i practice the law of attraction for a few years now, and my question is about manifesting a happy relationship.

(soory about my english its a second languige )

i literally manifest NOTHING in that erea, and no one!! i look good and great personality etc...i work on myself, belive that and get confirmation from the outside. i do my best to imagine and feel what i want to feel with a lover/boyfriend/husband, write stuff in my notebook of my positive aspect of life everyday , and feel really good almost as if i need and want nothing. i am really happy.

but... still... it does seem weird to me from time to time that no one is even come to rty speak to me - years ago men loved me so much and now - i dont know ... i dont feel lonely by my self (im strting to belive thats a problem), but it realy starts makeing me worry to keep beliving in the loa cause i want to see results - i did the work!! i dont understant how is it that people around me, get what they want so easly , i know and belive its easy but apparently it is not. something is not ok .

and even when i ignore everyone else and focus on myself only --- how come no one is a match for me (no matter what i look or act like), i have no one in my life exept for my family. how come out of 7 bilion people there isnt anyone who is a match foe me? even someone to fight with.. i just want to see a match. but for years - no one. is that possible? (yes, but why?)

help please. :) thanks. and much love

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Your English is great!! :)

Ok, I will add something to the great answer above that may be of help on this.

I have a theory that sometimes your IB will direct you to what you want by not giving you what you want right now. This makes sense if you think of the essence behind why you want this relationship which is to feel better (feel love, passion, security etc.)

You are not feeling these emotions now, dominantly, because if you were the relationship wouldn't matter so much. You would have a sort of 'a relationship might be nice to have' feeling rather than a 'where is it?????' vibe about it.

You must be lower on the EGS than love, freedom etc. because you are desiring the relationship so that it pulls you UP to those feelings. The problem is if the relationship comes to you now it will come to you wherever you are on the scale, which means you will bring the relationship DOWN to where you are.

(This is why I believe you're IB sometimes hides things from you until you are ready to see them through happy (top of the EGS) eyes. It's as if the out of the vortex relationships that you are a match to now pass you by completely rather than enter your life and cause disruption, because your IB wants you to lift up into the vortex to SEE the perfect relationship which is there waiting for you.

IB will give what you really want which is a happy relationship and you wouldn't have that if it came now...

A relationship might pull you up into the vortex for a few days or weeks but eventually your dominant vibration (lower down the scale) will infect the relationship and that relationship won't feel very good at all. Haven't you seen people in very unhappy relationships? That's because a relationship can only mirror where you are and they are not in a happy vibration inside.

The solution is to get in the vortex, keep doing what you're doing. Try not to put your hands on the hot stove (think about the lack of relationship) Find the things that make you feel good.

Once you are dominantly in the vortex, your relationship will appear. It won't make you feel any better because you will already have done that by yourself. However taking your love, passion, enthusiasm, security INTO a relationship will mean that the person you are in the relationship with has to mirror that back to you and the relationship will be loving, passionate, wonderful. It all comes from YOU.

If you met someone now they will have to mirror where you are, which is doubt, frustration, a little instability maybe. That person now today would offer behaviour that amplifies those feelings in you. You feel frustration now today, the person in the relationship with you, now today, does something which triggers frustration in you which makes you feel bad, then maybe you have an angry row, and on it goes.

Can you see how different those relationships would feel? Which do you want? Your IB knows you want the loving, stable relationship but you cannot have that until you're feeling that in yourself.

A similar thing happened to me when I found LOA. I immediately wanted the big jackpot on the lottery and my general feelings about life were around the depression, powerless bottom end of the EGS.

Imagine if I had won the lottery from that vibration? I would have felt happy for a week then pulled that win down to where I was, fearful, depressed etc. And LOA would have provided many situations (using that money) to make me feel fear, depression because that is where I was emotionally.

I learned to climb the scale a bit at a time with my IB by my side. I remember once when I was around frustration on the scale... I shouted to Source/My IB: "Why can't I have my lottery jackpot win now????" And I got an instant sign back from the Universe. It was booming at me: "Building Character" it said.

I didn't want to "build character" I wanted the money to make me feel better. Now, I am enormously grateful that I didn't get big money when I was down in the low vibration. I would have been one of those winners you see on TV documentaries about the boom and bust lottery winners, whose relationships fall apart, they lose family ties, lose all the money etc.

The BIG money did come to me but it came when I was dominantly feeling enthusiasm, passion, security, stability, invincibility. I am eternally grateful it came then and not SIX YEARS earlier (that's how long it took to climb to the top of the scale and into the vortex) but I would do the same again, all over because the money FEELS so good now, so easy, no problems at all with having it, managing it etc. It just adds to my stability that's there with or without the money. My life feels AMAZING now.

Have patience while your Inner Being guides you to where you really want to be which is in the vortex. It knows what it's doing. Do whatever you are doing to keep touching the vortex. From what you have described you are doing really well.

Abraham says it only takes 30 days to get in to the vortex. It took me so long because I was holding the cork under the water and focused on what I didn't have. You can be 30 days away from a loving relationship if you just let go and trust that it's done and it's coming, at the right time for you, when you're a perfect match to it, and not a second before.

