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It just about the clarification to understand the word 'NEW' in its correct manner because generally we mix up this term with ' fresh'. Because both the terms looks similar and we may get confuse in meaning when it actually relates to life. 'Fresh' is very close to life. It is not just close but instead it is life. We want to be beautiful and look after new things to prepare self to be beautiful and ignore to be being fresh in daily life.

Is there is any thing that is called 'NEW'? Take a moment think for a while. The term 'new' just keeps us 'Excited' around something unnecessary which by no means is useful if it doesn't help in survival factor of us. First time in life experience is termed as new. No, no that is not new. For me new is a giant monster that I made to wait always... for months and years together. And it has wasted most of my time. There is nothing in life so called 'new' that we should have to wait to happen in our lives.

We (you and me)+(if you think someone other then us, they as well) may feel excitement about new dress, visiting new place, watching TV, eating food etc. Are new facts happen commonly and we see they are also excited. But be careful before concluding that and waste your time (like I did) the reason for that excitement could something different and something resourceful that helps in progressing life. For that which holds excitement is the real excitement and last longer and help us to stick the same.

Thank you. ( im using mobile and there may be missing of something what i want to convey.)

asked 08 Feb '16, 05:34

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What the hell are you on about? Can you clarify your question and see what youre asking?

(13 Feb '16, 05:44) Nikulas

bang on...

(20 Feb '16, 07:39) PERFECT GOOD

@Perfect Good English words usually have more than one meaning and now many also have a slang meaning. I know English is not your first language. Have you ever tried writing your question in your native tongue and then use a translating service such as Google to translate to English before posting your question.

(07 Feb '17, 12:09) ele

@IQ Moderator I wanted to help @Perfect Good out on another Community Wiki question he asked but there was no option to edit. There is no option to edit on this question either. It's my understanding you only need 100 karma points to edit a community wiki answer or question. Thanks !

(07 Feb '17, 12:46) ele
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Hi @PERFECT GOOD after having read your question several times trying and get the gist of it :) here's my answer I'd like to give you.

The only thing that really matters is the dynamic spiritualized energy (for want of a better term), that holds together physical things, without which nothing happens, and to some extent we can control that energy.

There's nothing ever new under the sun meaning nothing is truly new, things that seem new are just sorts of echos from past happenings. So it all boils down to personal choices and opinions, it all boils down to what we choose to believe ... I hope that my answer makes sense to you,


answered 23 Feb '16, 02:32

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@Jaz There's nothing ever new under the sun meaning nothing is truly new... (It is truth and I like it.. but many persons unlike the truth to believe it)

(13 Mar '16, 00:05) PERFECT GOOD

When I read your question today, this is what came to mind ~

In America we have bluebirds (of happiness) and indigo buntings. In the AU there are blue fairy wrens. I think we all love blue colored birds. Did you know there are no blue pigments in birds; the indigo bunting's blue colors are the result of black pigment in its feathers scattering light into blue wavelengths. This song always makes be think of the kingfisher which is native to the UK as is the origins of this song. Originates in Scotland, a hymn of Praise. There is always something to give thanks for and new things to discover & appreciate every day. Just look around and see for yourself.

alt text

Here are a couple links which some will find interesting and others not so much :)

Thanks for the question and Have a Great Day !


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@Ele you discovered a new answer and its wonderful, but it isn't new. isn't it?

(07 Feb '17, 21:02) PERFECT GOOD

Sorry my point escaped you @Perfect Good Every day is a new day. Every morning is new. Yes, there is always more to discover, to explore and to invent. Ask a scientist or teacher.

Do you know how little we know about our Universe or our Galaxy or about Stars for that matter? What about Dark Matter or Dark Energy. Did you know they are still discovering new marine life in the oceans? What about Time Travel or Teleportation or space travel? You're only limited by your imagination.

(07 Feb '17, 22:11) ele

There are several Ted talks on this subject if interested. There are still areas on earth to explore. Look at the advances in technology.

"but it isn't new. isn't it?" It sure is :D Every day is a new day!

(07 Feb '17, 22:32) ele
(07 Feb '17, 22:56) ele

'The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know'. @ele It is true we know nothing.

(09 Feb '17, 10:35) PERFECT GOOD

@perfect good - I concur !

(09 Feb '17, 10:47) ele
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