I've been letting go and allowing my life to unfold for the past 3 months or so. This past year I've opened up to people in ways I was afraid to do so in the past.

I sometimes get these positive nudges to share my passions and knowledge and to not hold back on anything I feel inspired to do even if it feels a little uncomfortable at first.

I don't do this for external validation. I do this because it seems like the right thing to do at the right time and I trust that.

Sometimes I get appreciation for my attempts with inspiration. Sometimes I feel vulnerable as if i'm being ridiculed and I feel insecure (Kind of a tense uneasy feeling) but I trust that this is what i'm supposed to do at that moment. This has helped me to grow in ways I never new about before and I always find solutions.

I notice that no matter what newer and advanced methods I find and no matter how simple they are I always eventually return back to letting go and allowing.

I've learned about reality-transerfing, the 72 hour rule, the power of acting as if ect... I notice that I always end up surrendering in the end.

Thoughts please.

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... or it could be your "superpower" :D

(08 Aug '21, 18:52) ele
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Different processes will work for someone depending on where they are on the emotional scale.

alt text

If you are feeling like you need to let go and allow more these days, then you are probably experiencing a fair amount of resistance at the moment in your life. In other words, your dominant vibration is not yet in the 'Feeling Good' part of the emotional scale.

If you are feeling like surrendering or letting go, it tells me that you are trying too hard and in some cases too soon to make things happen in your life with physical actions which is what most people tend to do.


answered 10 Apr '18, 01:47

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Pink Diamond

perhaps an unfolding of
inherent capabilities
and release of fear of being
different than being standard


answered 08 Aug '21, 21:08

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