Keep us posted :)


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My God @Yes, what an answer! I am shaking my head in wonder as I type. This is your best, without a shadow of the doubt.

(08 Nov '16, 05:05) cod2

WOW!!!YES! im going to print this answer and read it every day.

i cryed while reading your amswer' it was amasing and touched my soul. i just cant express in words how many beautiful things you wrote there, thanks so much!! have an amasing life :))

(08 Nov '16, 05:44) myself

@cod2 @myself I am really glad you found this helpful. It was definitely Source-inspired, I couldn't stop myself from answering the question, and as I wrote it I was flowing with good-feelings for @myself and all on IQ that may read it. :)

(08 Nov '16, 06:59) Yes

You re-worded my answer in a way that I could learn a lot from, too! Thank you, Yes!

(08 Nov '16, 13:24) Bawk7

@Bawk7 You're welcome! :)

(08 Nov '16, 17:26) Yes

Hello @Yes ! Thank you so much for this answer. It was the best thing I could read in this moment of my life. Your answer just help me so much, after I read it I started to understand why many events (about relationship) are happening in my life. I'm feeling much better now... Thanks!!!

(17 Nov '16, 12:37) Neo

@Yes - I agree, this is a wonderful answer. It can be so difficult to put into words just exactly how it feels as you go along, and how it works when everything finally clicks into place. You've made it so clear here, it's very inspiring. :) And I love you're IB theory. I think it's spot on.

(18 Nov '16, 23:05) Grace

@Neo @Grace I'm glad the answer helped! :)

(20 Nov '16, 12:19) Yes

I found this Abraham quote today :) Ask and it is given! :) "Sometimes there is something in your vortex,that you have clearly asked for, but you haven't had the life experience yet that clarifies it to the specifics - so your own Inner Being will call you to and through contrast for that clarifying experience, because there is a bigger thing you want that this will clarify."

(22 Nov '16, 06:37) Yes
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I cannot add much more to the superb answer @Yes has written, but maybe I can offer a slightly different angle.

There are a few things that I think are given, and beyond doubt:

  1. We have all come to know about, study and practise LOA because we wanted something desperately in our lives.
  2. Once you get started in this journey, you cannot quit. Trust me, I have tried...
  3. It's not easy for things to change if you have a very deep-rooted desire of something and are acutely conscious of its absence. We've all been there and most of us are still there :-)

If you agree with these, then you also have accept that it's entirely possible that you won't get your desired outcome in this life at all. You'll make regular progress, and you'll have gone a long way since you started out, but it's possible that you'll not be able to quite reach the level that's needed to get that one problem resolved.

The good news is that no effort is lost. In your next life you'll start where you left off in this life, and you'll breeze through it. I know it doesn't help you now but I am reasonably sure that's how it works. This is why you see people who are highly proficient in creating reality while the majority of us struggle to consistently apply what we have learnt so far. It's not a reflection on your lack of ability, it's just that the person who is highly proficient has been around longer (i.e. had a few dozen or a few hundred more rebirths that you or I have had), they have just been doing this for much longer that you or I have :-) This doesn't mean in your next life you don't have to experience any suffering before all your past knowledge resurfaces... because nobody discovers LOA when they are six months old.

This is also the reason many people have unusual natural ability at everyday things, e.g. music, sports, etc. It's because they also struggled through many lifetimes until it finally clicked for them.

You can also look at this as a (very clever) conspiracy of your higher self to get you started (and keep you hooked) on the path of spirituality. If you didn't have that one unsolvable problem, would you be reading about and practising LOA at all?


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thanks so much cod2, i cant completely resonate with that theory. i mean its completely logical and i understand it, but cant accept it cause if it is true then it would have to mean that not everything is possible . this theory puts limitations of time and its hard for me to accept it. and also if i will accept this theory i will have to accept that other can create things that i cant, and if im the creator of my univers this just cant be. but i get what u mean :) thanks so much, great day :)

(08 Nov '16, 06:06) myself

I think this can definitely be the case for those who refuse to 'let go' of the big thing they really, really want. For some people, it is impossible for them to understand that you can be happy and stable internally whilst observing a life situation that would trigger negative emotions in most people. It is very very difficult because your what-is (lack of what you want) reality is so in your face and feels so much more true than the vibrational (having what you want) version of your reality.

(08 Nov '16, 07:40) Yes

"The more observant you are of where you are the slower the progress to somewhere else, the less observant you are of where you are the faster you move to where you want to be. If you look to where you want to be regardless of where you are you will go there fast."

(08 Nov '16, 07:42) Yes

@myself, I'd look at it from a different angle. The possibility that you may not get what you want in this life may help you relax. As you toy with the idea of not ever having what you want, you may become more and more OK with it. On the other hand if you have a firm belief that you'll always get what you want, when you want, then you may be more inclined to keep asking "Well where is it then? How much longer do I have to wait?", which may end up causing you more frustration. Hope this helps.

(08 Nov '16, 08:28) cod2

@cod2 Great answer :) Let go and surrender which lets it all in.

