What type of energy is transmitted from one person to another when you read a letter from them?

For example, if i get an e-mail a day later from my friend is there any energy transmitted from his existence at that time? How about any energy connection with his quality of consciousness when i am reading the letter? Or what if he is no longer alive and I read the letter?

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As well as Psychometry which LeeAnn mentioned, there is another effect at work here in my view.

When you think about someone vividly or even read their words, you focus on them enough to set up a vibrational attunement with who they are.

Ever read an absorbing book? Doesn't it feel like you are right inside the mind of the author when you are in that state? The author isn't physically there and may even have been dead for many years but you can still feel something more from the words than just words.

It's the same effect as when you have two tuning forks in the same room and you strike one. Even though the other is unconnected, it starts vibrating too. alt text

When you are in that state of focused attunement with someone, there is a flow of information/vibrations between you that can be sensed by those who are sensitive to these vibrations.

It's more akin to you tuning yourself (like a radio) to the other person's frequency rather than any flow of energy coming out of an email they might have written on their computer.


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Good points, Stingray!

(22 Sep '10, 21:10) LeeAnn 1

good way to put it, thanks....

(22 Sep '10, 22:15) Back2Basics

What about 'online' versions? I don't know.. but I always feel different reading them online and having a hard copy of it in my hands..especially the books on Psitek. Sometimes I just cant continue reading them online but when I go and purchase a hard copy of the one I am interested in I can easily continue because it just.. feels different?

(23 Sep '10, 02:54) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - it depends how you feel about reading from a screen. I seem to be in the minority these days of being one of those people that much prefers on-screen books to paper books. But if you feel resistance to an online book, it is that resistance that is making you feel different compared to the paper version of it. It's just personal preferences really

(23 Sep '10, 05:58) Stingray

@Stingray: I am a screen reader also. I just acquired an IPad and I love it. It eliminated the one remaining objection I had to screen reading, which was portability.

(24 Sep '10, 01:50) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius - I have one widescreen PC monitor permanently in portrait mode to do nothing else but display online book pages, but funnily enough, I just received my Kindle 3 yesterday and it's awesome :)

(24 Sep '10, 05:46) Stingray
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Online words. I was chating with my sister with Google chat and she was telling me about issues she was having with our mother. I told her from my heart that ''I will always unconditionaly love and accept you just as you are'' She felt the emotion instantly. So love is an energy/vibration that can be felt/given online.


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If you google the word "psychometry" you will learn a lot more about this subject.

I once accidentally unearthed a very ancient in-tact bowl on my sister's property; either from the Potawatomi Indians who once inhabited the area, or from even before that, as the Pre-Columbian mound-building culture once flourished around here. I had a Native American historian come and look at the bowl, who is also a very sensitive person. Once he held the bowl in his hands, he went into a mild trance and began to tell me about the family who had used it. I was really astonished. He said some prayers and we re-buried the bowl. From then onward, I was interested in psychometry!

This has nothing to do with letters or books, it seems, but it does! A person able to "read" objects will detect information from books, letters, clothing....or ancient bowls!

I don't think e-mail carries any vibrational energy, since it was not touched by the sender, but I will stand corrected if that is untrue.

Good luck with finding out more!


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LeeAnn 1

Interesting, thanks for sharing....

(22 Sep '10, 22:13) Back2Basics

How do you feel when you read the words in scriptures in the Bible, or the Psalms? Many Christians will tell you, when you hold the good book in your hands, and read, and study from the scriptures, the Bible and the words in it will come alive, and you will feel the power, and anointing in the words. It is a very individual and spiritual experience that is different for everyone, and Christians will refer to it as the moving of the Holy Spirit when you read, and pray, and communicate in the spirit from word of God in the Bible. Some Christians would go into talking in tongues, while reading the scriptures, and praying from the Bible, based upon the spiritual energy they received, while someone else will start to prophesy while reading the scriptures, or another person will feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit to lay their hand to perform Healing, while reading from the scriptures, and the word of God in the Bible.

So it depends on what book you are reading, what is the message, what energy is in the author’s mind, body, and spirit? What story is the author telling in his book: is it good or evil, and is it positive, or negative? If the book is positive, and a good read you will come away feeling enlightened, and renewed in your spirit, or feeling a sense of awakening to something new, and fresh. If the book is negative, and evil, you will have the feelings of distress, perhaps sadness, you might get angry at yourself for taking the time to read the book or at the author for writing such a book! Now if it is a book about Metaphysics Mind Power, you will perhaps come away from your read feeling smarter, and wiser, and fully in tuned with the One Universal Mind!


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the thought forms you create from reading it


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really nice answer!

(24 Sep '10, 07:34) daniele

Yes, it is all to do with the imagination!

(24 Sep '10, 21:27) Inactive User ♦♦
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