Newbie, and first time asking a question so please be gentle.

I searched and could not find any references to either Neville Goddard and/or Richard Dotts and their teachings.

I have been studying Neville for years and Dotts for the last couple of years and find both have strong foundational attributes, not with standing Neville's Biblical references which I know can put some readers off.

Neville to me, presented many of the planks in platforms used by Dyer, Dooley, Dotts, and others. I find reading the transcripts of his earlier talks as well as the earlier books before his Resurrection era to be most helpful. Do others here find these works beneficial and information to grow on and are there major differences between NG work and Abraham's teachings/messages?

I realize that I've asked more than question but they are all on the same topic/wavelength so I would appreciate any insight and information that any of you can and will provide.

I was very excited to stumble onto this group. Best to all.

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@woodlandroad - "I searched and could not find any references to either Neville Goddard and/or Richard Dotts and their teachings."

Here are Neville Goddard questions on Inward Quest:

Here are Neville Goddard answers:

And here are questions/answers containing references to Richard Dotts:

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Thank you, Stingray. I'll get better at the search process.

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This may come across as a really lame response, but if you look up those books in Amazon you will get a plethora of reviews.


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Dotts talks about thoughtless intentions. Basically you focus on consciously raising your emotional state to feeling light and feeling good. You don't need thoughts to do this. And if you maintain this, a new set point for your frequency is created attracting good things to you. He makes the point that the universe will bring to you things/people/situations that may not be on your wish list. He suggests that often what we think is right for us, may actually not be the best. Like a certain job or business sounds good to our ego, but there is in actual fact a lot of stress and hard work tied to it. So the universe will bring you something better, and easier.

Goddard was big on using imagination. His practice is one of the best visualization practices I've encountered. He gets you to feel into your visualization until it feels real. So feeling is as important as the imagination. I remember reading once that he cautioned using visualization when you didn't feel great. Feeling is the juice behind manifestation. A lot of the things that come into our life that we don't want are from our general emotional state. So I think these guys both have something in common ie. the importance of feeling. They just use it in different ways.


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I cannot speak about Richard Dotts because this is the first time I hear of him, but I have found Neville Goddard to be very beneficial, and definitely in line with the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

I like Neville Goddard's emphasis on the practice of one's faculty of imagination, and how he takes the moral weight out of Christian concepts like sin and forgiveness, that what it truly means to forgive - is 'metanoia' or revising your internal state, to realize that the sin never happened, and that all it takes to forgive or to repent is to revise an imaginal scene.

Abraham Hicks offers a lot of emotional-thinking work-arounds to every worldly situation you can imagine, with the question-answer format of their expansive output. Its a skill set that compliments and adds to Neville Goddard's teachings, who was less interested in emotions, though he had the idea of the Mental Diet which implies the kind of persistent emotional reorientation in spite of worldly conditions.

Not sure if this answers your question, there's definitely differences between what they advocate and how they present the teachings, but like many people, I pick and choose the teachings that feel right for me at the time.


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