I've read the Abraham-Hicks books, Ask and It Is Given and The Power of Emotions as well as many experiences from many members here (thank you!!) and it seem to boil down to one common thing.

How we feel about the thing that we are going to do or the thoughts in our mind. I have some questions which I hope someone can advise me on.

To build a good feeling, do I think of happy thoughts about myself all the time or everytime whenever I can?

Talking about feeling good, what about physical feelings, for example, if I ceased my thoughts about the things I perceive and just follow my breath, to be frank, I do feel good physically just by concentrating and following my breath or doing some work, just feeling happy about my hands working on the task, eg, washing plates after dinner and etc...

I think what I am confused about is should the feelings be in our mind or we should be experiencing physical happiness, like how your body feels when you are really happy or excited about something. In a way, I am not getting the kind of excited or very happy feeling, just a just a really feeling good, joyful or thankful feeling. I suppose I'm not the only one, and I appreciate any guidance or advise on this.

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he reads not Hicks, but has
learned to know that feeling good
is an experience

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Two-part answer to your question:

First part: It all comes down to this: it is the mind that creates everything.

If you feel good in your mind- - your body will feel good as a result and consequence of that.

It is literally impossible for you to feel good physically without feeling good mentally first.

Every single thing that is happening to and around you is a direct manifestation of what you are thinking in your mind.

Your mental state decides everything- or in other words- you and your thoughts decide everything- including any physical manifestations or bodily feelings- they cannot exist or happen AT ALL without your mind thinking thoughts that will create that which you feel in your body.

Thoughts create EVERYTHING- YES EVERY-THING- INCLUDING how you feel in your body.

There is not a single feeling in your body that just came out of nowhere- every single feeling you feel is directly connected and has directly resulted to and from a thought.

Now after reading this you might think- okay- so i have been feeling good mentally and sure i feel joyfyl, thankful and good but i dont feel that truly amazing exiting, thrilled, frisky, on-it, energy-filled HIGH HIGH feeling that almost always is sooo strong your entire body is beaming and you can physically feel it.

Part two of the answer: That feeling you are describing is a little something we like to call the vortex- its that truly BLISSED UP feeling that you can actually feel with your body-

Well how do I get there i hear you ask- well the trick is to feel generally content for long enough until without any effort on your side whatsoever you will be swiped up automatically to higher and higher vibrations until you get there all the way to joy/bliss (the vortex)

You just have to feel a bit better than boredom until that happens- you dont have to work mentally to get in to the vortex- you just have to get to boredom/contentment, after that- the way the universe is set up it will- now that you are not resisting the flow of creation and well-being with your negative thoughts- pick you up and take you away and you just have to enjoy the ride.

look up Abrahams videos on 'corks bobbing' for more information on this.

And here is the abraham emotional guidance scale for reference as well

alt text


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perhaps it is conscious
awareness that is needed
to perceives things as they are

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What about feeling God in Spirit through The Joy of Loving Others rather than putting so much focus and concern on self?

When The Spirit leads the body and mind, that leads to more peace.


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There is a saying : "Bring the body, and the mind will follow."

This saying was created for people who are trying to heal from trauma. I used to get so goofed up in my head that I didn't know what to do next. "If you want to feel normal, do normal things." When I got goofed up, it helped to look at the clock, and then figure out what activity I was supposed to be doing at that time. If it was four o'clock, I was supposed to be getting dinner ready. Despite feeling nuts, dinner had to be made for my family. So I would feel crazy while peeling potatoes; I would allow myself to be confused while chopping vegetables. Sure enough, as I became absorbed in the task at hand, my mind would calm.

Of course, if one's mind is right, the body will feel good. All of reality we perceive in our brains. Unfortunately for me, my brain wasn't always a good or reliable discerner of reality. This is where the discipline of habits, making sure that a routine was being followed by my body helped me keep reality in focus.

There are many different and special people here at Inward Quest! I have been writing here for nearly ten years (unbelievable), and I don't mean to disagree with everyone. Frankly, as I have gotten older, I am becoming more and more amazed that I survived this long! I have struggled my whole life to have a balance between my mind and body. My brain has always felt like a three ring circus. Time and again, my mind gets my body into trouble; this is why I have learned techniques to calm my mind, and to cultivate gratitude as much as possible. Having gratitude as an attitude really helps me feel pretty good. The ultimate state, of course, is to have a complete balance between mind and body. Activities like yoga and Reiki help achieve this balance. Isn't that where we want to be?


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Jai, mind control seizes the body for their agenda. mind is more than physical brain unless there is such a deficit of spirit that you surrender will (choices) to their program

(09 Aug '19, 18:13) fred
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