Whenever I feel that my reality has changed because something really cool and great happened to me just suddenly and without any particular reason, something else will happen almost without fail after a few days or a few weeks to seemingly drag me back to my old reality.

I know that what should be done is to "ignore" the remnants of my old reality and push forward and trust that my reality has changed, but doubt will sometimes creep over me and I would seemingly try to second-guess myself whether my reality has really changed. I am not really sure how to explain the feeling - it is like at the start I feel that I have completely let go and that the things are coming on its way, but it is difficult to keep up with this feeling after a while especially when certain things keep happening to throw you off the track.

So, in a way I am asking for more practical advice on how to trust and believe (or "ignore") that my reality has changed and stop feeling that I am being dragged back to my old reality ?

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So, in a way I am asking for more practical advice on how to trust and believe (or "ignore") that my reality has changed and stop feeling that I am being dragged back to my old reality ?

One of the most effective and easy-to-apply methods is to simply Go General on your current reality thoughts, if they keep getting your attention.

So, for example, if the thought keeps coming up that "I don't have enough money", just diffuse it with generality by instead thinking thoughts like, for example, "I truly believe that one day, all my financial troubles will be sorted out".

You'll instantly feel better and, over time, it will change your habitual thoughts about where you are.

Going general takes the sting and power out of the attention-grabbing current reality thought.

Focus Statements are a valuable tool for getting to this level of generality easily.

Also, I have a nearly two-hour webinar dealing with exactly this subject - Deactivating Current Reality - in the Manifesting Lab which it sounds like you might benefit from watching.

Manifesting Lab is not free (unless you are in dire financial circumstances) but it's only one dollar to get full access for a week.


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Well I had a spiritual awakening at work, all of a sudden n it came on very strong. Well, my Mom had just passed away a few months before this happened. So i was still sometimes upset. I had never heard of a spiritual awakening, kundilini effect or spirit or anything like that. Needless to say, i couldnt find anything online to do with religions, so i relied on the kyndilina thing i found which didnt help at all. I kept feeling like i was being attacked from all sides by invisible, vicious things that i couldnt control because i couldnt see.

It wasnt until i called upon God, aka Our Heavenly Father, Christ, Our Wonderful Lord & saviour and powerful intercessor, The Holy Spirit; that i received help. N then, every single bad entity and thought instantaniouis,


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perhaps going deeper
into the old mind set,
recognizing the aberrant
belief base and let it go


answered 11 Dec '19, 18:01

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