And what exactly does it entail, "facing" difficult issues?

Conversely, where's the line between deciding to feel good in spite of the issues, and living in denial, only to face bigger demons later?

This was a question asked in another thread, in a conversation between @CalonLan and @Stingray.

@Fairy Princess suggested I should post it for everyone to have a go at. (Thank you all!)

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This is a really interesting question because today I have been listening to Bashar talking about integrating emotions. I am hoping that present moment awareness will take care of it all and am attempting to live more in the now and it does feel better and it does feel more stable .... so far so good as they say. I do know exactly what you mean as I have been swinging across a very wide bandwidth of emotions ... hopefully light at the end of the tunnel though.

(20 Jun '12, 14:27) English Rose
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The way you've phrased your question doesn't seem to offer much of a pleasant choice...face a difficult issue, or be consumed by a difficult issue? :)

It's like saying, would you like me to slap you on your face, or slap you on the side of your head? :)

My view on this, which originated from Abraham, was reinforced by Bashar and The Pleiadian Collective, and has been tested extensively in my own life experience, is that one should never go deliberately looking for difficult issues to deal with.

To do so invites the Law of Attraction to start bringing more difficult issues to you because you attract in accordance with where your thoughts are dominantly focused.

As I mentioned in the thread your question refers to, that's a game you will never win.

As you face one difficult issue and go looking for more to face, you'll find them...and then as you look for more, you'll find more of them too...and more...and more...and so on...forever.

Eventually your life will be one long stream of difficult issues to face because you will keep dredging up more and more to face thanks to the operations of the impartial, but totally consistent, Law of Attraction.

No thanks. I've spent many years in that dark place in my past and it's not exactly a fun-filled experience ...unless you enjoy being eternally slapped :)

There is a better way, however.

In my view, the correct strategy is always to aim for that vibrational state of joyous alignment that Abraham terms The Vortex.

Your goal is to make Vortex alignment so habitual that it becomes your natural vibrational home. Once you do that, you can now step out of the Vortex without fear - or be kicked out of the Vortex by an "issue" - but still find your way back in with relative ease, cleaning up a little bit on the way. (I use what I call the Advanced Focus Blocks Method for this but you can use whatever works for you)

We are creatures of habit and making Vortex alignment a firm habit will serve you well for the rest of your life. As Abraham say, Vortex first anyway you can, then everything else.

You need not be concerned that always having the goal of Vortex alignment will somehow "not deal" with issues that need to be dealt with (integrated).

When a light shines brighter, the shadows become darker, and it will become more and more obvious what issues need integration because they will be issues that keep kicking you out of the Vortex.

This is a process that happens completely naturally and you cannot avoid it because it's part of the natural ebb and flow of life.

And so, to answer your question, I would suggest only relying on that natural "kicking out of the Vortex" to identify and deal with your difficult issues rather than deliberately going looking for them.

And once you are out of the Vortex, spend the minimum time you need to in order to find enough relief from whatever is bothering you to launch yourself back in again.

You'll never clean up your entire life so just accept that and get on with enjoying the ride :)


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Thank you, @Stingray. That is what I was hoping to hear. I've always been worried about being in denial by aiming higher. But I just can't see an end to the stuff to be dealt with. And believe me, I've tried.... OH. Ah ha moment......LOL!!!

(20 Jun '12, 17:52) Grace

@Grace - "But I just can't see an end to the stuff to be dealt with" ...yes, you just demonstrated the point perfectly :)

(20 Jun '12, 17:59) Stingray

@Stingray, It's fun for you to sit back and watch the lights go on, isn't it? :)

(20 Jun '12, 18:01) Grace

@Grace - Well, the fun bit is actually to watch someone remember something they already knew :) After all, if they didn't already know it at some level, they wouldn't recognize the truth of it. As a wise philosopher once said "Learning Is Remembering" :)

(22 Jun '12, 05:25) Stingray

@Stingray-The blueprint for a great life.Thanks.@Grace-Thanks for asking great questions that will benefit a lot of people:)

(22 Jun '12, 11:51) Satori

@Satori, I appreciate your saying that. Sometimes it feels like I'm bothering everybody, but there's just soooo many things I want answers to. Little bit of kindness just went a long way, thank you.

