hi everyone,

my question is about manifesting and paralel realities.

so lets say i want to change a situation in my life , and lets say that im doing all the things abraham hicks (or bashar) is suggesting and meditating, feeling the right feelings, etc.... and get aligned. so now im in the now, feeling amazing , in the now, like i dont really need anything to really change and all the other things. and now my imagination can really really fly into positive details about this situation, without any doubts or fears and i imagine just for the fun of it and not beacause i need it or something close to that. i just know that i want it and that its already mine and everything just feels great. me feeling great every day is satisfying enough.

and then one day i watch just because i have nothing else to watch an abraham video, and in this video ester says that: "sometimes people will not join you"

ok, so i've heard this sentence before and it ectually helped me alot (getting over breakups, friends, and some insecurities i had).

on the other hand ester also said that when we change our frequncy people around us automatically will change too - and i've witness that in my own life so many times. (now, i realize that when i change people can change for good or bad, high or low..but in my life it was for the best - when i was conscious about it...)

so what im asking basically is if im changing my frequency (viberation) and im in a compeletly diferent world now , and i create my own reality so HOW COME PEOPLE WIIL
CHOOSE TO NOT JOIN ME? didnt i just transfered into a paralel reality?

and i know i just wrote the word "choose" even though i cant control other choises but then again it is my reality and my creation' and there are suposed to be milions of vesions of every one so if im focused on the best side of the situation (or even just feeling good) how come some will "choose not to join"?

i hope you understand my paradox.

i will very much appreciate your answers.

asked 25 May '17, 10:26

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Everyone exists in all realities to some degree, because we are all one. But we don't exist in all realities with the same degree of intensity.

Say, the person you might miss if you shift your reality, is fully existing with you now. You may be floating, through your creative process, through an area of realities where that person's intensity is very high. Then you will encounter varying versions of that person that correspond very well to the reality shifts that you made, and you succeeded in co-creating with that person the version of that person that you prefer. Yay, you can say! You are creating your own reality, and that person is playing a long really nicely, and you feel satisfied that you understand and enjoy the situation.

You are, however, getting that result in this situation only because that person's probable realities are the most dense within the realities that you are switching to to make your modifications. If you shift into realities where the probability of that person existing becomes lower, that person may still be there, but may feel less close and less important, and if you shift yet further, that person may only exist as memory, or a dream, or an imagination, until she or he fades into the background noise of existence that you are no longer consciously aware of.

So technically speaking it's true that everyone always exists in every reality, so theoretically you can co-create with anyone in any reality. But that won't do you any good when what you prefer is a physical experience of that person, and even a rather vivid experience of that person's creative power, because those only happen within the set of realities where that person has focused most.

In other words- you can co-create any version of any person together with any version of you- as long as the experience is within the probable realities that person is most focused on. That is where that person's free will is to be found- their set of creative probabilities through the realities.

Hence the paradox- the seeming paradox comes from the difference between literal truth (everyone is everywhere at all times) and the practicality of being physical (I have my most meaningful experiences with those who are most focused around me).

So since it is meaningful experience you are after, and a physical creation following your imagination, it is entirely possible to create yourself in such a different frequency that your interaction with one person may come to an end and you may pick up interacting in a somewhat similar way with another person.

Before just accepting that and moving on, however, I would highly recommend to search your belief system for negative beliefs that may dictate the necessity of moving to a reality where that person does not exist. It is entirely possible that, if you change certain beliefs, you will be able to find a reality where that person exists strongly, and where all the advantages that you were looking for in your different reality are also present- or at least those that are most important to you. I would consider finding that a more fine point of living- and perhaps even the metaphysical explanation for a lasting relationship. Mind you, a lasting relationship is not better or worse than a more transient one- and on the cosmic scale, a life-long relationship is just a blip anyway- but if it were the case that for this lifetime a more lasting relationship with that person is what you prefer, then finding and tuning into the band of realities where that person is strongly focused and where all other circumstances also strongly please you is the way to do it.

Have a lot of success fine-tuning your creative power! Do enjoy.

To get rid of possible negative beliefs I recommend Bashar's method: Focus on the feeling that the presence of that person conflicts with your creative desire, and ask yourself: What would I have to believe to feel this? When you get an answer, the belief is gone. If you clear all of the beliefs, you will either find a pleasing reality with that person present, or you will feel loving and okay about drifting away.


answered 25 May '17, 11:40

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wow!! just wow!! so on point. thank you so much cmc , i really feel happy but this was reallt thomthing new.

do you think you have any ideas for neagative thoughts that may influence me toward stay in the imagination or dream state cause you're right -when it comes to the phisical i ruin it (i know i do, i dont give it a chance). i had fears of trust but i thougt i got over them...

(25 May '17, 12:20) myself

@myself Thank you so much for your recognition! I noticed I really enjoy letting questions like yours draw inner truths from me, and I seem rather good at maintaining clarity, so it's a real thrill when they turn out to be useful. And because the question does the drawing out, I learn so much during writing. So, much appreciation for your question.

(25 May '17, 12:24) cmc

@myself I have absolutely no idea which beliefs may be problematic for you. If you are like most people, you will have several main clusters of related beliefs. But you will uncover them all if you use Bashar's method (or another one you enjoy). The key is the feeling. Really allow yourself to feel the negative feeling in detail, until you feel you have grasped it- then ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? You may have to prod a little to get an answer, but you will.

(25 May '17, 12:26) cmc

ok, thank you again. now im really inspired to understand myself . and i wish i could go back to last week and remmember what frequency i had exactly haha.

(25 May '17, 12:36) myself

@myself Think of the situation. You'll get it- not exactly, but close enough.

(25 May '17, 12:42) cmc

i'll try that. thanks again :)

(25 May '17, 12:45) myself
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