I wonder if it is possible or probable for parents to clatter out of the lives of their grown-up children?

I know that it is not very probable for parents of younger children to clatter out, because they kind of wanted to experience these parents, but does this "change" when you're a grown up? I have often heard that the people around you that are closest to you are your best mirror, so when there's a difficult relationship, it usually happens because I am attracting it due to my vibration.

I've always had a difficult relationship with my mother, but it didn't really changed since I have done a lot of vibrational work. Sometimes it seems she gets on the same "vibrational length" as me and stays there for a while, but sooner or later we end up having a fight or something else happens that brings us apart again, even though I felt good before. So, to me it seems like she is definitely clattering out but somehow manages to "get in" again, especially when I'm feeling not so good because of the fight we've had.

Sometimes I think that it's better to end the relationship with her but then I wonder if it's the right decision (if it's clattering) or if she's only my mirror.

Has anyone experienced this before?

asked 25 Oct '15, 14:19

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I wonder if it is possible or probable for parents to clatter out of the lives of their grown-up children?

Sure, it is possible.

I gave up trying to have any kind of relationship with my own (extremely religious) parents some years ago...and I don't miss it at all.

And I don't think they miss it either :)

After all, if it's your belief that your offspring has been possessed by some Devil-like entity for daring to openly suggest that people should think for themselves - and, by having any association with them, you may even drag your own "Soul" down to "Hell" after you die as a result - then it probably comes as some considerable relief to not have any further contact with that particular high-ranking member of Satan's clan :)

I know some like to make a big deal about "blood lines" and so on, but, really, everything comes down to the interaction/influence of vibrations (as usual). And if you feel no vibrational resonance with someone, why artificially prolong the emotional pain for both parties...whether they are so-called "family members" or not?

But I don't think it's anything to be forced. Just keep holding to your ever-improving good feelings and just let the Law of Attraction gently, or sometimes not so gently - which is where clattering comes in - bring about whatever changes are required for your new vibrational status quo.

The only constant thing in life is change, so might as well get used to it :)

Hope that helps.


answered 25 Oct '15, 16:29

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@Stingray I remember you mentioning in the MSM&VitC thread that your father had been on that particular mixture and it helped to alleviate his gout issues. Just wondering how did both of you still keep in contact and that he would know about that mixture if both of you had already "clattered" out of each others' lives ?

(26 Oct '15, 07:39) kakaboo

@kakaboo - I hope you have not spent too many hours worrying about this perplexing riddle :) Here's my suggested approach for acquiring some mental comfort...look at the date of that original posting and then apply a suitable mathematical offset to allow for how long the MSM/Vitamin C has been in use and you may discover a satisfying solution to your dilemma :)

(26 Oct '15, 15:29) Stingray

Speaking of bloodlines and I think I know what you are referring to here about the beliefs of some people on this genetic issue but how would people of very different vibration come to be born in the same family?

(27 Oct '15, 07:16) Catherine

@Catherine - When some go on vacation, they go to have a relaxing easy time where everything is gentle and harmonious. When others go on vacation, they want excitement and adventure and are happy to put up with some level of discomfort in the pursuit of it :) It's all down to personal preference (even from the non-physical levels), no right or wrong choices. Additionally, Abraham have said that those who want to "wake up" quickly in a lifetime often choose turbulent upbringings on purpose.

(27 Oct '15, 11:01) Stingray

@Stingray, thank you for your answer. I just still wonder - if everything is a reflection of myself - how does this fit in with my or your parents? Doesn't it mean then, that the behavior of them is just a reflection of me/you, based on the beliefs that one holds? Like the beliefs "My parents are not good for me/don't accept me"?

(27 Oct '15, 13:33) spacemetalfantasy

@Stingray @Catherine "...those who want to "wake up" quickly in a lifetime often choose turbulent upbringings on purpose." - couldn't agree more.

(27 Oct '15, 13:35) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - If you're having a hard time with this, forget about people and just think in terms of objects or even, say, your favorite foods. There'll be times in your life when you just love, love, love to eat certain things and other times in your life when you just can't stand to eat those things and won't touch them any more. There's nothing gone wrong, no "bad thing" has happened, it's just that your personal preferences have changed. Your choice of parents was really only...

(28 Oct '15, 17:57) Stingray

@spacemetalfantasy - ...valid for you at the time of your birth. After that, you are launching new desires, you are refining your preferences. If your new preferences don't align with your birth choices any more, that's just the way it is.

Are all these changes a reflection of you? Yes, of course they are. Does it matter that something that you once felt was good for you, you no longer feel is appropriate. No, not one bit.

(28 Oct '15, 18:02) Stingray

@Stingray - thank you very much for explaining, now I understand.

(29 Oct '15, 04:36) spacemetalfantasy
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