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I have been noticing a recent tendency in mainstream visual media to attack alternative viewpoints, especially alternative spiritual viewpoints. I am very choosy about what I watch because of the pervasive propaganda and programming in mainstream media, so I suspect that the trend is actually much bigger than what I am seeing.

I have seen four examples in the space of two months in British media where the plot goes out of its way to ridicule spiritual ideas and people who hold such ideas.

  1. Jack Dee's ITV sitcom Bad Move: In one episode they made it a point to ridicule a person practising EFT.
  2. The Mitchell and Webb sitcom Back on Channel 4: Stephen's sister is portrayed as a wacky spiritualist with crazy ideas.
  3. The BBC sitcom Detectorists: Lance's ex-wife Maggie is the previous owner of a "spiritual trinkets" business and is portrayed as manipulative and fake.
  4. Finally, the absolutely unwatchable Kingsman - The Golden Circle: Eggsy manipulates Clara using her knack of spiritual matters.

Now, mainstream media dishes out what the Elites want us to read, see, hear and believe. Of course print media is full of attack on spirituality, and has been for many years. The propaganda in visual media is new, and it must mean only one thing, that the Elite don't like the fact that despite all their previous attempts, people are getting more spiritual rather than less.

Of course this is not to say that everyone is getting more spiritual. What we are seeing now in fact is increasingly extreme polarisation of the world. The ignorant are getting more ignorant, and the wise are getting wiser. And it's getting quicker!


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I'm noticing the same things. This also seems to be the case in corporate America. It seems as though corporations even control politics these days. Our current president wants to put regulations on the internet. I pray that this regulation will not pass. I don't mean to sound negative but this seems to be the reality that people live in these days. I cant even stand to watch mainstream television or the news anymore. Any thoughts or insights would be great.

(03 Dec '17, 10:46) TheCreativeOne

@thecreativeone, I haven't followed news for more than a year now. The charade gets so transparent that it's boring if I'm honest. If you are praying some regulation doesn't get passed, then you have already lost. Media exists to scare you into submission, or to agitate you so that you join their fake war against false enemies. Our job is to live our own lives no matter what goes on around us. Hope this helps.

(03 Dec '17, 11:12) cod2

Thank you cod2. I loved your answer.

(03 Dec '17, 11:16) TheCreativeOne
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I don't think the "elite" is intimidated by the surge of spirituality; I just think spirituality is not in their agenda.

If a person becomes spiritual, eventually this person is going to realize that material things are not so important as they want us to believe.

If you start to feel better about your situation in life, you give more time to nurture your spirituality and less time to the pursuit of money. If you are satisfied with what you have, why would you be buying things that you really don't need?

Notice this: when first we get to this spiritual information (we create our reality with our thoughts), what do we think about first? We think about all the stuff we want to have. But this journey of learning eventually leads us to realize that we don't really need the stuff to be happy - it's the contrary, you find your happiness first (positive thoughts and feelings) and then you attract the essence of what you want - but, at that point, it becomes clear that it is not the stuff that makes us happy.

The "elite" wants the economy to grow - how can it grow if everybody cares more about their thoughts and feelings than they care about stuff?

If we study history, we will notice that during the period of domination of "the Church" in the western world, little was made in the direction of the material progress of humanity, because the (western) "elite" of those times, the monarchies, controled the minds of the masses through the Church.

Now we have a (western ) world in which the "new elite" controls people through media.

I wouldn't be so hard on these people that work on the media, because they are totally mind controlled by the "elite", and for these people to feel good about themselves, they have to ridicule other people - otherwise, they would have to ask themselves "why" there are people who dedicate their lives to improve spiritually - and asking that is very dangerous for them. They ridicule because they are afraid that they are missing something. These people don't even realize they are mind controlled or that they are working in a massive machine whose only purpose is to control people's minds and make them serfs of society, serfs without thoughts, feelings and dreams of their own.

The best we can do is to ignore media and pursue our quest to know who we really are, what we really want and what we can do about it.

There's still room to grow, there's still room to freedom, and our lives are short - we cannot save the world.

Fighting 'what is' is not only a waste of our time, it's really impossible nowadays.

The world may enter a new "Dark Age" - we are already losing knowledge, trading it for mere information. It may be a kind of collective agreement for the growth of humanity as a whole, to go through these new Dark Ages. And then, someday, like in the Renaissance, people will wake up and search for the knowledge lost, and another cicle will begin.

