What does it mean when you dream that someone you haven't heard from in a while texts You? I had been chatting to this person for about a month when he suddenly stopped messaging. It was out of the blue and had seemed genuinely interested in meeting me, he didn't seem the type to lie and mess me about which is why I'm so confused about the situation. In the dream I dreamt that he messaged me after not hearing from him in a while saying "hey you Ok?" I remember being angry he hadn't messaged me in a while but also happy to finally hear from him and that's all there was in the dream. The dream was so vivid and it has been playing on my mind since. I was told that if a dream woke you up that there was a spiritual meaning behind It, if that's true what does it mean? I'm very confused and think the dream is a sort of message, or is it my subconscious showing me what I want? Please help I'm so confused I don't know whether to move on or concentrate on what my dream presented to me. I need guidance.

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It is a prelude to something happening in your every day dream (your life). There is thought, and then when you set things in motion more there are feelings, and then there are dreams, and then, with a lot of energy, things start to happen.

So it may well be he started thinking about you again.

Responding to the context of your question, it would appear that you are way too believing that things should happen in a certain way right now. I highly recommend to imagining that the right person very vividly until that experience satisfies you, and not act unless you feel particularly inspired to, and when you do, certainly give the other person the freedom to respond in any way they like, as much as you can.

In conventional terms, you are signalling that you are a secure, confident person who is easy to get along with. In spiritual terms, you are demonstrating your belief that you have an abundance of wonderful relationships. Both amount to the same thing: You have good relationships because you have good relationships.

You may also want to use Bashar's method to dig for the belief behind the painful pang of feeling when you reliazed that person wasn't contacting you in the way you wanted him to- ask yourself, what would I have to believe in order to feel this? If the beliefs shows itself, and it appears to be nonsensical, you are rid of it, it dissipates.

There is another shamanistic approach to dealing with dreams, and it's my favorite. The shamanistic worldview is that everything is alive and responsive. So you can ask your kitchen table how its day was, and you can take the first thing that comes into your mind and feels a bit like your kitchen table feels to you when you sit at it, well that's your answer. I did this walking down the street in Berlin once and suddenly was not only everything responsive, but I could see their spirits all over, talking, chatting away, with me, each other, and far away realms. It was very intense, but so enjoyable- I do it from time to time, but not always, sometimes I also use the mechanical point of view that has become so popular in the West- it's definitely easier.

Point being, you can do the same thing in your dream. Imagine the text you got in your dream- say, Hello, Text! See if you can get a feel for the text answering back. It most likely will if you're polite to it. And then ask- what is your meaning? Why are you in my dream? Can you give me some advice about my relationship with this person? Ask it whatever you want, in the same way that you ask questions here, and see what it had to say. I had a wonderful conversation once with my radiator who told me about the time when he was a baby, iron ore, before he got smelted and cast. So if you treat your dream text as just as alive, you can converse with it, and figure out more about it.

You can do this not only with your text, but with that person too. In your imagination, think about that person, and have a friendly conversation. Load that person up with loving (but not clingy) energy. Be the very coolest and most appealing you can, by bringing up feelings of confidence in yourself, and envelope that person in those thoughts. Tell that person to text you in a friendly way. Listen to what that person has to say. You can also ask if you would need to do anything in particular. See how it goes. In any case- be ready to improve your general sociability, your status, your energy, your charisma, your confidence, and your love, continuously- and see if you still would like that particular person around you after you get really good at that. People sense how they got chosen, what beliefs are behind it, and every positive relationship needs a good story based on positive beliefs.

All the best to you! Enjoy!


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@cmc - I absolutely love this answer. I speak with my car and my toilet, but you've inspired me to reach out to much more. I'd forgotten how you can talk to people in the spirit. It's a very effective practice, and lots of fun. Thanks for sharing. :)

(30 Dec '17, 07:34) Grace

i think that the messege in this dream is that which you wrote your self:

you want to communicate with this person but also still hold some anger toward him.

so bacically i think that the subconscious is trying to tell you to solve this conflict, and choose (make a decision) between clear and open communication (not necessarily with this person) and between anger/grudge. and i think that this is the reason that you're confused now, because the dream/subconscious has presented you your confusion in a very vivid way so that you finally be able to solve it. and that is great.

also know that , even if you choose to be angry it will leed you evetually to a great comunication.


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