i have ghosts in my house and i use a recorder to speak to them all the time so their not lonely. I have special needs and these ghosts are real nice to me so they know I know they're here.

I would like to know why I'm seeing faces clearly when I start to go to sleep. are they trying to show them self? I'm confused? I've been meditating a lot so I don't know if my third eye is open or not.

I know my dad was psychic when he was alive so is it possible to be inherited? I know I have a lot of questions but I'm just so interested in all this stuff. I can see shadows out of the corner of my eyes. I can also feel breezes. Sometimes I can hear them without the recorder talking to me or each other. or i can hear them laugh. they follow me everywhere I go attached they are.

could you tell me why though this is happening to me and how. i'm confused. i can feel them lay down next to me when i lay down well one lays down and the bed moves when he does they don't feel negative their very positive energies. heres a picture of them.

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

asked 22 Jun '13, 12:54

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(22 Jun '13, 18:18) Barry Allen ♦♦

@XxemogirlxX I can tell what the bottom picture of your room is, but I can't quite seem to make out what the first smaller picture above it is. What exactly is that a picture of and where was that taken?

(23 Jun '13, 02:21) ikaruss21

it's a face it was taken next to me while i was laying down i took these pictures laying down cause i felt breezes i just cropped the small one into where the face is so people can see it better.

(23 Jun '13, 10:07) XxemogirlxX

Well you definitely have something/someone who wants to interact with you really badly it seems.

I've had similar situations like you, but saw it in orb form with the face in the center. Same thing, breeze blowing in and then feeling its presence and then eventually seeing it. From what I understand with them getting as close as they are, its usually because,

  1. They like you and see you as a friend to play with, in a child sense.

(Part 1)

(23 Jun '13, 14:07) ikaruss21

-2. There is someone/something else in the house they are trying to protect you from that they see on their side that you cannot see. From the ghost investigations I did in the past this was usually the explanation when we communicated with them for the people who were always getting their hair played with, touched, or ghosts sit next to them, get on their bed with them, basically always trying to be really close to them whenever they could.

(Part 2)

(23 Jun '13, 14:13) ikaruss21

You said it feels positive, so it just seems like its something really wanting to interact with you. You said you've meditated a lot recently, that would definitely have an effect on you being able to percieve them a lot better than before. They can most definitely pick up on that. That might be why you are getting more of their attention.

Anywho, just keep in my mind this is my opinion and advice, not full scientific fact. Have you tried to talking to it yet?

(Part 3)

(23 Jun '13, 14:19) ikaruss21

yep i have a few ghosts i talk to them all. they do feel protective cause they have said they would through something at anyone who tried hurting me. i even have there first names and ages.

(23 Jun '13, 16:10) XxemogirlxX

I'm curious. If you don't mind sharing, their names or perhaps instead how you found out what their names were?

(23 Jun '13, 17:58) Snow

Sooo Cool @ikaruss21 Good post.


On a more 'serious' note; I live in an area with high paranormal activity & have met authors & researchers & ghostbusters. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't experienced some type of paranormal phenomena whether through sight, hearing or feeling including myself in this particular area. Many friendly spirits resided in my Grandma's house - unlike your home, we did not consider it haunted..

(23 Jun '13, 18:08) ele

Wow that is like a mist or fog that is flowing up over your bedspread and out the window!

You can see the blurred bedspread like there is a flowing fog over it!

(23 Jun '13, 20:31) Wade Casaldi

Elijah Elliot Sebastian and Reed. ages 24 23 17 19 and through EVP recorder i caught it. they let me touch them too when their floating around me they get nervous when others try an get close to them.

(23 Jun '13, 20:42) XxemogirlxX

oh and that's me their floating over you can clearly see hands too on the bottom left.

(23 Jun '13, 20:44) XxemogirlxX

I really zoomed into that skull picture. Wow it really does look like a skull! These make me wish I knew where my orb photo was.

(24 Jun '13, 00:25) Wade Casaldi

@ele Oh man thank you for that. I can't get enough of that synthesizer ;D

(24 Jun '13, 01:01) ikaruss21

i have more too i have another full face and a few orbs.

(24 Jun '13, 10:02) XxemogirlxX
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It depends a bit, From what I understand and have learned, everybody perceives differently from one another, especially something of this nature.

Lots of people will feel it, but won't see anything. Some will see visual imprints of them in their mind, but not feel them standing by in close proximity like you are. And some won't even notice anything at all.

I grew up in a haunted house as a kid, and I would always feel them, but its too far back for me to remember exactly if I would see their faces with that. I know as I grew older the way I perceive is a little different from as a kid to what it is now, I will see faces or just the eyes of whatever is looking at me as well as feeling them in the room with me whether it's an alive person or a dead person, entitiy or whatever.

You seem to see them more clearly than me, I for the most part will only see the eyes. Occasionally I will see the full face. As far the entity laying in the bed next to you and even physically decompressing the bed in the location where you feel the person, I've gotten that too and to be honest I think the only way to know why it is doing that would to be to either talk to the entity itself and ask why or ask another entity with higher perceptions than you like through a channeler or through a ouija board. That has been the only way I've been able to find out so far with situations like that, I don't recommend the ouija board option btw though.

