I have severe OCD.Much of it is in the mind.when I think positive even feel it ,it never works out.never in case of important,long run stuff like mediation program, treatment, education.

so I started forcing myself to be skeptic, negative and that has worked for me for now.The only problem is I generally feel nauseous, tired,and head hurts at times.it feels like I have a load on my head.

so it's very hard to force myself to do anything beyond a point. skepticism happens on its own too however if I let my mind free it thinks positive more.so it's a necessity to think negative,however with OCD it's often too much to force my mind.

i scream from the pressure.mind wants to be freed,it relapses,and falsely I believe maybe I am out of the 'think negative for good'phase.a recent incident demonstrated that's far from it.i also grow relaxed and complacent with positivity.

Again that's bad for me,my OCD generates doubts,I have terrible anxiety and my mind is too unfocused.so only with excessive effort I can move ahead in life.I keep relapsing into comfort and laziness(a very destructive pattern).

I just want to think the way which will lead me ahead but is there a way it's not so hard that my head hurts and I scream from the load.This also makes me seek refuge in bed,cause literally my mind cannot handle even the tiniest exertion.

i am in therapy,my therapist does not understand this.to get better I must work,handle the load but also not hurt my head.

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i dont know if i got your question correctly, but if i did then why would you force your mind to thing negative?

ocd it self is a result of subconscious fears (negative thinking), so in your case putting deliberatly more negativity on that would bring more pressure on your system.

i dont know what your fears are, but i would investigat myself to understand the patterns and try to work on feeling ok, free and comfertable changing them , because i can.

(so as you were saying i also wouldn't try to think only positive, because thats to big of a jump and will lead to disapiontment, unless you believe your capability fully and remove the lable "ocd", and trust the univers support 100% - but again - i would't try that from where you are at that moment , but remember you can choose to change in every moment you want). ).


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I am going through very bad time.physically I'll too.i don't enjoy doing stuff mostly and neither can I just lie eow.its hard.please pray for me.

(20 Aug '18, 07:06) Sapphire

Whenever I tell myself I can do something,I cannot.whenever I feel positive it doesn't work out.for eg:I was going to teach tuition,I made myself think and feel I won't be hired,my clothing is sub standard,I look so sad,I think too much.VOILAi was hired,I can teach and have good Dynamics with the kid.however I feel huge irritation at times,and very sad as I am making my way home.also now that I am ill I can't make it there.so I have doubts whether this negative thinking works totally

(20 Aug '18, 21:50) Sapphire
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