Anyone know of any good information sources (people/channelers, forums, websites, books etc) regarding Sacred Geometry, especially in combination with mystical Alchemy?

I'm especially interested in anything that combines ideas regarding manifesting with ideas involving Fibonacci Spirals, The Golden Mean (Phi) and so on.

Yes, I'm aware I can search the internet myself (and have been doing) but I'm looking for some recommendations based upon someone's personal experience with the information source, rather than just random internet searches.

I'm already aware of sources such as Dan Winter and The Meru Foundation

Thanks :)

asked 24 May '11, 08:56

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@Stingray I'm very interested in this. I would really appreciate an update & I'm sure others would also. Thanks...

(02 Jun '13, 05:09) ele

@ele - I don't really have any updates at this stage except to say that an investigation of this subject is a worthwhile and eye-opening activity. When I have enough clarity of thought about these ideas to express them simply, I'm sure I'll find somewhere on IQ to express them :)

(04 Jun '13, 07:47) Stingray

@Stingray, I do not know if this is still something you actively pursuing or not. I just came across a video that talked about this thing and mentioned something about some books in PDF format that can be obtained from the maker. Sorry I am not sure if the source has already been discussed here or not.

(24 Jun '17, 15:20) ismile

@Stingray, I am not actively looking for this information right now so I did not feel like investing time to look through everything. It made me think of this question hence mentioning the video here, hope it helps, if not pardon me

(24 Jun '17, 15:20) ismile

@ismile - Thank you. Some really interesting ideas in there that I've not come across before. Looks like I'll have to invest the 4+ hours in watching the entire series. Though I'm not sure my poor brain can handle the speeded-up helium-speak on YouTube when contemplating deep concepts, so it'll probably be 8+ hours playing at half-speed :)

(26 Jun '17, 13:29) Stingray
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One of my regular emails is the Marshmallow Messages~ Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll.
This one dropped in today.


Let me tell you what's inside the atom that has not been seen, but which has be hinted at. Are the parts somehow connected with unseen strands? Perhaps there is a new force here? Are they influenced by interdimensional strings? What is happening? And we say this to you! There is energy between the parts, the smallest parts you can imagine. And there is indeed interdimensional energy that connects or pulls on them in an unusual pattern. Do the parts have choice? Yes they do. And what is odd and unusual when you stand back and watch the energy strands between these pieces and parts inside of the atom is that you are going to see an actual geometric pattern emerge that we will recognize as the Human Merkabah! You will see the sacred geometry presented inter dimensionally and will discover the Flower of Life within the heart of atomic structure. Scientists, think out of the box! The choice of matter in its flow is not any kind of chaos. It is the propensity of balance! This seeming choice is caused by a new rule of physics--a rule of the Universe that says, "All matter seeks divine balance." You will begin to see this at the largest and the smallest level of all matter.

Some of this may seem odd to you, but there will come a time when you will hear it within main science, and then you may remember that you heard it here first. We say this to give validity to this spiritual experience. Some of you are going to need that to believe this message is real. Remember what we said to you ten years ago? We told you that when science is able to fully understand the atom, they will find at the heart of it--the love of God!

~ Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll, Book VIII ~

So it caught my eye and I searched IQ for sacred geometry and there was this question.I just thought this might give you something to look at.I remember looking at a site where some channeled entity discussed energy being a simple interdementional force and It was one of the questions I posed to tre-bor-yit-ne


answered 22 Jun '11, 20:14

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Very interesting, ursixx. Thanks. And I'll have to rewatch that video with tre-bor-yit-ne. I assume you've only done one session with "him" - the one where you asked about Abraham?

(22 Jun '11, 21:55) Stingray

@Stingray ,He :tre-bor-yit-ne doesn't give that much detail about the energy source .I figured it was like asking your average reverend to describe how an automatic transmission works. Not really his branch of knowledge or expertise. and I'm sorry can't remember where I read about the original.I remember it was a very long and many topics were covered channeling

(22 Jun '11, 22:30) ursixx

"asking your average reverend to describe how an automatic transmission works" - what a great way to describe it :) I'll have to steal that line to use myself in the future :) Yes, I've found the same, that you have to be discerning about which consciousness you interact with for which questions since each seem to have their own specialist areas. In fact, when I was chatting privately with The Pleiadian Collective regarding DIY channelling, they suggested always asking for an expert (by universal standards) to come through rather than just whoever would come through by "default"

(23 Jun '11, 07:27) Stingray

experiance choice free will balence. that is interesting is it not?

