If we can have anything we want- and the mere ability to imagine it means a version of us is simultaneously experiencing it... I don’t want to be a puppeteer. If you’re in love with someone, and imagine them loving you... even if multiple people were doing that about the same person, they could each align with a version of reality in which that person is loving them?

And if so, what value is there in having specifically what you want- if as long as you align with it, you’ll get it and their will, because another version of them is willingly to comply, counts for nothing?

Or, does everyone who wants that person... if they align fully with the idea of being the person the desired one loves... do they leave behind “who they are”, so to speak, to become the person being loved by the person they’re loving? If everyone is “one”, are you just choosing to become the “you” that’s experiencing what you’d prefer? So there’d be no competition, but a... blending-with-the-you-that-has-what-you-desire? So multiple “people”, desiring the same exact thing/person, if they aligned with that desire fully, would blend into the “one” that is experiencing what they’d all prefer?

asked 08 Feb '19, 14:25

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your premise is incomplete,
it does not leave linear
thinking and excludes
90% of what is reality


answered 13 Feb '19, 20:09

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