I'm a certified NLP practitioner. So I've been thinking, NLP seems like an ideal tool for manifesting.

I can see especially NLP anchors as being useful. In LOA we're mostly concerned with states right? It's the state that's manifested in the world in the form of objects/experiences. So if we anchor the state of what we want to be feeling, say abundance, security, freedom, peace, whatever you like... that would be quite useful, right? I wonder if it would be possible to anchor the "Vortex"?

Also maybe some strategy modeling for when a certain external event regularly triggers a negative state. It could be changed to elicit a more positive state instead.

Submodalities could also be used to increase/decrease a certain state.

NLP says we can experience any state at any time. The basis of NLP is modeling. Is it possible to perhaps model the process of manifestation? I think this would be quite interesting.

My guess would be that the best and most direct route would be to model new strategies for negative anchors, and then create some positive anchors for the desired states and fire them regularly. If certain beliefs keep getting in the way, then program new, more useful beliefs in place of the old. Thoughts?

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The Magician

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What Alignment actually means is the RE-Alignment of ENERGIES . And Intent Healing(TM) specifically works this way and works way faster than NLP. You can know more about how exactly this works , here : www.intenthealing.com


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Authentic Autism Solutions

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Do you have other sources that discuss this healing method, and it's relation to NLP? That site looks a bit sketchy to me, and I don't know if I quite believe it.

How do you know it works faster than NLP? I've found near instant results with NLP.

(20 Nov '15, 08:47) The Magician

Hi Magician, my answer to your question/comment is not getting posted here when I submit the same !

(21 Nov '15, 00:03) Authentic Autism Solutions

Here's an article on the subject of the role of intent in healing


(21 Nov '15, 03:16) jaz

I know that Intent Healing works faster than NLP because many NLP practitioners who have not seen results with NLP are my patients and they have given me the feedback that this works faster than NLP . And that too, without even meeting the patient/client in person . This is NOT to say that NLP does not work . If it works for you, that is great ! :-) Best Regards, Rajalakshmi

(21 Nov '15, 03:37) Authentic Autism Solutions

Hi Magician, Intent Healing(TM) is very different from NLP . It works REMOTELY by channeling of healing energies . IF interested you can know more about it through my online course which is actually for people with autism, but I have explained about Intent Healing in detail in the course here : http://authenticautismsolutions.usefedora.com/ .

(21 Nov '15, 03:37) Authentic Autism Solutions

My other website is www.sowjanya.in . If you want to read my Blog articles where I have explained about Intent Healing , you can go here : www.intenthealing.com/blog.

(21 Nov '15, 03:38) Authentic Autism Solutions
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