I find after a week or so using Stingrays manifesting experiment 5 consistently that i seem to  hit a wall.I can't find a topic to mold. I know this should be a good thing lol but I'm not sure if this is because there are no issues to deal with or they are protecting themselves which they have the power to do. It's like a mental block  or something. 

Then I find myself getting  annoyed with it cause I'm not doing the process consistantly/daily.

What should I do when I can't find an issue? just accept it and do something else eg meditate, enjoy life and let the issues come to me?


asked 16 Dec '11, 17:49

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I don't know if my personal experiences with this are universal but I find there's an eternal cycle of oscillation between "contentment" (perhaps bordering on boredom) to almost "drowning in desire".

And I find that when I'm at one extreme, the other extreme looks like the place I would rather be and, sure enough, my life automatically readjusts to take me there sooner or later.

Looking back over my life so far I've noticed that going from one extreme to the other has sometimes taken weeks, sometimes months, and sometimes years.

It's like a pendulum eternally swinging back and forth and I don't think there's any right or wrong place to be on that swing. It's all personal choice.

I see life a bit like a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes there are straight boring bits and sometimes there are thrilling twisty bits. If you didn't have the boring bits, you wouldn't appreciate the thrilling twisty bits as much...or have time to be thankful that they are over, if you didn't like them :) All the bits play their part in bringing variety to the experience of the ride.

You don't need to worry that somehow there are bad manifestations waiting to suddenly leap into your life because you didn't notice them hiding there. The Law of Attraction is such that if there is something uncomfortable lurking and you are flowing energy unknowingly towards it then it will naturally get bigger, until it reaches a certain threshold by which you will notice it consciously and can then clean it up.

If you keep your emotional sensor sharp through regular meditation, you'll notice them as negative emotions long before they manifest physically.

Of course, if you really want something to deal with sooner rather than later, just stop using the process for a while...and enjoy some thrilling twisty bits :)


answered 16 Dec '11, 23:47

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@Stingray when you reach a point of "boredom" and feel like you have nothing to mold like Satori in this case, does it mean that you are in the vicinity of the Vortex?

(17 Dec '11, 10:24) kakaboo

Interesting question. Perhaps you should ask this as a new question. There is not much room available in these comments.

(17 Dec '11, 11:05) Stingray

Great Stingray,thank you,your answer has helped me understand my situation:)

(19 Dec '11, 18:10) Satori
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I quote you: What should I do when I can't find an issue? just accept it and do something else eg meditate, enjoy life and let the issues come to me?...

That is precisely what you should do!!! Be happy! Celebrate! Woo-hoo! No issues! Great! What a wonderful time of year (Christmas 2011) to have no issues!

Blessings and Peace, Both Inner and Outer,



answered 16 Dec '11, 18:12

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Thank you Jaianniah,blessings and peace to you;)

(19 Dec '11, 18:05) Satori

If you are using EFT, mold the issue that you have about not having any issues to mold. Also, you can do FasterEFT without focussing on an issue, just say, "Let it go" or "Peace" or some positive statements. There is always something to tap in if there is nothing to tap out. You can even tap while saying "I am so happy to have this peace." Peace and blessings to you. And congratulations for getting through it. How exciting for you!

And you can do Two Hands Touching at any point for a purpose or just to feel better.

You can also use the EZ Deletion Sequence and work your way up the Emotional Guidance scale starting at the bottom.




4.Positive Expectation/Belief




















answered 16 Dec '11, 18:59

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Fairy Princess

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Thanks for your great advice Fairy Princess, peace and blessings to you;)

(19 Dec '11, 18:07) Satori

You set your own limits of creativity. If you are bored, you have set your own point of boredom. The universe is waiting for you to discover it. All of this knowledge is there for you to learn and apply. You cannot get bored when you go deep. Sometimes this is work, but it is all there.


answered 19 Dec '11, 05:09

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The Knights Alchemy

Appreciate your advice,Thanks:)

(19 Dec '11, 18:13) Satori

well satori they are plenty of issue to work on in this world. pick one and solve it. experience and enjoy.


answered 19 Dec '11, 05:23

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white tiger


Thanks for your advice White Tiger:)

(19 Dec '11, 18:12) Satori
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