This question was partly inspired by Satori's question here : What to do if I can't find issues to mold? and I am also sure some of us would have experienced this kind of feeling at some point in time in our life, where everything just seems boring/mundane/nothing is wrong at all ...

So when you experience this kind of feeling, does that mean you are in the vicinity of the 'vortex' ? Since your state of being would be sort of completely neutral with no positives and negatives. But if that is the case, why do you still not seem to be able to get what you want even in this state at certain times?

And how does stopping any vibrational cleaning up processes help to get you out of this 'boredom' state? As mentioned in Stingray's answer

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Great question kakaboo, thank you:)

(19 Dec '11, 18:00) Satori
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There's a few different questions here as far as I can see.

When you feel like you do not have a particular topic in life that needs vibrational cleaning up with at the moment, does that mean you are in the vicinity of the ‘vortex’?

"Being in the Vortex" is Abraham's analogy for a state of alignment with your Higher/Broader Self. But it's actually a bit more subtle than that because your Broader Self is also in the same vibrational "place" that all the stuff you want is so the Vortex also represents a state of alignment with everything you want in life.

This idea is explained in: What should we imagine, visualize or believe?

Now the misunderstanding I've seen a few times on this site is the assumption that the Vortex is a static place so you are either in-tune with it or not.

This is not the case.

The Vortex is actually an ever-shifting ever-evolving swirling mass of vibrational energy that is in constant motion. So the term Vortex is a pretty good description when trying to get a grip on this concept from our 3D physical perspectives. The reason the Vortex is in constant motion is because new desires are constantly being launched within us. These new desires keep shifting the Vortex into new vibrational places.

alt text

So if the Vortex is in constant motion, it suggests to us that trying to stand vibrationally still is, sooner or later, going to leave us outside our own Vortex. I think a valid way to define your physical life is a constant chasing after your own Vortex. It sounds like hard work but the true fun and satisfaction of life is in the chase :)

Feeling like you don't have anything to want (i.e. nothing to clean up) can now mean two things:

  • You've found a way to (temporarily) stop further desires being launched in your life so your Vortex is effectively stationary. (It's never really stationary but for the sake of this explanation, we'll assume that it is).

  • You are genuinely up to speed with your swirling Vortex for now.

In the first case (new desire being thwarted), yes, you will now experience the relief of not having anything that is troubling you because you are refusing to allow yourself to want anything. Many religions appear to teach this suppression of desire idea. The problem with it is that in suppressing desire, you are also suppressing the flow of life-force which that fresh new desire kicks are cutting yourself off from the thrill of being alive. (See my comments about living life in the fast lane).

If you suppress desire like this, you are going to feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Yes, you are effectively up to speed with something you could technically call your Vortex (it's not what Abraham means by Vortex) but it's not a satisfying place to be. You are going to feel like there is something you are missing out on in life. It's a bit of a Zombie-like existence i.e. living dead :)

In the second case where you are freely launching desires and have found a way to align your physical self with that swirling Vortex of desire, you are going to feel joy, satisfaction, passion, fulfillment...really, everything good it is possible for a human being to feel.

So, returning to this initial question having laid some background, are you really in the vicinity of the Vortex when you feel like you have nothing that needs cleaning up?

I guess the answer would be Yes but whether that is a fulfilling/satisfying feeling depends on whether you are someone that allows yourself to launch natural desire (and has come into alignment from that perspective) or is someone that is trying to stifle desire.

If you are truly suppressing the launching of new desire, this state of boredom is something almost to be feared. It feels like dull, lifeless, endless monotony.

If you are truly allowing the launching of new desire, this state of boredom is just a breather ( a straight part of the roller-coaster ride ) before the next thrilling bit.

But if that is the case, why do you still not seem to be able to get what you want even in this state at certain times?

I think you must be asking this next question from the perspective of someone that is suppressing desire because someone that is allowing desire will naturally get what they want (if they come into alignment).

If you are suppressing desire, you are effectively not allowing yourself to want and are also suppressing the flow of energy that would bring it about.

And how does stopping any vibrational cleaning up processes help to get you out of this 'boredom' state?

Again, with this question it depends on whether you are an allower of new desire or a suppressor of new desire.

If you allow your desires then when you are bored, you are allowing the desire for new experiences to be launched and, soon enough, those desires will start manifesting.

If you suppress your desire then doing nothing will continue to bring you more of nothing :)


I realize that I've simplified ideas quite a bit here in order to get some points across so I thought I should just add a few after-thoughts.

The reality of the situation is that no-one can totally suppress desire over the long-term.

If they truly manage it successfully and completely cut-off the flow of life-force, they'll just transition into non-physical anyway (death) and re-emerge with a new fresh desire-filled perspective (life).

But, more often, a period of boredom and stagnation caused by suppression of new desire, sooner or later, seems to manufacture a crisis in someone's life which then leads to an avalanche of new desire anyway :)

So, really, those major life crises that people often fear and resent are, from their Broader Perspectives, bringing them back into alignment with the desire-filled lives they always intended to lead.

To put it in a nutshell, those bad things are good for you :)


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@ Stingray : Yup it originally was just one question when you suggested me to create a new topic for the first question but the other questions just came to me naturally while I was typing this haha.. hopes it helps someone else too :)

(18 Dec '11, 13:26) kakaboo

Thanks Stingray, great answer which benefited me as well;)

(19 Dec '11, 18:02) Satori
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