my mom told me that she had a dream about my brother who was 11 when she last saw him he told he loved her and missed her. there was a stranger in her dream who said he couldnt help her but would pray about it.

and he prayed with her about my brother being able to contact her. she went back home and she got a facetime call from the father and said he wants to talk to my sister. and mom said she could hear him in the back ground saying i was to see my mom and talk to her. he talked to her then said i love you and miss you mommy.

she said she felt safe but worried at the same time. what can i tell her about this? i tried to do reseaerch but cant find anything on this. also his birthday in 2 weeks away i'm not sure if that has an effect either. she woke up crying because she was scared and at the same time at peace like knowing he was ok in her dream.

i think she needs to relax but she is really upset about it, more freaked out. my brother is now 17 and at 18 he can contact us i believe. but i'm not sure.

thank you all for reading this.

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I think the dream is just a relection of her anxiety although I am intrigued by the stranger offering prayer. If your mother is ok with gemstones she can try amethyst or rose quartz. These will help ease anxiety & sleep.


answered 21 Aug '18, 19:06

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