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Hello everyone!

I, as many on this forum I'm positive, have gotten a lot of my information and understandings regarding the universal laws and concious creating and manifesting from Abraham (Channeled by Esther Hicks) I would go even as far as to say that the bulk of my information and terminology stems from Abraham, I also believe that their book "Ask and it is given" is a very useful and extremely practical guide- and I have seen nothing around that matches it (Except Stingrays manifestation experiments of course- but I could not have even understood them without listening to Abraham first- thats for sure!)

Aside from the practicality of their teachings, there is another aspect that really draws me to them, and its the fact that there is SO MUCH material available from them: completely free and easy to find on youtube and just hours on hours of amazing conversations, rampages, workshops, cruises etc etc. I first used Abraham to truly "get" what it means to create, like the hardcore concrete information about how to manifest, but now I have noticed myself using it as one of my tools to get into the vortex; or while in a good feeling place- to make my vibration skyrocket more and more.

Buttt...Truth be told- some questions/answers are more interesting than others, some videos are just more unique and eye-opening and provide deeper insight- I would like to ask you to share some of the videos/links to videos (youtube) that in your opinion, you would recommend to watch- maybe a video that gets you in the vortex, or a video that made something "click" for you, it could be a very interesting question or even a video that presents a very different view- in short- what video (s) would you advise me to watch from Abraham Hicks and WHY? (The why is important too so I can understand why this particular video stands out for you)

I think it will be very benificial to share what you like, its really an ocean of information and sometimes it gets a bit same-old-same-old and knowibg the level of understanding on the forum- I am certain that the videos you liked will be top level.

Thank you :)

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Great question !! I like the daily quotes. If you haven't subscribed, you should.

(20 Mar '17, 21:51) ele
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sometimes it gets a bit same-old-same-old and knowibg the level of understanding on the forum- I am certain that the videos you liked will be top level.

"same-old-same-old" mean like endlessly repeating Good Feels Good? :) Abraham have done publically since the 90's, and which I've been doing on this website for the past several years? :)

Yeah, it does get a bit same-old same-old :)

...but then again, there really isn't any other message to convey. Life really is that simple and because it's that simple, many people refuse to believe it...and keep looking for something more complicated.

I could probably list dozens of videos that I think are particularly insightful but I probably only find them insightful because Abraham have expressed Good Feels Good in a way that I haven't got bored of listening to yet :) But just because I like them, they might not resonate with another in the same way because we are all in different vibrational places heading in different vibrational someone else might only hear "blah, blah, blah" :)

Personally, I would think the best "person" to ask to share their favorite Abraham-Hicks videos would be your own Broader/Higher/Inner a way similar to the Abraham Jukebox idea.

So, my suggested method would be something like what you are already doing to "to make my vibration skyrocket more and more", and it's the way I actually use YouTube myself...

  1. Get yourself into a good-feeling state of being - the best you can feel, preferably

  2. Go to YouTube and type "Abraham-Hicks" into the search bar along with whatever other subject comes to mind at that moment e.g "Abraham-Hicks lottery win" :)

  3. From what appears, choose the video that most seems to catch your attention

  4. After that video, either do another search or choose any related video that also catches your attention

  5. Because of the state of being you were in when you started your search - and because Abraham are masters at holding people in good-feeling states - you will probably find yourself being showered with insightful information that was there all along but which you may not previously have been in a vibrational state to hear.

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@Stingray-Love this answer..

(22 Mar '17, 00:42) Zee

I knew @Stingray would be around to give an excellent answer to this question and he didn't disappoint. He expressed many of the same feelings I had when I first read it and gave some very helpful advice as usual.

(31 Mar '17, 23:03) ele
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