Are you guys aware of spots in the world where the materialization process is enhanced, vitalized, further developed.

I am aware the earth is a grid of these, sort of like a city, with small streets, regular streets, avenues, and highways. Some places are particularly charged and powerful and ive seen my manifestation progress greatly aided.

Do you know any of these? is there any project to your knowledge that maps or tracks this?

I can tell you for sure, Sedona, Arizona is a very powerful place, as is the Island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Ive felt strong energies in Seattle, Washington too, and also in Capilla del Monte, in Cordoba, Argentina but im craving to hear about more places. Im sure places like the pyramids and macchu picchu are extremely powerful but i havent been there myself to testify.

What other places have you been that have marked you profoundly? i know theres a few authors that spent whole lives chasing these places (james redfield books come to mind)

thank you!

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I remember Bashar talking about Hawaii several times and calling it "the heart chakra point of your earth". I think he goes into more detail about this topic in one of his recordings. It might be "Vortex Vibrations". I'm not sure though.

And here is a youtube video of one of his recordings where he explains the difference between earth chakra points and earth vortices.


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I lived at Mount Shasta for a couple of months or so. The best part was swimming in Lake Shasta. Moved because I missed living in the city.

I was in early pregnancy when living there. Maybe that's partly why my son is so awesome! Anyway, at the time I wasn't aware of the more mystical aspects of the area described here. I'd assume the manifesting process would be more enhanced. Would like to go back some day and swim in that lake again.


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"Briefly, in your own country, the West Coast, portions of the East Coast, Utah, the Great Lakes, the Chicago area, the Minneapolis area, and some other southwestern areas, are in those neighborhoods of excellent coordinate activity, for the reasons given. Materialization will quickly appear, and potentials therefore for both constructive and destructive elements are high."

Source: Seth Speaks (A Seth Book)


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