Hello, So my specific person and I broke up last june of this year, because I was so needy and insecure , and thankx to the breakup I found out about the Law of attraction, and I started doing selflove meditation and visualization, I cant deny that I had a lot of negative thoughts but I did my best to keep my mental diet, and after 5 months of no contact, he messaged and called me, saying that he missed me and that he wants to see me asap, we are back together now, Iam so grateful, .. The thing is he told me that he is considering immigration to canada, he even took an appointement with the agency, of course i dont want him to travel and settle down somewhere else, and it also makes me confused, how come someone who wants you and at the same time wants to go somewhere else? How can I make him stay ? should i just ignore the fact that he is thinking about immigration? is free will involved here ? Please i need help, which scene am I supposed to imagine ? or should just continue visualizing us married ?

asked 25 Oct '19, 19:31

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How can I make him stay ?

Trying to live your life by controlling the behavior of others is ultimately going to hurt You...the prison warder is just as much a prisoner as the prisoner they are trying to control.

Your best bet would be to focus on what you want but do so from a more general place so you feel better about it, and thereby maintain your alignment regardless of what he does.

I would continue with your (general) self-love meditations that made You feel better in the first place, and don't focus on any aspect of what's happening now that makes you feel bad.

And if any of your current reality gets your attention and makes you feel bad, just make a general statement to yourself instead to bring yourself relief.

For example...

Your Partner - "I am going to move to another country"

You (saying generally to yourself in your head) - "I know things will eventually work out for me even if he does leave. Law of Attraction will organize someone to perfectly match my vibration even if it is not him"

Your Partner - "I don't want to get married"

You (saying generally to yourself in your head) - "My vibration has brought me this far. If I keep tuned in to who I really am, I know it will take me further. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or does"


answered 28 Oct '19, 03:49

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