When I drive at night the street lights turn off and on. Does this happen to everyone? Is it the car or me?

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not sure what you are talking about.

(19 Dec '10, 03:19) Tom
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This used to happen to me all of the time in my teens and twenties. This stopped when I was about 26. I never knew what it was. I knew about the cycling but none of my friends knew what I was talking about. In all actuality I have had a very odd relationship with electricity my whole life. Certain equipment act differently to me. CD drawers open before I touch them. Stuff shuts off. And a slew f other strange occurrences have happened. ALWAYS near and about electricity. I have had serious heart palpitations twice and each time was near power lines.

Might be nothing but I have always seriously felt a strange relationship between me and the currents.



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jim 10

You are observing a phenomenon called cycling, which occurs when a sodium vapor lamp (which is what most common street lights are nowadays) reaches the end of its life.

From Wikipedia:

At the end of life, high-pressure sodium lamps exhibit a phenomenon known as cycling, which is caused by a loss of sodium in the arc.

Sodium vapor lamps can be started at a relatively low voltage, but as they heat up during operation the internal gas pressure within the arc tube rises, and more and more voltage is required to maintain the arc discharge. As a lamp gets older, the maintaining voltage for the arc eventually rises to exceed the maximum voltage output by the electrical ballast. When the lamp heats to this point, the arc fails and the lamp goes out.

Eventually, with the arc extinguished, the lamp cools down again, the gas pressure in the arc tube is reduced, and the ballast can once again cause the arc to strike. The effect of this is that the lamp glows for a while and then goes out, repeatedly.


In other words, the light is going on and off because it is worn out, not because you are driving by it.

alt text


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Ha Haaa..Got ya.

(19 Dec '10, 20:05) jim 10

Note that while this is a perfectly valid physical explanation, it is not a valid metaphysical explanation.

If you assume that everything is connected, her intuition about what is happening may be trying to tell herself something, like an omen- and writing it off as coincidence causes her to lose that.

Note that her experience, her intuitive connection to that experience, her memories, her mind, and everything that is going on in the universe are missily lumped together...

(13 Nov '17, 13:12) cmc

There are several different answers to this. One is I really don't know which would be correct. Two is you might have a lot of electricity within your body that is higher than normal. Three you might be absorbing the electricity from the lights for what ever reason without you knowing it. Four it could be that you have some kind of magical gift or special way your own personal energies come together that some how you might have a gift or esp that you don't know anything about it. Five it could be what every one else has said or totally something else or nothing at all. Which means it has nothing to do with you that you just happen to be in those places when it does happen.

Esmee how do you feel when this is happening, do you feel drained, or energized or nothing at all? Pay atttention next time for if you do feel something or feel differently than there might be something going on after all. Just because things are out of the "norm" does not mean it is not real.

Now, when I was younger I use to shock people if they kissed me on the jaw right on their lips or if I touched them I would shock them sometimes. Differently the bath room doors would shock me a lot. This did not happen all of the time. Now it still does it every once in a while. Could come from absorbing electricity from the electric blankets :-) or what I don't know but people shock each other all the times and I was no exception. I had no gift.

We are made of energies and sometimes we have things going on that or does not fit in the "norm" of sociality but is still different and very real. Just because we people don't know about something it does not mean it is not there or does not exist. Our spiritual mind is very possible and capable of so much more than we can imagine, for all that has been created by man was first imagine and created by the mind first! That in it self is so powerful. God made us in his image and gave us qualities of the mind that is so powerful that we are just beginning to tap into it. People in the past have tape into the greats that have been written down in history.

I suggest first of all pay attention to your self when all this is going on and how you feel when this happen, when you get mad or angry, or afraid or hurt, and when you are around other electrical devices. If by a very,very, very small chance that you might have something to do with this than be very careful and control your emotions. We all need to be in control of our emotions anyway especially when we are around other people. We don't want to put our anger off on others when we are upset within our selves.


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it happens a lot. I just googled it. It happens to me and my husband all the time. Maybe we just are more aware of our surroundings.


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I like the high-pressure sodium light answer, it makes sense. However, how does one explain that the lights always go off when I are near or passing them, and not when anyone else does the saame.

The funny part of it all, is when I changed cars and it did the same thing. I thought it was something with the car that might have triggered it; but changing cars and the street lights react the same way, is pretty spooky.

I once worked late at night and walked around a new built building less than 6 months old; and as I approached the rear of the building, the light above the loading dock went out. I thought, ok... and proceeded to walk around the corner and the light went back on. I shrug my shoulders now when it happens because I cannot explain it.

This experience has been going on for the last 7 years and it is not consistent, but enough that it does draw my interest to this phenomenom.


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I was just entering this into google search because I have experienced this for awhile now. I noticed it a few years ago and it used to freak me out a bit. I first realized it while driving, but it happens when I'm walking my dog too. It's gotten to the point where my husband has noticed as well. Streetlights will go out when I pass under them and I've been told by a friend who does energy work (she seems more aware of things than I do), that I probably just have a strong energy and it knocks the lights out. I have no idea what I believe, but if any more info is available, please share. Thanks!


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OK so i was driving home and all the new LED street lights started blinking on and off in an alternating pattern on both sides of the street for a block or two. This was at 1:11 AM. It can't be the sodium explanation because these are LED. does anyone know if the new LED ones have to cycle? I've noticing other syncronicities like looking at the clock and it being 1:11, 3:33, 11:11 etc much more than before.


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@AgentSmith- Perhaps I should mention a lady I once knew who could never wear a watch with a battery- she fried them out. She also tried self-winding watches, and they failed, too. I know that there is some evidence that High Power Lines can affect the immune system...but the connection must be tenuous, or people would not be allowed to live near them. Why do "ghost hunters" use electricity to try and detect paranormal activity? There is just enough data (continued below)...

(13 Nov '17, 12:58) Jaianniah

@AgentSmith- ...to support the idea that this could work, but it has not... not yet!!!

(13 Nov '17, 12:59) Jaianniah
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