(10 Jul '11, 04:55) white tiger
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Years ago I used to occasionally visit a forum, and one of their main topics of interest was what they called "Mutational Alchemy" (involving glyphs etc). I personally wasn't drawn to that area of the forum, but it was the main thing its owner built it on.

It appears to still be slightly active:

I can't comment on if it is worth a look though, never having used it. But I figure I'd mention it anyway.


answered 22 Jun '11, 22:22

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Thanks Liam. Had a quick skim there and it all went over my head :) Am going to have to go back there and spend some time reading through it in depth

(23 Jun '11, 08:46) Stingray

I found Crossing the Event Horizon by Nassim Haramein to be very helpful :)


answered 24 May '11, 15:56

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Thanks Eddie, I'll take a look

(24 May '11, 16:06) Stingray

Marko Rodin

This guy Marko Rodin claims to have found the language of God with his vortex-based mathematics:

It's fringe of course, but he indeed found some curiosities in the interdependent relationships of numbers that were previously unheard of afaik. He seems to assume a 10-based (decimal) system though, but I was sketching around and it seems the concepts also work with other number systems. Marko Rodin claims no less that he has found the word of God and that his system describes how manifestation works in nature.

Vortex Toroid

Another introduction video:

A good textual overview:

People are building electromagnetic coils based on that concept that are claimed to have extraordinary properties:


answered 25 Jun '11, 13:47

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edited 25 Jun '11, 13:57

I've watched a few of the videos and I'm finding this is to be jaw-dropping information. Thank you very much for this pointer

(26 Jun '11, 00:40) Stingray

Found another quite vivid video that gives one of the best basic explanations about this topic imho, from quite some hyperactive guy.

Spirit Science 6 - Flower of Life

The whole series is very recommendable.


answered 08 Jul '11, 19:40

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Thanks again, herzmeister

(09 Jul '11, 10:13) Stingray

I've got some clue about sacred alchemy from this material :

Pleiadian Lecture Series: "The Alchemy of Sound"


answered 24 May '11, 13:43

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Tibor S.

Actually, I already know about them. They are the ones who recommended I investigate the subject :) I had a private talk with them at the weekend where I asked about how to further improve my manifesting processes. Funny how the universe works :)

(24 May '11, 14:33) Stingray

That's fun. :) Remember my friend, be the solution not the question.

(24 May '11, 15:37) Tibor S.

Have you seen this on youtube, Alchemy Sacred Secrets Reveled Part 5/8 on sacred geometry.

Love and Light


answered 23 Jun '11, 00:12

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Thank you, Brian. No, I've not seen that before. Looks interesting and I notice there's a load of other fascinating stuff from "Luxor Media" on YouTube too. Looks like I have lots of YouTube watching coming up :)

(23 Jun '11, 09:02) Stingray

@Brian:had a chuckle when I saw the number of likes.666 ;)

(23 Jun '11, 19:14) ursixx

Very interesting on youtube Hyperdimensional Alchemy by Jay Weidner


answered 24 Jun '11, 10:46

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edited 25 Jun '11, 10:22

Thanks again, Brian

(24 Jun '11, 11:07) Stingray

Maybee Barbara Hand Clow and Calleman, I've read them, very good.


answered 24 Jun '11, 11:01

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Esse-Riekje Agter 1

Thanks for the tip

(24 Jun '11, 11:07) Stingray

I don't know if you are interested in this, but here'a something about alchemy (no Sacred Geometry, well you could say that in chapter The Four Alchemical Elements there are references to geometry).


answered 24 Jun '11, 16:44

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Thank you. I'll take a look

(24 Jun '11, 21:55) Stingray

Just to add to the reference material here, I found the first (approximately) 40 minutes of this video mentioned by @kakaboo dealing with the Torus quite insightful. The rest of the video is just standard Illuminati conspiracy stuff and is not particularly relevant to Sacred Geometry.


answered 04 Jun '13, 07:52

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