How do you break free from inertia?

I have been working on my vibration and things have gotten better in the past two months for me. I have released some limiting beliefs and am currently working on my focus and vibrationally molding some other ongoing challenges of mine. Most of the times, I feel extremely optimistic, satisfied and generally feel good. The other times, I feel pulled into this state of inertia, especially when I am at work. This vibrational place is so comfortably uncomfortable for me that sometimes I don't notice till I have been there a while, then the momentum gets too strong to shake it off.

My question is, how do I feel good more often and feel more hopeful, more optimistic and have positive expectations rather than this feeling of inertia?

I do feel myself slipping into this state outside of work too, e.g. when I am browsing online, watching TV etc. Since I work on my vibration and am dedicated in releasing limiting beliefs, I think sometimes I am harsh on myself when I feel like this.

Any advice on why this happens and more importantly what action I can take when this happens would be really helpful for me. Thank you so much in advance for answering.

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I saw the list, very helpful, thanks!

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My question is, how do I feel good more often and feel more hopeful, more optimistic and have positive expectations rather than this feeling of inertia?

You just practice it :)

Eventually, there comes a tipping point where the bad-feeling "inertia", that you don't want, becomes a good-feeling "inertia" that you do want.

For more detailed information, see What is the reason for my Abraham mood swings?

I think sometimes I am harsh on myself when I feel like this

Yes, much too harsh :)

Law of Attraction will always perpetuate the currently-dominant vibration. So if that's a bad-feeling one, it will have a momentum behind it that is hard to change. And it's not your fault that it's hard to change, it's just the way that momentum works.

It's as hard as trying to turn back an ocean tide.

King Canute

It's much easier to wait for the tide to turn of its own accord...and your socks will get less wet :)

And, of course, when things are going great in your life, that momentum ("inertia") from the Law of Attraction makes it easy for your life to continue going great because the momentum is working for you instead of against you.

I would just keep going with finding ways to feel better every day.

Sooner or later, the tipping-point of the momentum will tip over to the good-feeling side and you'll wonder why anyone finds it hard to stay feeling good all the time :)


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100% agree. I'm finally realizing obvious things like "Hmmm, in a vibrational universe, I'm seeing reflections of what I'm putting out", so if my momentum is such -and some of the time it still is, having this this week!- that I feel "inertia" and a kind of blankness, that just is what it is. I can choose to vibrate "Okay, I accept this" and get more things that I feel "okay, I can accept this" about, or I can choose to vibrate "I hate this, it is terrible, I should be doing more" 1/2

(26 Apr '16, 16:43) corduroypower

2/2 and get more than feels "I resist this, I should be doing something different". What I probably CAN'T do from this point of momentum is choose to vibrate "Everything is awesome" and see that show up. If I try, I'll probably actually vibrate "I'm pretending to feel better than I do" and get stuff that matches that. I'm beginning to realize (for myself) that I can vibrate one step up or down from where I am, not much more. Resisting where I am keeps me there. (Ask me how I know! Haha.)

(26 Apr '16, 16:45) corduroypower

@Nikki777 - That priceless "Tipping point". Believe in it. It's a wonderful thing to experience. All you have to do is keep on doing what you're doing, and suddenly... :D! I was here so often when mine finally came, I posted about it, describing the sensation as best I could. It's very hard to describe when your thinking is suddenly completely different from literally one day to the next...

(26 Apr '16, 18:50) Grace

...Snap!... "OMG I get it!!!!" Then "@Stingray said it would be like this!" Lololol! Hard to see why it was so hard to see. Hang in there. It will all be worth it, I promise. :)

(26 Apr '16, 18:51) Grace
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sit down focus on a single point in front of you and just wait. eventually you will see the ripple on the water that disturb your peace. stay focus at peace and observe with understanding. you should see what is good and what is not. have the wisdom to change what is not good. first starting with your self then on the outside if possible. why I say if possible. because sometime on the outside some choice of other are out of your control. it does not mean that you cannot make other choice for your self to not have their choice impose on you. some wash only the outside of the cup but the water they spill is dirty. you do not have to drink that water. if they would know better they first would clean the inside of the cup. at the place of doing the same bad thing they do to them self for self pride to other, thinking that they should be proud of stuff that there is nothing to be proud about only showing their own lack they are in ignorance and remain in ignorance. blind guides.

when the storm rages on the surface of the water. Peace! Be still!

if you are not able to calm the inner storm in your cup. how will you ever stop the bigger storm on the outside where there is more then one contributor.

link text

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. It is not as the world gives that I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, and do not let it be afraid.

if I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

Let there be light,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Thank you :)

(22 Apr '16, 15:03) Nikki777

You are being so vague in your answer that I cannot help you.

Please provide real life examples as to what you are talking about. How old you are, what your job is, what kind of hours you work, do you have children or not, do you have a disability, what you define "vibration" as. What exact limiting beliefs did you have?

Also what is your overall goal? You have asked how to break free from inertia (of what?) yet you haven't explained why you want to break free from it or what you are striving towards!

If you want help from a website like this then you re going to have to get real and actually reveal what the hell you are on about. What can you expect? Unless you just want to hear magic, asiry fairy answers??

How about go and listen to Abraham for a year and come back when you are veen more brain washed and cult minded like those **** are?


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