helped me understand about my own frequency/vibration and the feedback that comes to me via external mate-real-isation ;-)

(10 Mar '13, 21:14) Starlight

Here's a good illustration if you're more visual than mathematical:

(11 Mar '13, 18:06) Damien

That was excellent thank you makes sensewave now ;-)

(11 Mar '13, 20:56) Starlight

Excellent answer.

(28 Apr '13, 17:13) Snow
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Time is time, it depends on how u experience it. Because it is truly only manifested from within, it is really only a coordinate within your consciousnesses. I think this a great explanation from Treb about the differences in the way time is experienced from thier race to ours. The differences are great.

I suppose I will add more as people do not like to listen to vids to get the answer. The idea of time is simple. Time is experienced for us in linear time. We are in 3rd density to fourth density transfer stage. In this stage we experience time linearly. In the 4th density we will experience it more fluidly. This means we only experience time according to our vibration status. So when we feel we must experience a childhood moment, we can, even after full growth. The way this happens is that they only change a portion of their overall consciousnesses and change that one integer in the overall equation. It is if their energy and consciousnesses is a formula and all they need to do in time or space to move into another part, is change that one variable.

Hope this helps.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Thanks Rob ♥

(11 Mar '13, 22:37) Starlight

No problem, link will be up soon.

(12 Mar '13, 07:44) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Thank you for explaining, Rob. I'm liking the prospect of time as you describe it.

(17 Mar '13, 02:40) Grace

@grace. love to u and thanks.

(17 Mar '13, 15:22) TReb Bor yit-NE
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To me, time is like a greet river, and we are in a canoe upon that river, floating along.

Most of the time, we are not really conscious of being on the river. But if we think about time, then our position on the river may change. If we dwell on the past to the exclusion of the present, It is almost like parking our canoe on-the side of the river, and staying stuck there until we release our obsession.

But the funny thing is, we really never leave the river at all- we just stay stuck on one scene along the way. Time seems to speed up the river, especially whee we are having fun.(Ask Cinderella) It seems to slow the river down, as when we are waiting for our popcorn to get done in the microwave,

But we only leave the river when we die.

To me, that is how time feels.



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Thanks Jai , I really like the river analogy , especially the part about parking and staying stuck :-)

(07 Mar '13, 02:57) Starlight

I never thanked you for your nice comment...So I thank you now!

Love, Jai

(06 Jan '17, 09:47) Jaianniah

Time is a measure created by men according to position of the stars,time is also measure by decay of matter.Men made many tools to measure time(clock,calendar,observation of material compare to other similar material,observation of material affected by other substance to determinate how many time is needed to observe the same effect on a material. In this world we have a flesh body and are affected by decay over time.

Now human are starting to explore time at the speed of light. And have discover that the more something move fast the less decay is observed.

But since they measure time according to movement and decay,For someone that move faster every movement seen on the outside seams slow or everything seen get slower. As for the one moving slower every thing outside of him seams to move fast or every thing seen on the outside seams to move faster.

Right now even with out making a move you are moving. the earth is rotating the earth travel through space your blood move in your vain and you take in air through your lung.

It is said that if one would move at the speed of light a very shorth time for him would be thousand of years for someone that is not moving at the speed of light.

Yet for someone to be fast it is needed to not waste energy making a lot of movement,but making the shortest move that are faster to make to move from point a to point b.

quick example of this would be someone running at you to push you,you just need to make one fast side step just before he is on you and you will have move faster then him,and he will have miss is target being not fast enuff.

So you see even if is body is moving alot faster then your body the energy wasted to over run you and make those 2 to 5 steps,can be over run in making 1 faster single side step that take alot less energy.

small video to show you example of side step:

i would say that time is always now and it is always the same the only difference is from the observer on observation. What is past made the present and what is the present make the future. if one can observe the trajectory of something on a path and determinate what is the best change to make in the present he can alter the future trajectory of that something. in the same way someone is driving on the road and see a sign he can know what is coming next(a curve to the right or the left,a hill ,a gravel road ,ice,dead end street,etc.) and make the neccessary adjustement for what is coming next.


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white tiger

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Ask any channeled non-physical entity about time, and they will tell you that it is an illusion. Time, and its partner space, are the two main elements that the "gods" employ in order to construct temporary "physical worlds". These worlds are then made available to all the non-physical spirit/souls (you, me, us, them) as a temporary home away from home, a kind of boarding school for evolving souls. Time is no easy concept to explain. Our relationship to it is unique to each individual. For some it seems to fly, for others, it seems to drag on and on.

I don't know if my perspective will help bring you closer to understanding the subject of time or add to the confusion that is inherent in any question that attempts to rely on the reasoning ability of the human brain to comprehend the simultaneous nature of our existence. Our physical 'reasoning' mind is born, raised, and develops within the realm of time and space and is therefore constrained by the limitations therein.

You, however, are essentially a spirit/soul that exists primarily in a reality not limited by the constraints of time and space. As souls, we make a choice to incarnate within the construct of time and space. We do it for the experience, for educational purposes, and for the challenges this environment has to offer. We generally have a specific intent and purpose each time, usually related to our souls maturing processes.

For a metaphorical perspective on the concept of time, I suggest you look up into the night sky and in the distance imagine a seemingly endless spiral staircase. Zoom in and notice that each step represents an increment of time. Each step can be a minute, a day, a month, year decade, whatever.

As a physical being, we are living on the staircase. We enter on the step designated as our birthday, climb step by step through life, and step off at death. Whatever step we are on is the present. The steps behind us represent the past and go back to the "beginning of time". Those ahead of us represent the future and go forward till the "end of time". When we leave the timeline, we can see it from a non-physical souls perspective. We can see that all the steps, which we once thought of as past, present, or future, really all exist simultaneously. To complete this metaphor, and more accurately reflect reality, simply add a billion or so staircases to the picture.


answered 28 Dec '16, 00:58

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