(08 Nov '16, 08:32) Yes

ho.... i think i got it now. let go of my fear of not having it...not caring at all... i thoght i did that, but now when i read my answer to you and your comment i understant i m not where i thought i was. wow.

thanks very much!!!

(08 Nov '16, 12:26) myself

That is pretty much what I have done--let go of the idea that I am missing out by not having an intimate relationship with a partner. And now I really feel fine with my single status. Not even sure I want to be coupled up! :) Took a while to get there.

Several channeled sources have addressed this situation--it seems common for those on an accelerated path of growth to go it alone, for various reasons. Here's one: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/06/22/aa-metatron-embracing-sacred-sovereignty/

(12 Nov '16, 00:16) Delphine

And Bartholomew via Mary-Margaret Moore speaks of the 12 strands of power, one of which is aloneness. You can read about that as well as they other strands, at this page: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Bartholomew_Ocean_Poses.html < snip> "When this strand is in balance, you will know that you contain all that you need within yourself and you do not really need anyone else...you will know that you have created the balance within your own being to stand powerfully and blissfully alone."

(12 Nov '16, 00:28) Delphine

Sheesh, I just tried to edit another comment I posted, and I was told: "Sorry, you don't have enough reputation here to edit comments." What, not even my own?! Talk about elitist! And the post disappeared :/

Anyway, I had posted about another great channeled source, Bartholomew, who talks about the 12 strands of power, including the strand of aloneness. Can read about that here, along with the other strands, all well worth reading. http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Bartholomew_Ocean_Poses.html

(12 Nov '16, 03:11) Delphine

an update: so i listen carefully to your advisese and i dont know excactly how, i think from a place of desperation, i reached the place of knowing i have it all, but mabey not going to get it in this life time. there was just a knowing.... at the same day!!! someone i loved very much suddenly texted me. what?? so we talked a little and then hw disappeared again. i maneged to stay in that beautiful state of being for tow more days but then got nervuse again.

(14 Nov '16, 15:32) myself

so i found here themanifesting experiment 4 method. i did it. it took me 2 hours cause i wanted to run from it the whole time, it was very hard, but i did it. and about 5 minutes after i finished the prosses i felt like a complete new person, like everything until now was a dream, i actually could see under what progrem i was working and it was horible and beautiful at the same time, cause i wasnt confuse animore, now i new excactly what i wanted.

(14 Nov '16, 15:33) myself

i think i didnt know before the prosses how confused i was - this is teribble!!!. and the best part!!!! - - - - yesterday 6 really nice people came talk to me and i met someone!!!! and we have a date this week. really - i cannt explain in words the power that this prosses had to separate me from my negative/past belives i see them as PAST even thogh i used them just 2 days ago. thats amazing how fast everything works. and im happy. i thank you sooo very much. youre amazing.

(14 Nov '16, 15:33) myself

im sorry i write so much im jusy so excited. i just realised finelly what abraham mean when he say :"to know". its like knowing with your whole body, its like this knowledge is you!! you are it (damn!! its hard in words) its like all doubts dissapears (they are not there!! not exeisting - like when i looked at my paper at the thinhs i wrote it was weird to me, still is). like there is no waiting cause there is movement cause you are moving and you know excactly where to.

(14 Nov '16, 15:42) myself
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Hello myself,

I don't personally believe it is possible to attract "nothing", though it is easy to attract lack from a place of noticing lack.

I am actually in the exact same position as you, which makes a question posted by "myself" very uncanny to respond to! One difference though, is that I now believe that I already have the relationship I think I desire right now, in this moment. I also believe that right now is not the best time for me to engage in this desired relationship, and I understand that my beliefs are both offering vibrations so that I will enter into the relationship when it is the best time.

There is no amount of "work" that you can do on yourself to make anything happen sooner than the best time, but you can "play" on yourself until you no longer care about when it comes, and you can be stronger in your belief that you already have what is coming than your current belief that what you want isn't coming when you think you want it.

and even when i ignore everyone else and focus on myself only --- how come no one is a match for me (no matter what i look or act like), i have no one in my life exept for my family. how come out of 7 bilion people there isnt anyone who is a match foe me? even someone to fight with.. i just want to see a match. but for years - no one.

You really believe you don't have an outstanding and glorius match, out of 7 billion people?! That must be a very powerful belief! :)

Perhaps keep it powerful, but flip it on its head and state with confidence that there must be hundres, even thousands or tens of thousands of desired matches out there, and I only want one at a time that is best for me. This may be even easier to believe than what you're holding onto now!

Much love as well, Bawk7


answered 07 Nov '16, 15:59

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thank you Bawk7 , i actually didnt know what nick name to choose lol so i went for the most easy one for me which was "myself" haaa..

anyway, it is nice to have someone's else perspective. i always asked like in a rhetoric way about the 7 bilion people but never thought of it as a negetive point of attraction that im creating. really an eye opener. thanks again :)

(07 Nov '16, 17:36) myself

You are very welcome myself, and thank you for asking a question that has been on my mind so i can really gauge how I feel about it all! :)

(07 Nov '16, 17:59) Bawk7
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