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I thought that I would post this question in the spirit of the season. I thought I would ask for some "upbeat" and perhaps funny stories about my favorite holiday! I was (past tense) feeling a little low, so I thought I would turn it around!

My Dad loved Christmas, especially Christmas Eve. By the time he was twenty, all of his closest relatives had died with the exception of his Mom and sister. So he married young, had a gaggle of daughters, and proceeded to make some new memories for himself.

Now, my Dad was Norwegian-thus the celebration of Christmas on Christmas Eve. One year, my aunt June, his sister, showed up with a crock pot full of what she called "Glug". She neglected to tell us that it contained rum, vodka, brandy, and various other assorted alcoholic ingredients, neatly hidden by the syrupy base. We all had it, pronounced it quite delicious, and by nine pm, the whole family was quite smashed. Everything everyone said and did was hilarious. I think that was the year my Aunt also gave my sister a bird for a present, which managed to survive the party despite having been forgotten in the car for a few very cold hours in Aunt June's sedan outside in the ten-degree weather...Truly a great Christmas all around!

This might also explain why so many of my family members now belong to alcohol-recovery programs...

Happy Holidays 2010 from Jai

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I have an Aunt June as well..and that glug is some mighty potent stuff.....thanks for sharing that funny story!

(18 Dec '10, 00:56) LeeAnn 1

Thanks for sharing Jai. Can't say I've got one particular memory that sticks out, but I love the warm fuzzy feeling this time of year generates and I'm lucky to be blessed with four wonderful kids, 3 older and a six year old who who really keeps Christmas magical for us all and could put a smile on the face of the biggest 'Bah humbug'.

(18 Dec '10, 02:08) Michaela
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Getting that toy!!

Danger Will Robinson, You are loved



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jim 10

Oh, Man, Michael! You just made my day...I had all but forgotten my wild crush on Billy Mumy (sp?)!!! I loved that show! Thanks! Jai

(17 Dec '10, 20:39) Jaianniah

This really brought a smile to my face! I remember this TV series and the toy robot too!

(18 Dec '10, 00:53) LeeAnn 1
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