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I am an energy healer and have been wondering since last few days about autoimmune disorders. I have come across quite a few recently. This has made me question the reason behind them.

Autoimmune disorders are caused when our body's immune system does not accept the cells of our own body as their own and starts attacking them as they would do to a foreign substance.

Are we just moving away from our own selves farther and farther? Is it becoming so much difficult to accept ourselves these days? What are we blinded by?

I have started to think it is lack of self-awareness that is causing these kind of diseases generation after generation. Yes, these are carried through genes. Small children have been diagnosed with such disorders, the reason being hereditary.

I would request the group members to give it some thought and pour it in the answers below. Who knows, we all might reach the answer together that might be helpful to many others.

Thanks for reading the question!

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"Cells are highly influenced by your behavior and beliefs. If you affirm the rightness of your physical being, then you help the cells and organs in your body, and without knowing it treat them kindly. If you do not trust your physical nature you radiate this feeling also, regardless of what health procedures you take. The cells and organs know that you do not trust them. In a way you set up antibodies against yourself, simply because you do not confirm the rightness of your physical being as it exists in space and time."

Source: The Nature of Personal Reality (A Seth Book)


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Thanks for your answer T A. The question is what kind of behavior and beliefs have we fallen into that has given rise to such kind of diseases from generation to generation? This must be something very fundamental and long-term change affecting so many.

(24 Aug '16, 07:07) Perfection

Auto immune disorders are a symptom of a dysregulated Hyperimmune system. In other words the immune system has gone into overdrive. They are more common in women, and women are known genetically to have a more vigorous immune system. It makes you wonder if something is turning the immune system on further. The food's we are eating, the toxins in our environment, the vaccines, the medications, the wifi...the list goes on and on. The treatment is to suppress the immune system which carries its own host of problems, or diseases.

Energetically we have the ability to cleanse our bodies of these toxins, by manifestation, but being 3rd density it is a difficult thing to manifest, and many of these diseases carry with them secondary gain. Fibromyalgia for instance is a real disorder. People are really in pain. The pain appears to be however a somatization of depression. Having real pain, is often easier to deal with then having emotional pain. Make no doubt about it depression is a deadly disease. But it also carries a stigmatism. Saying you have a physical disease, makes it more palatable. It gives the person "the right" to stay in bed, sleep more and exhibit depressed behavior, because they hurt.

This but one example of the mind body connection. We need to reconnect mind and body, spirit and science, nature and technology. We were meant to be outside in the sunshine, not hooked to our cell phones looking for Pokemons, and continuously surfing Facebook. But technology has a flip side too. It has so many advantages. Its the dilemma of the times we live in, integration.

Thats why your seeing more autoimmune diseases.


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Great perspective Triaa.. Thank you for the answer.

(25 Aug '16, 00:45) Perfection

In my opinion, people are insane - almost all of them. I feel like I am living in an insane asylum -- or at least, that I escaped my insanity but have not yet escaped my physical life.

The world works very differently from what we have been indoctrinated into believing. Look at the idea of money for instance. It isn't real. It doesn't even exist. Bankers invent it into existence from nothing and then demand interest on it, but people participate in the most grotesque human rights abuses in order to get more of it and what it can buy.

We are really serfs, though we have been indoctrinated into believing that we are free. Since the 1980s, when President Reagan and PM Margaret Thatcher led the world into fascism, things have become so terrible that serfdom feels more like slavery. It's unbearable (or almost) for those who awaken into reality.

The USA has the highest mental illness rate in the world - BY A LOT!!! Mental Illness is now the #1 reason for Social Security Disability. Suicide has climbed into the top ten reasons for death. There is a spike in serious mental illnesses (such as schizophrenia, etc), and so much so that the NIMH (National Institution of Mental Health) has asked for more funding to address the problem. The problem with that is that only in countries like the USA is schizophrenia considered incurable. In third world nations, it's curable - meaning going 30 years without an episode. The meds given to these mentally ill people actually make the disease worse, but that's OK because Big Pharma keeps the insane economy (consisting of nothing but "perceived" value) going.

Many are waking up to the realization that something is very wrong in our society. The stress provably causes chromosomal damage. It erodes the telomeres. It causes brain damage. The cortisal that floods through the body in an unrelenting way causes more damage. The human animal did not evolve to endure such chronic and never-ending stress, such as that which most experience today not even recognizing that. Stress and its consequences provably attacks the body.


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