Neville Goddard would in his meeting offer to see those in need in the state that they wished to be in. Is there anyone today who can see for me?

I have tried to no avail.Neville would say that if he knew someone who was in need of money, then he would see that person in a state of having all that they needed and more, and because Neville was accomplished in the art of manifesting through imagination, the person would become what Neville had imagined for him.

Having tried and got no where, it would be a blessing indeed if there were people in the world who like Neville's friend Abdula the Rabbi, could get the ball rolling for one not only new to this, but is also in need of help from one already accomplished in this field.

It stands to reason that having received such help, it becomes incumbent upon the one who received the help to help others in turn, as I believe this to be the universal law.

So, being in need of help, I am reaching out to all believers to help me change my state from one of constant want and need to one of a lavish, steady dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.

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You are responsible for your life and your state. Noone else.

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I see you as you truly are: whole and absolutely capable of having what you want. But who cares?

Thinking that it matters what anybody else thinks of you or how anybody else sees you, is a self-imposed limit. It's a very understandable limit, because life experience almost always teaches people that objective forces that are not a part of them determine their fate. If we are speaking of money, if you are not born rich or have brilliant ideas that other people need, you have to be a criminal or else suffer silently in lesser financial situations, or try to tear down those with money to create a playing field where you feel you have a chance of winning, or create laws to protect you.

Protect you from what? How can you be protected from your own limiting beliefs? By the very nature of demanding protection, you are validating your own smallness.

Money is a symbol, but in and of itself is nothing. I know you want a lavish and steady income. Can you go into the feeling that the symbol of lavish flowing money represents? Does it feel like no worries, just joy? Does it feel powerful and sexy? Does it feel like revenge? Does it feel like fulfillment? Does it feel like relief? Like freedom?

You want money because you want to feel a certain way...because you don't like the way you feel right now. You want money because in your mind it's an answer to a desire you have:

"If I have money, I won't have to worry about money, and then I won't have to worry that I can't have what I want, because money will get me what I want."

Your deepest desire right now is actually that you want to stop feeling bad. This is something that's really hard to accept in the beginning, that you want something because of how you believe you will feel when you get it. But however you think your manifestions will make you feel, the feeling will not last, if it's based on the manifestation itself. You could get a lavish income, and within a very short time, you would be back to the same feelings of lack and needing people to help you get what you lack. Have you ever seen rich people who seem terribly unhappy and always chasing after something to fill them up? Because money didn't buy their ease and joy and harmony. It can't, it's just not that powerful, unfortunately. If it were, money would be priceless---see what I did there? :)

So it's a million times better in payoff (the genuine "my Precious") to look for what is going on in your life right now that makes you feel like you want to feel. Let's say you already have the relationships you want, so there is no yearning for a better mate or friends. Focus on the joy and freedom and mutual growth that having amazing relationships feels like. Whatever is good in your life, focus on that. That will begin the vibrational the shift you're seeking.

There was a time when the only thing good I could focus on was the way the sun turned the mountains outside my home a purplish pink color at sunset. That was it. But I looked forward to it every day. When everything else in my life felt unwanted...I knew that I would get this sunset every day. It represented the feeling I wanted to have always, my entire life, no matter what happened. I can say that I feel that way almost all the time these days. I took a less popular approach to feeling good, because I worked from the angle of "resolve the unresolved"; I focus on dropping rather than getting or doing, but any approach that works for you will get you there if you start somewhere and stop looking to other people to work magic for you. You have your own magic and it's the only magic you want, I assure you.

You can't reach your own power on the backs of anyone else, and you can't bring anyone else with you. Once you realize your own magic, you will have a positive impact on the world just by being you and what you genuinely want, and ideas like mutual neediness and mutual compassion and mutual sympathy become moot...because you are always just behaving from your true nature, and however you are is right. To quote the Big Lebowski "Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place."

Have a great journey!


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I manifest physical objects by talking about it for others, but not myself.It has worked at least three times. It is a recent gift.


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