What is the point of saving the Earth? How did so many people become convinced that there is something wrong? Can anyone prove beyond belief and assumption that there is anything wrong or anything that needs saving? It seems like most people just believe assertions they heard from someone else or read about somewhere with very little proof behind any of them. Does this bother anyone?

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It's man that has to be saved. The earth is OK man must be saved from himself. With disease at bey, we still have war, greed, prejudice.


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why are war, greed, and prejudice things that need to be stopped? For what purpose?

(10 Dec '10, 02:48) mr.g

When an army breaks into your house, takes your money and hangs you for your ethnicity you will have an answer to your query :)

(10 Dec '10, 04:00) jim 10

I think that some Trolls have found this website...

(10 Dec '10, 13:11) Pierre

I suspected the same but we will see.

(10 Dec '10, 14:38) jim 10

You're to funny Pierre

(10 Dec '10, 14:52) Tom

Yes, Pierre, TROLLS! And they live in your house, in your head, and in your beliefs!

(10 Dec '10, 21:29) Hu Ra

@Pierre - it must be hard work trolling a website where you need your "victims" to vote for you ;)

(11 Dec '10, 00:09) Stingray

I'm not a troll. I am admitting that I truly do not know the basis for most of the terms thrown around so flippantly on this site.

(11 Dec '10, 00:52) mr.g

I totally agree with all this comment. But, yes, I think a troll (having fun) can have reputation. Particularly on this Q&A website, because the audience is so open minded that even funny (or suposed to be) questions can be interesting subject and discussed in a positive and constructive way. And to Mr.G : I don't know what's the LOA, Mystery key and so on (as you can see my questions and answers are not about this), but as I said, the audience makes it all.

(14 Dec '10, 13:53) Pierre
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No, it does not bother me! Like always the proof is in the pudding, and I do not think you have to go very far to find the proof, since it is all around us, and of course the facts speaks for it self. Take a very good look all around you, what do you see in our world today, and do you think we are in a place whereby we do need to save the earth? If your answer differs from the others that see a need to save the earth, then, by all means you can ignore it, and carry on with your life. But I do think that it would be wonderful, if we can do our part in saving mother earth, by going Green and keeping our environment clean!


answered 09 Dec '10, 05:36

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saving mother earth from what? "going green" is a group of ideas and suggestions from external authorities, mostly politicians and business owners, that capitalize on people's belief that there is something wrong that needs to be changed and that the earth needs to be saved. that is the question, what is threatening the Earth? Where did this idea originate?

(09 Dec '10, 08:59) mr.g

Ha ha ha.. funny, mr.g ;]

(09 Dec '10, 12:10) wildlife

@ mr.g I would be interested to hear you answer your own question, since, as it appears you have the proper answer to your question. Please do enlighten us; I would love to read your answer!

(10 Dec '10, 05:35) Inactive User ♦♦
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someone must have looked to his right and then to his left and all he saw was conspicuous consumption. and for some reason began to think that a pattern was developing,
and as it was discussed with friends they too saw the pattern.
then they made a pledge to be more considerate of how the resources of our planet would be used by them. yet others saw a means for profiting by igniting fear in the hearts of many who did not take the time to see for themselves what was going on.


answered 10 Dec '10, 02:06

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oh, I see very clearly what is going on. :) how can you call consumption conspicuous? Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost. Things simply flow through, change shape and composition, and continue on their merry way. why should anyone be considerate about how they act on the planet?

(10 Dec '10, 02:48) mr.g

Very well said fred!

(10 Dec '10, 10:46) daniele

you can only love another as much as you love yourself, and that is where the consideration comes from. Caring for another is no different than caring for yourself. YOU are the one that benefits first, most, and most likely only.

(10 Dec '10, 21:26) Hu Re

mr.g, you asked the question. in answer to the last comment you posted; if you have the time read 'The Legend of the Acient of Days'

(11 Dec '10, 01:30) fred
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We are of the earth it is not ours.

Look at it as Oneness. We are not separate of the earth it IS us. And it too is living it's path with us. It is growing and learning with us. Everything is how it should be. Just as our lessons are needed for us to grow these lessons of the earth will teach it also. The earth could very well cleanse itself of some if not all of us.

The Earth IS a living breathing life form. Rocks grow, Volcanoes explode, plates shift. Earth evolves and now we affect it. The body knows how to heal itself. So does she.

I think there is a better chance we blow ourselves up than jacking up the Earth to the extent we can not inhabit it.

Much Love ichael

Mom! Can I have my "M" back?


answered 10 Dec '10, 03:57

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jim 10

What is the point of saving the Earth?

-the same as trying to save (or destroy or create) anything, which I'd say is to try to control the duration and quality of experience.

How did so many people become convinced that there is something wrong?

-fear of change, or the belief they do not like where the change is going. Or maybe desire to believe their actions have consequence at all, even if it is "negative".

Can anyone prove beyond belief and assumption that there is anything wrong or anything that needs saving?

-no, these are subjective judgments that can always be countered with further subjective arguments.

It seems like most people just believe assertions they heard from someone else or read about somewhere with very little proof behind any of them. Does this bother anyone?

-Not most people, ALL people. It seems to be all we can do. A personality is always just a collection of stories... emptiness is form and form is emptiness (if you're into that one). There is no proof in anything. Every single word we know, we learned from somewhere. This doesn't bother me, it gives my greater flexibility in relating to temporal phenomena like beliefs and personalities. Understanding that everyone is conditioned and programed by their stories is understanding that they are insubstantial and already changing. Why would I be bothered that someone has subjective beliefs that are in opposition to my subjective beliefs?


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Hu Re

my reaction is that we may not need to kill each other for our need to defend our separateness. and although our carbon footprints and habits of conspicuous consumption may not be contributing to global warming they help perpetuate the lack of basic distribution of natures resources to all mankind. so look to your right and look to your left, the seeds you plant today you'll reap in the future

(11 Dec '10, 01:49) fred

I am not sure where you live or where you've spent most of your life. I am originally from the mediterranean region and have been to the lands/islands bordering it. The process of massive deforestation didn't happen over the past century or two, but from way before that. Our beautiful planet is a living organism and we can't go on like before. It is time to be a better care taker. As in all relationships, you give and you take.

Thank you, namaste


answered 10 Dec '10, 10:44

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An emotional charge is the point. Humans do best when given a political idea alongside an emotional drive. That most of them don't understand the law of the conservation of energy doesn't matter one whit since emotion and politic require no independent thinking whatsoever.

Sometimes I bother myself with this issue, other times I see it as opportunity. Right now, it seems sweet and amusing.


answered 10 Dec '10, 18:35

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Hu Ra

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