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I keep seeing visions of random rooms and when i talk about certain things i dont understand but it lookslike clairvoyant visions they dont move there just images of things like when i saw i was going to get married but it seeks what does move comes true i would assume how can i figure them out and can i change future i posted about a divorce vision before would i apperciated all your help.but aside from that i dont know how to change everything i feel like my life is just floating along and i dont have control them. I get visions every two years that seem to just happen and not happen. I was supposed to finish my book and didnt and we would have been famous and have a girl. But i stoppped writing it didnt happen and we had a boy. My wife saw visions about her father dying like a 3 night vision but that was a few years ago andiy hasn't happened. Should i just accept my fate and just give into it or try to change it. Im really starting to give up its like i have no more control over anything is there anyone that can give me a reading and see whats going on and maybr guide me

asked 17 Feb '18, 11:18

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(18 Feb '18, 12:49) IQ Moderator ♦♦

For all premonitions, it applies that they represent a reality that contains a reasonably strong energy buildup so that is is within the probabilities.

Yes, if they are troubling to you, I recommend to change them in your imagination until you like them, and then think about your altered version a few times and state to yourself with your inner authority that now this is how you prefer it to be.

If you like them- enjoy them!

As for your general unease about your input, I recommend to drastically improve your confidence by practicing all sorts of self-directed spiritual techniues. The La'a Kea is my favorite- imagine light around yourself of various colors: Pink for friendship, orange for focus, yellow for presence, green for love, blue for confidence, and violet for peace and harmony- or white for all of the above. Start with blue. Whenever you feel somewhat uneasy by your experience, inner or outer, imagine the blue light of confidence and chant to yourself in your mind: Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. Keep the practice up for a while and observe improvements to your confidence. Then, with that confidence, imagine your inner flashes surrounded by pink or by green to harmonize them. Observe improvements to your wellbeing.


answered 18 Feb '18, 17:08

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Ive been trying it isnt easy. What if i am unsuccessful does this mean they will come true?

(18 Feb '18, 17:18) Theguppyfish

I keep seeing constant visions moving forward of it quickly developing.

(18 Feb '18, 17:21) Theguppyfish

No it's not easy at all! Keep going- every little bit builds confidence. Praise yourself for every success, that makes it easier.

There is no such thing as not successful- every little bit you do is a nudge in the right directoin, and what's left you can use in a positive way.

Having the visions means there is a probability- the odds aren't that huge that everything will come to pass just like you saw, simply because you saw it, which is the purpose of premonition.

(18 Feb '18, 17:22) cmc

Let me note this as well in changed as well and mybrelationship with my wife has gotten so much better im hoping maybe now i will have a positive impacted. Will there be new visions to rise that might show ive changed the future?

(18 Feb '18, 19:06) Theguppyfish
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your dreams/visions gives you posibilities that can happen in reality or not. but YOU are the one who choses if they will or wont. dreams/visions are just visions. thats it. you can't give them the power of choice. YOU are the authority. its like watching a movie and choosing to laugh at it, or ignore it or really really belive it. what do YOU choose?

dreams/visions show you pictures from YOUR personal life, but only because this is what your brain contains and know and care about.

be the authority and choose how you deal with them. are you determined to keep your marrige? just ignore the vision. treat it as bs. as a posibillity that does not belong to you personally. laugh at it. ignore it. YOU choose. be obsessed about it and beliving are loosing you power.

i suggest grounding exercises/meditations, maybe yoga for balancing (ther are specific exercises) , kundalini yoga, and meditations for self authotity, or if you belive you are strong enouge - just choose what you want to see in your life and ignore every vision that shows otherwise.


answered 18 Feb '18, 02:17

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I hope they dont come true they are scary so if i dont believe in them or ignore them they wont happen?

(18 Feb '18, 11:58) Theguppyfish

no they wont. but you should be conscious of your feelings about them. you cant "not believe them" and call them "scary" at the same time. if you choose to ignore them it means they are'nt raising any negative feeling from you. maybe just for a minute, but thats it. after that minute you supose to be trained to pay attantion to those feelings and swich them:)

(18 Feb '18, 13:32) myself

What do you mean switxh to them i dont want to be afraid of them so ill let them go and be postive and think and want something that i do want

(18 Feb '18, 19:54) Theguppyfish

switch means to completly change how you feel. from fear to ignoring or confidence - in one is posibble. when your core belief is a positive one , the fear cant stay for a long time. you will not allow the fear to stay, because it will seem illogical to you. train your self to look at what you dont want as complete nonsense and illogical.

(19 Feb '18, 08:40) myself

Thank you i live with dissociation so it doesnt make it any better

(23 Feb '18, 11:45) Theguppyfish

Another question how can i tell what path i am on so the negatives dont come true or a better future

(02 Mar '18, 15:06) Theguppyfish
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