At that time, the ones who have spiritual knowledge will be sought out - they are going to be the "wise people" of the future, the bridge between the world in decadence (now) and the world of the future (new Renaissance).

We absolutely don't have to worry about it, or fight it, just live our lives, try to keep the knowledge alive, so that, when people look for it in the future, they may find something to help them.

Don't waste your spirituality finding fault with the world, with the elite, the illuminati, communists or capitalists. Focus on being a keeper of knowledge, a keeper of the light, a keeper of high vibrations :)


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Thank you for your answer @VitoriaRegia. My post was only an observation, not a call to arms against the media :-) I have no interest in fighting the media of anything else. I don't follow news because as soon as you start to see through the transparent manipulation, it gets really boring...

(03 Dec '17, 14:28) cod2

@VitoriaRegia... The additional downside for me was that I was getting annoyed with people in general... "How can people be so blind and not see through this?"..., so I decided to stop following news altogether and it was the best thing I did...

(03 Dec '17, 14:28) cod2

@VitoriaRegia... I still do watch very selected TV and movies mainly because sometimes I just need to relax. I filter them quite rigorously, and try to make sure that the contents are relatively harmless - but some slip through the net, as shown in my examples...

(03 Dec '17, 14:28) cod2

@VitoriaRegia... I do have a very strong interest in conspiracy reality, and in spite of many attempts I couldn't get rid of it, so I have stopped trying. I nowadays restrict myself to only historical conspiracies, rather than what's happening now. With history I can be emotionally more detached than if I were researching current affairs.

(03 Dec '17, 14:28) cod2

@cod2, Good to know you are not angry; I used to be very angry myself, and, maybe, that's why I tried to answer in a way that could help other angry people, too. Besides, it escaped me that it was community wiki :)

(04 Dec '17, 05:11) VitoriaRegia

@cod2 - Your decision to keep to only historical conspiracies is a fantastic way to direct your interest in a positive way, well done! I'd never thought of history in quite that way before. Now I see and feel the distinction clearly, and you've opened my eyes to a possible reason why I love history so much. Thanks for that! :) Also, knowing something of the way things have gone before helps me see how some things are likely to go again, so I can view current situations from a higher perspective.

(04 Dec '17, 14:22) Grace

Thanks @Grace. Since you found that useful, here is a neat trick (well I think it's neat anyway :-) I use.

Besides conspiracies, my other love is foreign languages. And I have combined them as follows: Nowadays I only read conspiracy material in German, Italian, Norwegian, etc. That way I kill both birds. If you are constantly looking up unknown words, the emotional impact is vastly diluted. You get the information, but not the hangover.

In short: only history, and only in foreign languages.

(04 Dec '17, 15:38) cod2

@cod2 - I can see how that would work, excellent! I've just realized why I related to this so strongly; it's my singing! I'm a sucker for a sweet song but they can make me cry. My throat closes and there goes the song. I've learned that I have to desensitize myself by singing it over and over, until I'm thoroughly sick of the lyrics, and not even sure I like the song any more. Then I'm ready for it. Doesn't get to me at all. ☺

(04 Dec '17, 16:37) Grace
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Emphatically, yes.

Spiritual people are next to impossible to control, and they are by their very nature egalitarian. This does not mix well with hierarchical thinking and the concentration of wealth and decision-making.

Have you ever noticed corporate job ads that say they are looking for people who are "hungry"? This is usually taken figuratively, to mean that they are looking for people with a lot of drive. I think the truth goes deeper than that- they are literally looking for people who are hungry, who will tolerate horrific conditions, and give their entire life as laborers for very little in return- just enough to get by.

Have you noticed how right-wing politics, the current favorite conduit for hierarchical thinking, will support measures that lead to greater desperation among the poor, even when it isn't good for the bottom line? That's making people hungry. Hungry people are more likely to voluntarily chose a life of servitude under the corporate yoke.

For some reason, and I'm not entirely sure why, but it may be because you always need a certain amount of spirituality even in the worst of societies to keep it from killing itself, spirituality is no longer against the law, and it is getting popular. So obviously the next best thing is to try and kill it through its reputation.

Power taking desperate measures is never a pretty sight, and we can expect more of it, until it will naturally expose itself in all its ridiculousness, and we will all have a good laugh at corporate power's expense.


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