(22 Jun '12, 15:36) Grace

@Grace Don't feel like you're bothering anyone... we all love reading and answering questions here! Ask away:)

(22 Jun '12, 22:02) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli, thank you. Still feels a bit like a high-wire walk, talking so openly to so many people. Not at all what I'm used to, but I'm learning, and it feels like its making me come alive again.

(22 Jun '12, 22:43) Grace

Love your answer Stingray and yes it does get easier and better.

(23 Jun '12, 15:29) Paulina 1
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I will use the serenety prayer to find a logical course to take in the face of difficult issues. It goes like this: God grant me the serenety to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdome to know the difference. So you take your issue and ask yourself if there is anything you can do to change or fix the situation. If yes, then conscienciously make a plan to fix it. That could include techniques like Two Hands Touching, praying, or Focus Block to assist allowing a good plan. If no, then do Two Hands Touching or EFT or whatever, to help you release the issue so as not to be consumed by it.

It won't fix your problem if you stew on it, worry about it, dwell in it, fear that it will happen, etc... Holding the negative thoughts and feelings in your mind produces hormones that cause pain, illness, etc... as well as attract more occasions for you to feel that way. So forgive all that you hold in your heart. Not because they deserve it, but because you deserve to move on.


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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess, yes! I remember that prayer, I've always loved it. Thanks for reminding me. Btw, I'm using your THT as you suggested with an affirmation, and I am really enjoying it. Hands are so sensitive to be aware of anyway, but brought together like that, and with intention, its a really potent focusing tool for me. Loving it. Thanks again!

(22 Jun '12, 22:53) Grace

I am so happy to hear that @Grace! It would be great to read about your successes here Thanks.

(23 Jun '12, 01:11) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-Yes I've been practising kundalini yoga and I see that joining the hands has other benefits to.

(23 Jun '12, 04:22) Satori

Thank you @Satori yes many practices use touching the hands, but I never read or heard anyone say to feel them touching. We can put our hands together and close our eyes and have no affect, but when we feel the hands touching, that is where the 'magic' happens.

(23 Jun '12, 09:24) Fairy Princess

So forgive all that you hold in your heart. Not because they deserve it, but because you deserve to move on. Beautiful words Fairy Princess, thanks for I will tweet them.

(23 Jun '12, 15:33) Paulina 1
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This is my turning point. I have been very sick for weeks now, I was just getting ready to helplessly cough again because I have just woken up with my throat agitated again.

When I cough I can not breath for a while because my throat gets so clogged up! It is a terrible thing to go through wondering if this will be the time I pass out!

Now I just had a call from a good friend that told me life is a battle what am I doing caving into this? She said how powerful I am and what a great teacher I am both in Karate and spiritually. She said to me, do I think darkness likes me helping people be empowered with confidence? She said you step in that ring and meet this and beat this!

She had an observation this came from depression, lost confidence, then the sickness. I said that is true that has been why I have been feeling like when I get better I'll fight this but for now I feel beat, tired, exhausted, overwhelmed.

I now see that I was hit hard with this attack on many levels. That is why the lack of motivation to beat this, I couldn't figure out why this time nothing was coming to me to beat this. It wasn't just physical is why, I had mostly given up on life!

The Bible tells us we speak into creation, our words have great authority and power, we have great command. Every word we think or say has an effect in creating what we experience.

I was just going to cough again but I chose again and this time I chose to stand up and say to the devil is that all you have! Is that the best you can do? I am a new creation in Jesus Christ, I have perfect ever lasting life! I have perfect health, happiness, confidence, I have full authority over you Satan be gone in Jesus name you take your illusion with you! Sickness does not exist in the mind of God!

