I had some responses to a question I asked bit back and I was just wanting some clarification on what exactly projection is in terms of a bad relationship. I am in a relationship that is not going the way I would like. I am trying to clean things up, be present, make sure I am focusing on my vibration.

I am paying more attention to my thoughts and how I feel, and some things are better. However, there are still those times where I am uncomfortable. There are times when I hear things that really make me wonder where it is coming from. I know it is me (it's all me) so why am I hearing this. What exactly is projection? Is it like the mirror? This is where I get confused about who or what it is, in terms of LOA and the other person outside of me.

I know I have read threads about projection here in the past, but I cannot find them through a simple search. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

I hope this is clear. I have searched a bit, but the answers I find are not the right direction.

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Hello @Brook, you say "there are times when I hear things" ... what do you feel when this happens ? ... and what do you feel about "the other person outside me"?

(26 May '20, 00:51) jaz

I don't necessarily feel bad or good, just open and aware like maybe this is what I have been wanting or needing to hear. Sometimes what is said resonates with me, sometimes I feel like it is not true and blow it off. I feel like the other person is me as angry, ugly, right, or wrong as they may be.

(26 May '20, 13:16) Brook

But then some things that I hear I feel like are 100% him, knowing his past experiences. I just don't know or can't tell if all of it is me or if some of it is what he is feeling himself about himself. I know this isn't making a lot of sense. I'm very confused myself.

(26 May '20, 13:16) Brook

It's ok to feel confused @Brook ... accept any feelings of anger, right or wrong, uglyness, accept him as he is without judgement ... remain open and aware and accept yourself as you are ... then who knows what will happen

(27 May '20, 00:11) jaz
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There's a common phrase in english "we always accuse others of what we are ourselves" ... in other words it's explaining the mechanism of "projection".

Children often project emotions onto toys, they'll punish a doll or teddy accusing them of having done something naughty when in fact it's the child that's been naughty. People often do this with dogs and other pets, and of course they also do it with other humans.

When bad feeling emotions are not integrated into the personality, when the emotion is not accepted as being part of oneself, then they risk to be projected onto something or someone else.

A classical example; a married man who's strongly attracted to a beautiful young female neighbour will accuse her of trying to attract him.

I reckon this teddy's been very naughty :)

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answered 27 May '20, 09:50

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