You could just try to think your thoughts back at the entity when you see this face again and see if you can start some form of telepathy with it instead of having to resort of to just having a one way conversation with the audio recorder. I use to work with a Ghost hunting team for almost a year and communicating with them through voice recorders or morse code with lights can take forever, plus you cannot carry a conversation and be given explanations by the ghost really through these methods. You typically will get only a one word, maybe sentence response if your lucky through the voice recorder, it just doesn't work as well.

Hope this helps! :)


answered 22 Jun '13, 20:04

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Really like this answer, especially regarding the differences in how we perceive similar stimuli and phenomenon according to our own abilities and experiences. Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(22 Jun '13, 21:56) Snow

@Snow Thanks man :)

(22 Jun '13, 21:59) ikaruss21

thanks i'll try the telepathy thing. it actually really depends on how your recording i use my laptop and a computer mic. i always catch full sentences or paragraphs.

(22 Jun '13, 22:49) XxemogirlxX

Really? Very interesting. We had so much equipment that we would never get anything more than a 3 word sentence typically, that is very interesting. The best thing we ever got results from was a device called a "voicebox" which basically scans through all the radiowave frequencies one by one, and when they respond, their voice bleeds through all the frequencies at once, was such a cool piece of equipment.

(Part 1)

(22 Jun '13, 22:58) ikaruss21

We would of killed to get such lengthy responses like full sentences and paragraphs just off audio recording like you are. I wonder why that is. I've been on so many investigations and never gotten that lucky.

Well it sounds like the audio recording method would work equally as well for you then the telepathy form then. Let us know how it goes! Hope everything goes well for you. :)

(Part 2)

(22 Jun '13, 23:02) ikaruss21

thanks and they speak as if they were alive so their very intelligent too. so i can have conversations about anything with them till they get annoyed and tell me to stop. so i do cause i don't want anything breaking in my house.

(23 Jun '13, 10:12) XxemogirlxX

lol thats pretty cool. I miss talking to ghosts. If I say anymore I might come off a little too out there for everybody, but I have hours of recorded conversations that totally prove they are if anything more intelligent after being dead.

I don't know if you already know this, but they can see both the future and the past, so you should definitely try and ask them some fun future questions and see what happens.

What kind of questions do you typically ask them?

(24 Jun '13, 01:12) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 you aren't too far out for me.... Keep it coming...

(24 Jun '13, 01:17) ele

@ele Lol you sure? Because If I went all out on everything, I don't think you would ever be able to sleep at night.

(24 Jun '13, 01:24) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 I'm absolutely positively sure.. Nothing you could say would shock me.. You may surprise me tho..

(24 Jun '13, 01:28) ele
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Could be seeing visual or auditory representations of energies you have attracted, created, or experienced. Could also be actively perceiving energy or vibes and your mind is compartmentalizing it in the most understandable / familiar way.

You're perceiving them because your senses are more sensitive than most. The shape / perception of when we see things of this nature depends largely on how our individual minds work, if we are visual / auditory / kinesthetic learners can usually indicate where our strongest senses and mental strengths lie, and where we should work on improving ourselves.

You can learn to improve yourself in the different methods by learning simply by working at it. Learning to learn, and learn faster and in different ways, crazy thought right? Reminds me of Inception for some reason.

Humans are fantastically unique bio-machines with the incredible ability to self learn. It seems like common sense but it can sometimes go without saying our skill in learning, and the different methods there are to do so, can be expanded and refined simply by exercising our minds. Learning how to process extrasensory perceptions is largely dependent on your mind being capable of creating the 'feeling' and 'experience', the expression of whatever sense you're looking to detect and improve.

This is why some people 'feel vibes', while others 'see ghosts', and others still 'hear voices'. Just our minds looking for the most familiar ways we can to compartmentalize and rationalize senses and perceptions we were formerly unaware of consciously.


answered 22 Jun '13, 21:55

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I love your thoughts on this subject @Snow

(23 Jun '13, 23:39) ele

I will answer your question very simply.What are ghost? They are spirit with no flesh or physical body. when you go from the outside world to the inside world your awareness moves from the flesh to the spirit, so you are more aware about spirit. But most often people go to sleep and are not aware or conscious they make the choice to believe that the body is the real existence and nothing else exist so that is what they experience. There is no worse blind that someone that does not want to see. blessed are those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. meditation needs to be done with awareness. dream also can be done with awareness. But most often people in the flesh see mind only as a place to create, theorize, calculate, invent and have control on outside stuff, with awareness focus only on the outside is it surprising? when the spirit that they are will guide them, they will find a place to rest solve their division and duality be born of water and spirit, until the 2 becomes one they will overcome and go above. blessed are the peacemakers they will be called sons of God. Blessed are the pure of heart they will see God.


Now you are not in darkness any more.

Let there be light, Be the light that you can be, Experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Jun '13, 11:08

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white tiger

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This seems too close to the film called Poltergeist.

This film started with a little girl talking to ghosts through the television set. It would get weirder and weirder though with more and more happening. I remember a scene where the father had to tell his girl come to the light. It was a closet light and she was lost someplace on the other side of death.

Please be careful!


I asked a question similar to this about the talking ghost box.



answered 22 Jun '13, 13:59

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Wade Casaldi

edited 23 Jun '13, 22:44


Great link to your old ? @Wade. I did leave you a 2nd comment - I had an interruption. I actually voted your answer up before your edit - certainly deserves another vote imo. I loved the film the Poltergeist.

(24 Jun '13, 00:44) ele
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