I'll tell you this, I feel right now like Rocky when he was nearly beat but he said now it's my turn!

It is our faith that makes the difference, it is taking an active roll in the creation of experience with the confidence knowing that we are choosing again. We are the ones punching not being the ones getting punched.

We are the ones beating life into submission, we will not be beaten into submission by life! That Kingdom of God is ours claim it and battle any illusion that tries to tell you different.

It is taking an active stance and saying it's my turn now Satan you are going down!

I am back on top and I'll have this beat very soon I know it, I feel it, this is the the reality I chose.

Don't take it lying down, you get up face it and say it's my turn now, I call the shots and I am a winner, a victor!

God be with you. :-)


answered 20 Jun '12, 17:02

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Wade Casaldi

WoooooHOOOOOOOO!!!! Rock on, @Wade Casaldi! You will beat this!

(20 Jun '12, 17:21) Grace

Hope you get better soon, Wade

(20 Jun '12, 18:00) Stingray

Thank you so much Grace and Stingray, yes I am choosing life, happiness, health and wealth. :-) I feel back on top, and yes I feel much better even right now. :-)

Right now I am hearing in my head songs like, "I feel good", "Hit me with your best shot" and the Rocky theme,"Growing strong now."

(20 Jun '12, 18:49) Wade Casaldi

Pssst hey Wade... Turn your speakers up!

(20 Jun '12, 19:18) Grace

Thank you Grace yes that is it! That is the song. :-)

(20 Jun '12, 21:30) Wade Casaldi

I also hope that you get to feeling better.

There is a cough suppression acupressure point at the base of your throat in front. You can feel a "U" shape where the bones join. Press down into that joint when you want to stop a cough. Do not press into the larynx, just vertically down.

(21 Jun '12, 05:32) Dollar Bill

As a Christian, you know you can not fight "Satan" directly on your own. I know that you know this already. Illness can get me off-center, perhaps you also? I find it more difficult to apply the Principles when my physical body is ill.

Bring in Source, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Universal Mind.

You have launched a "health desire." It is done. Your spiritual Self is healed, just need to get your physical self to that healthy place.

(21 Jun '12, 05:38) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill no the battle is already won by Jesus. James 4:7 when we tell the devil be gone and take your negativity with you in Jesus name he has to leave. It is like the devil feels like "Oh man! Why did you have to call on him! Okay I'm out of here!" Like our big brother that watches out for us. Knowing that gives such faith that is the authority Jesus gives us. :-)

(21 Jun '12, 07:05) Wade Casaldi

I feel....that life isn't about battles and fighting at all. But quite the opposite...

(21 Jun '12, 07:19) streetsanto

@streetsanto right that is what I was saying the battle is won. Jesus won it we have to recognize it and just accept the peace God gives. The inherited Kingdom of God. It is like being beat by an illusion and then you take your turn and reveal the truth the battle is won the war was fought for us we win and are winners through Jesus.

(21 Jun '12, 07:32) Wade Casaldi

@Dollar Bill thanks for the pressure point. I'll use that too. I am noticing it gets worse at night, day time and mornings are no problem now so it is trying to hold on but losing. :-)

(21 Jun '12, 07:39) Wade Casaldi
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Dear Grace, You have some wonderful answers and Stingray is superb when it comes to helping people. It is true that if you become owerwhelmed with problems and emotional issues it becomes like a vicious circle and you will keep on geting more of the same. You have to try to feel good in spite of all that is going on for than you will get out of the vicious circle and be able to confront and face when an issue arrises.

With practise it gets easier and you will notice that the next time a problem crops up it will not consume you but you will bounce back much quicker and even suprise yourself. Living in the moment while feeling good (being in the vortex) does wonders.

Also instead of worring give your problem over to a higher power and watch miracles happen.


answered 23 Jun '12, 15:47

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Paulina 1

Thank you @Paulina 1, I am learning.

(23 Jun '12, 17:11) Grace
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